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How to Dress for Success as a Woman? 17 Best Tips


There is certainly some truth in the common saying, that when you look good you feel good. So keeping this in mind we should always strive to look our best so that not only are we able to create a good impression in the mind of those who we meet but we also feel good ourselves. Dress for Success will empower women to achieve economic independence and articulates the belief that what you wear matters in everyday life.

Given here is a comprehensive list on how to dress for success as a woman, because after all trying to remain a relevant part of today’s twenty-first-century business world is no easy task at all and if you do not look your best at all times then you will not be able to climb the ladder of success.

dress for success as woman

How to Dress for Success?

1. Do not dress to please anyone but yourself:

As we all know dressing up well, is something which all women love to do. However one thing unfortunate is that there are also many women who do not dress up simply to make themselves feel good, rather they are constantly trying to please other people. As a woman, in order to dress for success, you have to pay intricate attention to your own needs, likes and dislikes rather than wearing what others might tell you to wear.

Remember that dressing well, does play a key role in gaining success but it is certainly not all that there is to the tale.

2. The most important thing is your confidence:

No matter what you might be wearing, or not matter how much money and effort you put into your clothing, if you are not confident then no one is going to take notice of you. At no point in time should you ever feel inadequate no matter what you age, size, weight or dress size is.

If you are someone with a commanding presence, then automatically people will give you the attention and respect which is due to you. It is only those people who are confident and sure of themselves that are able to get ahead in life and achieve success.

3. Pay attention to the smallest of details:

When it comes to dress, the first thing which comes to our mind, is our clothes, yet, as a woman who wishes to get ahead in your line, you need to pay attention to even the smallest of details, for example the shoes which you wear, should not be dirty or muddy, the bag which you carry should not look too shabby.

Though you might not give these things much importance, yet people do take notice of these small things. When you look into these tiny things then you silently communicate to the seniors at work that you are someone who has an eye for detail.

4. Learn to be more than a pretty face:

Wearing makeup and decking up, is no sin at all, yet you must ensure that people understand that you are more than a pretty face. Your aim as a woman should always be to be a beauty with a brain. Chances are that you will not be considered for any managerial roles if you are someone who is fixated on the way you look without concentrating on your job.

So do pay attention to your dress yet at the same time ensure that your dressing up does not take away from the quality of work which you are delivering.

5. Do not waste too much money on your wardrobe:

Now when it is said that dressing up does play a role when it comes to a woman getting ahead in the business world, yet this certainly does not imply that you think that you have to simply burn a hole through your pocket in order to remain a relevant part of today’s twenty first century business world.

At all times you must remember to live within your means and ensure that your domestic expenses are taken care of before you start spending on additional things. There are plenty of ways to look good by simply dressing neatly and not going over board spending money.

6. Being well mannered is something which is absolutely vital:

All your good clothes and accessories will account for nothing if your behavior is not good. A woman should always strive to be well mannered as how you act is not only a reflection on yourself but also a reflection on the company which you work for. Having good manners is something that can go a long way in helping you to climb the ladder of success.

If you think that your manners as well as etiquette is something which is holding you back in your professional life then it is something which you should pay attention to, otherwise you will be losing out.

7. Dress in a professional manner:

As all of us know that you cannot wear the same clothes which you wear for a party, to your office. You must ensure that the clothes which you wear are befitting for your place of work. Each company has their own dress code so you must ensure that you pay attention to it.

Even if your company does not enforce the rule that everyone has to wear formal clothes, that does not imply that you just wear any and everything which you feel like. No matter what, you should maintain some level of decorum so that you do not give the impression that you are not taking the job seriously.

8. Ensure that the clothes which you wear are comfortable:

Success is something that comes to those who work hard, yet how will you be able to give your hundred percent to the work which you are doing, if you are not comfortable in the clothes which you are wearing. So make sure that you are wearing clothes which are comfortable as well as those clothes which are in keeping with the climate and weather outside.

If you are someone who isn’t comfortable in a sari then do not wear one, rather than not being able to carry it off gracefully or tripping and making an absolute fool of yourself.

9. Do not draw unnecessary attention towards yourself:

There is some truth in the common saying that ‘Clothes maketh a man’ yet you ought to ensure that the way in which you dress does not attract too much unnecessary attention. Though a woman has the freedom to wear absolutely anything which she wants to, yet if you were to attract any unnecessary attention to yourself, then you are automatically putting yourself in a great deal of danger.

So rather than falling prey to anything unsavory you ought to be mindful about the way in which you dress. At the end of the day you are representing a company.

10. Monochromatic tones look the most fitting for work:

Across the globe it is a well acknowledged fact that monochromatic tones look the most professional. Though there is no hard and fast rule as such. When you wear something which is too loud and garish then you automatically run the risk of looking unprofessional. So rather than making a wrong choice, you can never go wrong, if you decide to opt for a grey, black, blue or beige pant suit.

