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28 Worst of the Worst Job Interview Mistakes Job Seekers Do


It is always good to have a dazzling cover letter and a snazzy resume, but there are things which can drain away all the hard work in few seconds. Worst interview mistakes can spoil your total hard work and opportunity.

When a candidate flubs an interview inspite of good qualification he is unlikely to get a job. About 48% of hiring managers mention that they know if a candidate is fit for the job or no within five minutes of the interview. In the same manner 87% says that they know within 15min. Here are a few worst of the worst job interview mistakes.

worst job interview mistakes

Biggest Interview Mistakes Job Seekers are Still Making:

1. Forgetting the interviewer name:

Whenever a candidate is out for an interview, they should make sure that they know the interviewer’s name. The worst of the worst job interview mistake is calling the interviewer by the wrong name or completely forgetting their name. This is one mistake almost all job candidates do.

2. Unclean teeth:

Candidates should make sure they clean their teeth and look good when attending an interview. Another worst of the worst job interview mistake was a job seeker who has lettuce in his teeth while he attended a job interview. This creates a bad impression and diverts the concentration of the interviewer.

3. Avoiding nervousness:

Anxiety and nervousness are common for any candidate who gets to a job interview. But the worst of the worst job mistake is fainting in an interview session due to nervousness. To avoid this, the job seeker must have breakfast and arrive with energy and confidence.

4. Irrelevant performance:

In an interview the employers look for your technical skills and talents and no other talents. The worst mistake in an interview is when a job quester sings and dances hoping that he would get the job. This seems unprofessional and worst mistake ever had happened.

5. Bringing pets:

An interview is scheduled for the job quester alone to test his knowledge and skills in the industry. A job seeker bringing a pet along with him for an interview is considered to have made the foulest mistake.

6. Nothing to say:

Another worst of the worst mistake for any job quester is when an interviewer asks to tell about yourself and the candidate just blinks as she or he has nothing to say. The candidate must be prepared to answer any questions being asked, by this way mistakes can be avoided.

7. Inappropriate dressing:

There are few job seekers who fail to dress in the right manner. The worst part of their dressing is that they wear mismatched shoes, candidates who did not realize that they had their zipper open, and few candidates came to an interview in sweat pants. These are a few of the worst mistakes that an applicant can make in an interview.

8. Inappropriate activities in an interview:

There are few inappropriate activities which the candidates do which force the interviewers to eliminate them. The worst activity by a candidate was that he was swearing in an interview. Another worst experience was that a candidate said that he was lost and the receptionist recognized and mentioned that he was hovering around near the coffee shop.

Another blunder by a candidate was that he was found lying on the resume in an interview. A job seeker who attends an interview hence must be serious about every activity in an interview session.

9. Actions are noticed to a greater extend:

A few other worst of the worst mistakes a candidate makes is that a candidate fell asleep in an interview; another candidate was chewing gum and was checking his mobile phone during an interview session, and a candidate who sweats profusely but mentions that he does not sweat at all.

10. Not knowing the position:

With the numerous worst mistakes, a candidate who came for an interview did not know the position that he had applied for. This is considered as the worst mistake ever in a job interview.

11. Silly activities:

Other worst of the worst job interview mistakes are chewing gum in an interview session, biting the pen, playing with the hair and chewing tobacco. These are considered as bad habits which should be avoided in an interview.

12. Glancing the watch:

When you look into your watch often, it shows that you’re late for an appointment. In an interview session when you keep glancing at the watch it shows that you’re curious about some other chore other than the interview. It also reflects that the candidate wants to leave earlier.

13. Laughing and giggling:

Other activities which are considered worst of the worst in an interview session are laughing, lip smacking, humming, and whistling. All these are considered as bad manners and should be avoided in an interview session.

14. Asking to use restroom:

A candidate should be prepared for an interview in all ways, he must be dressed well, had his breakfast, and ready to answer all the questions in an interview. The candidate should remember not to ask the interviewer permission to use the rest room. This is one of the worst mistakes that happen.

15. Hand shake failure:

Handshakes are usual in an interview session; the candidate should offer a firm and gentle handshake rather than a weak one. The handshake should also be shorter; the candidate should not keep shaking the hand for a long time in a string manner.

16. Wearing unwanted items:

A candidate should enter into the interview room in a professional manner. the candidate should remember not to wear sunglasses or an bluetooth ear piece into the interview session. .

17. Too much of fragrance:

There are many candidates who get ready for an interview spraying a ton perfume and applying too much after shave lotion. They smell too string and this is one worst thing many candidates do to grab others attention.

18. Forgetting resume:

An interview session requires resume as one of the main aspect but certain candidates forget even the resume. The resume being forgotten by a candidate shows his interest towards the job and is considered as the worst mistake in an interview.

19. Forgetting what’s on your resume:

The candidates who apply for any job should know what is written on the resume. The interviewer usually questions from the resume and hence the candidate should know all the mentioned lines in a resume. The worst mistake is when a candidate does not know something mentioned in his resume.

20. Yawning:

There are candidates who yawn continuously in any place. Yawning and slouching are also considered as worst of the worst things that can happen in an interview. Hence a candidate is suggested to avoid such act in an interview.

21. Irrelevant queries:

An applicant asked to the interviewer about the receptionist in the company because the applicant liked the receptionist.

22. Checking social media:

With the association of social media in everyday life, an applicant should make sure not to use Facebook in an interview session. Checking Facebook in an interview is considered as the worst mistake in an interview.

23. Biggest mistake:

In an interview the interviewer asked the applicant to impress the interviewer. The applicant set fire on the paper the interviewer was reading. This is one of the biggest blunders that an applicant can make.

24. Recording the interview:

An applicant made the biggest mistake in an interview where he tried to record the interview.

25. Attire:

An applicant attending the interview in a jogging suit can be the worst mistake in an interview as he was going for jogging after the interview.

26. Bringing personal things:

An applicant bringing the personal photo album to the interview is a bad act and should be avoided.

27. Being rude:

An employee should be gentle and perfect while speaking and in behavior in an interview. The applicant should never be rude and harsh in an interview.

28. Poorly spelled CV’s:

The resume presented in an interview should be perfect and also with the right grammar and spelling. A poorly formulated resume with spelling mistakes is a great blunder in an interview.


These are a few worst of the worst interview mistakes that can happen in an interview session. Applicants should remember that these mistakes should never happen anytime in an interview.

The applicant should be prepared and dressed well for an interview. There should not be any chaos and should get to the interview spot early.

Candidates who are getting ready for an interview can read through the above tips and make sure they don’t follow these mistakes in an interview.

Be prepared, research the organization and pave way to get recruited.