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Top 20 Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts you Should Remember


Thinking of what to do and what not to do during an interview can be really a very daunting situation!

Especially, when it is an interview for the dream job that you have always wanted!

This is because the success of your interview will determine that whether you will be hired or rejected.

interviewing do's and don'ts

But, the great news is that you can easily learn about vital positive things that can help you crack the interview right away.

Also, this article will help you to know all interview mistakes that you need to avoid from your interview session for attaining positive results

So, first read through all major points that can aid you optimize your chances of successfully cracking your interview.

Important Interviewing Do’s you should Remember:

1. Dress properly and arrive on time:

Plan to reach a few minutes early to the interview venue, than the scheduled time. Reaching 15 minutes early will be perfectly fine.

Also, make sure you avoid wearing odd clothes. Don’t over dress or under dress yourself.

Your attire portrays a lot about your judgement and common sense. So, wear a interview dress that is interesting and appropriate.

2. Greet everyone in gentle, professional manner:

Make sure that you greet every individual you meet with in the organization. It is nice to greet every interviewer and even the receptionist with a title, like Mr., Mrs. or Miss.

Make sure you greet them with a warm smile and not with a bone crunching handshake.

3. Study your own resume prior entering the interview hall:

read resume before interview

Many a times it is seen that job seekers prefer to get their resume prepared from an outside entity, in the urge of getting a professional resume.

Moreover, they don’t even feel the need of reading it once. This leads to the occurrence of various troubles.

If you don’t want to end up meeting an awkward situation, then make sure you are aware of each and every point listed in your resume.

If you have prepared your resume on your own, then it is great, but if not then make sure you read it once completely before stepping into the interview room.

4. Research well about the company:

Whether it is a government organization, large company or one man entity, cracking the interview becomes easy if you are fully aware about the business.

So research about the company and the employer in advance before going to the interview, by visiting the company’s website using internet, securing much information is pretty much easy.

5. Make gentle yet regular eye contact, and ask questions when required:

Make sure that you do not break your eye contact with the interviewer. This is because it is a clear indication of nervousness and disinterest.

So, try making a regular but not starry contact with the interviewer, throughout your interview session.

Also, it is better to ask questions as this shows the interviewer that you are interested in the job and the company. But, ask questions that are valid and only when it is needed.

6. Listen to questions carefully and then answer wisely:

Before giving any response, it is better to listen and understand each question carefully. You can also ask for clarification, in case you do not understand properly, what the interviewer is getting at. But don’t make the mistake of giving a wrong answer to any of the questions.

7. Be confident and enthusiast:

confidence at job interview

Staying confident and professional throughout the interview is one of the finest ways to impress the interviewer. Also, show enthusiasm towards job roles, duties and responsibilities.

8. Let your body language be attentive:

There is no place in the corporate world for a professional with a dull and confused personality. Pay attention to your body language. It must look poised and attentive.

Also, don’t play with your hairs, nails or shake your legs as all these are aspects of an unconfident body language. Sitting straight and appearing attentive is extremely necessary.

9. Ask for duties and roles that you need to play if you are hired:

Always make it a point that you investigate about all duties and responsibilities that you need to play when you are hired for the job.

This is of utmost importance as you must understand that what the interviewer as well as the company is expecting from you. It will also help you to frame better answers to other questions as well.

10. Stay relaxed and go prepared with some typical questions in prior:

Staying relaxed and keeping your mind calm will help you to answer all questions in a wise way.

It is also essential that you prepare answers for all questions that are asked in most of the interviews, such as ‘Why we should hire you? Or what are your future plans? Or why do you want this job?’ and more.

So, all these are suggestions that you must follow in order to get through with your interview.

But following only these things is not enough for getting through the interview. It is also necessary that you simultaneously avoid conducting mistakes that can make you lose the interview.

Reading the article below will help you know about all mistakes that you need to avoid during an interview.

Important Interviewing Don’ts you should Remember:

1. Freeze or Stay Quiet:

job interview no answer

During actual interview session you might freeze. This may happen, either because of nervousness or you go unprepared for the interview.

But, the main thing is that you avoid getting nervous and appear attentive and answer all questions during your interview.

Not answering questions or staying absolutely quiet may end your interview in only ten minutes, with a result that you don’t want.

2. Dominate or Fall in an Argument:

Behaving simply opposite to the behavior in the point above can also act against you. Don’t fall into an argument or seem dominating the interviewer in the urge of speaking more.

If you have a strong personality and you talk a lot, then it is suggested that you coach yourself a little, prior to the interview. Go with a curious mind set and listen more than speaking.

3. Being sloppy:

Even in case you have to dress casually, due to any major reason, still make sure that you don’t seem sloppy.

Make sure that your nails are trimmed, you have clean hair, your clothes are unwrinkled and your shoes are clean. These points are more important than dressing properly, as someone who has come for an interview, must look neat and fresh.

4. Focussing more on perks and less on job duties:

perks and benefits of a job

It is very much essential that you remain clear of what you want from your job. Surely, you might be doing this job for money, as everyone wants it, but still, it is also essential that you give your 100% towards roles and duties assigned to your profile.

Asking about vacations, sick leaves, paid leaves and all such questions can create a bad impression over the interviewer. Also, there is no need as details about everything are listed on the appointment letter.

5. Acting opinion free:

Trying too hard to appear flexible can hamper your entire personality. So, make sure that you have your own outlined opinion, for every single statement.

Be decisive on what is important for you, what you want from your job and what all efforts you are ready to put in.

6. Being Overconfident:

Job seekers are advised to remain confident during their interview, but being self-aggrandize is simply not at all required.

Don’t allow the interviewer to think that you are self-obsessed. Saying points, like you don’t have any weakness is a supportive point to this. Be objective about both your weaknesses and strengths.

You can surely talk about what all you are doing and what you have done to address the weaknesses. It is essential to act confident and mature.

7. Criticizing previous employers or company:

Saying bad things about the past company or employers is one of the things that most interviewers hate.

As they believe, that this might happen to them as well. May be you will portray bad reviews about them once you are on to your next interview, for your future job.

So, best is to don’t talk about your past company. In case you have to, then list two or three good points only.

8. Sharing weaknesses that relate to present vacancy:

answer for biggest weakness

If you are asked to brief about your weaknesses, then make sure you don’t speak out any weakness that relates against to the present job position. Also, don’t exaggerate about your weaknesses too much.

Rather, it is best to discuss about the abilities you possess and not about the ones that you have always wanted.

9. Discussing personal issues:

In case you are not comfortable with any clause or point of the company, then straight it in a polite manner.

Even if it will affect your family, still there is no need to discuss your family problems and issues. You are there to do the job, and the interviewer hopes that you have settled or will settle all things in your family without compromising on the job or work quality.

So, don’t let personal matters come in between your professional goals.

10. Sitting until you are asked or attending phone calls in between:

Lastly, show some mannerism during your interview. Things like sitting without being asked or attending unimportant calls, or playing with your hairs, and more are not at all welcomed at the interview table.


Avoid doing all such things that may distract you or int erviewer from the main motive of the interview session.

Now that you have known all chief do’s and dont’s of an interviewing, so make sure that you remember all of these so that you can get through to your next interview session with ease!