When you wear colors like this, you inadvertently make the statement that you mean business and that you are going to let your actions speak much louder than your words.

11. Ensure that you are very well groomed:

Being well groomed is something which is inextricably linked to being well dressed. How can you ever expect to climb the ladder of success if you as a woman refuse to take care of yourself? If you come into the office every morning with your hair all messed up or your nails are very shabby as well as dirty, then how can you ever hope to be placed in a position of authority.

If you do not look into these things then you will never be able to get people to respect you and admire you as well. Employees in general are expected to look presentable.

12. Never wear stained, dirty or un ironed clothes:

One of the worst things which you can do in your professional career is walking into office with clothes which are looking absolutely dirty, torn or even un ironed. When at the office, not only do you have to appease the bosses, get the respect of your co workers and command the respect of your seniors, but at the same time you have to be presentable as clients can come walking through the doors of the office at any given time without any notice at all. So rather than being caught off guard it is better to always be prepared and look good.

13. Wear clothes which suit your personality:

Every woman is unique in her own way and has been blessed with a one- of a kind personality as well. When you are an employee in an office, your aim should never be to fit in, rather it should be to stand out. So what you should do is try your best to dress in clothes which suit your personality.

If you dress in your own unique way, then you silently communicate to the rest that you are not someone who is insecure or uncomfortable in your own skin. At no point in time should you shy away from being yourself and showcasing your talents as well as skills.

14. Paying attention to your clothes isn’t being superficial:

Many people, especially women are of the view that when you pay attention to your clothes then you are being superficial, however this is something which is absolutely not true at all. When you dress well, it merely implies that you are someone who is neat and cares a great deal about looking good as well as professional.

How can you as an employee in a company expect clients to invest their hard earned money in a company like yours if all the employees look like they have walked out of bed and entered the office?

15. Ensure you do not follow trends blindly:

Following trends blindly is something which we have all been guilty of at one point of time or the other. Yet, if you want to be a success in the business world you must ensure that you do not follow trends blindly as it will show that you are someone who blindly follows the herd without having a mind of your own.

This also means that you wear clothes which flatter your figure, if you wear any and everything then you might run the risk of looking incredibly silly.

16. Too many ornaments is a big no:

Wearing too much jewellery to the workplace is something which is a big no! So stick to the basics and make sure that you do not go beyond wearing a simple watch, a simple necklace, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet if you must.

17. Do not forget to wear a smile!:

Last but certainly not least is that your work outfit will never be complete unless you have a smile on your face and a positive attitude toward the work which you are doing. Nothing good comes of having negative thoughts and a hateful attitude towards others.

How to Dress for Success for a Job Interview:

The first impression is the best impression” is the perfect quote to start this section.

Dressing for success especially when attending interviews is not only important but also essential at the same time.

Dressing professionally and attending the interview gives a fair idea about you to the interviewer. Earlier companies used to have strict dress code for interviews but nowadays times have changed and even employers are accepting candidates in casuals for interviews. Even though there is such lenience, you should always attend in formals for interviews.

Formal attire in interview would give you a focused and confident mindset, thus helping you perform well in the interview.

How Should You Dress For a Job Interview?

The dress attire you choose for interview basically depends upon the niche of the industry. If you are applying for a job in banking or executive type of job, then a formal attire would be mandatory. And if you are applying for some creative job then casual would also work well. Here casual doesn’t mean something funky but simple and neat casuals.

If you are still confused then the best advice would be to research well about the company, know about their work culture, check their social media, etc. You can also give a call to the company and know the preferred interview attire. It is always good to get clarity regarding things than beat around the bush.

Getting a job these days in the competitive market is a tough thing. So interview things should not be taken very lightly as a small mistake from your side can cost you the job.

Expert Tips for Looking Best in a Job Interview:

  • Choose your interview attire according to the industry
  • Pick something that is comfortable
  • Take a bath and look fresh
  • Always wear a mild perfume
  • Have a fresh breath
  • Do not chew anything during the interview

Dress for Success: Women

  • Wear something comfortable
  • Pantsuit or skirt suit look professional
  • Too much of skin showing will fireback
  • Dress decently

Dress for Success: Accessories

  • Jewellery should be simple
  • Avoid any type of heavy items
  • Wear shoes if wear suits
  • Match your footwear to your attire

Dress for Success: Hair & Makeup

  • Maintain a minimal makeup
  • Make sure your hair is neatly groomed

Dress for Success: Final tips

  • Maintain a good body language at interview
  • Make a proper eye contact
  • Smile in between
  • Dress appropriately
  • Make your dress ready a day before the interview