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What to do when Someone asks for your Number


There are surely situations in life where your friends, relatives, colleagues, boyfriends, neighbours and strangers ask for your number.

It is never a good idea to give your number to all the people for a number of reasons.

When you aren’t interested in giving your number you can avoid giving it in a number of ways.

There are people and groups who disturb or interrupt during busy hours and hence giving numbers can be avoided.

For security reasons and to avoid frustration or irritation from calls, giving the number to all the people can be averted.

Here are a few pointers about what an individual can do when someone asks for the number.

when someone asks your number

How to Respond When Someone asks for your Number:

1. Change the topic:

When someone approaches you and asks for your number, in case you aren’t interested in giving your personal number you can very well change your topic. You can divert your conversation so that your opponent forgets about asking your number. This can be one way when someone asks for your number.

2. Other ways:

Apart from phone number, there are many other ways through which a person can be contacted. You can tell your friends to contact you by means of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn. By this way, you can avoid giving your phone number and allow them to contact you.

3. Offering an email address:

An email can be another way of communication which can be given to others instead of your number. Through an email, it’s your desire to reply or not. This can be a safe and secure way to communicate with other people. You can also avoid them from obtaining your number and tell them indirectly that you aren’t interested in giving your number.

4. Strangers excuse:

When someone not close to you asks for your number, you can mention that you do not give numbers to someone not close and also to strangers. You can mention that your parents have insisted not to give numbers to all the people who you speak. For the same reason, you decided that you don’t want to give your number.

5. Safety excuse:

For ones who come behind you for your number make it a clear note that you do not share personal numbers with someone you just know for safety purpose. You can say that you wanted to be safe by not giving your number.

6. Ask theirs:

At times you’re asked for your number and you’re not interested to give your number, so to end up the conversation you can ask for their numbers instead. By this way the person who asked your number leaves the place hoping you would call.

7. You’re already engaged:

When it’s your office colleague who asks for your number for work-related tasks you can decide to give or not. If it is someone else who decides to get behind you, you can mention that you’re either engaged or married. By this way, the person would leave you alone and would not disturb for your number.

8. Tell them that you have strict parents:

Tell the person who asks your number that you have strict parents and they would not appreciate when your number is shared. You can also mention that your brother is a police officer and would not allow for talking along with someone on phone for no reason. This will help you escape from the problem.

9. Guess the number:

In order to get rid of the issue, you can ask the other person to guess your number. This can be certainly a failure idea as no one can guess a number. By this way you can get rid of the problem and you never have to give your number.

10. Give the wrong number:

You can get away from the problem by providing the person with a wrong number. By giving a wrong number you can keep a full stop to your issue. But is not recommended.

11. Tell a lie:

You can lie to the person that you do not believe in technology and so do not use a mobile. But if you have a mobile or laptop in front, you cannot use this method to get rid of him. You can otherwise mention that it’s your parent’s number after you reach home and so you cannot provide him the number as they would use it. Make an open statement that you do not have a personal number.

12. Say no:

When all ideas fail, you can always say no strictly to the person. A straight forward approach and direct no to a person who asks for your number can be the best way.

13. Make a polite answer:

Say the person openly that it was good talking to them, but you no longer are looking for any deep relationship and hence you do not want to share your number. Make a polite and firm reply for not giving your number.

These are considered few ways that can be done when someone asks for your number. Sharing number is not considered safe for anyone; there are a number of aspects to think over before you share your number.

How to NOT Give Out Your Phone Number?

Be it your personal or professional lives, there are times when people ask for your phone number or some personal information about you. Though you feel like lashing out, the best way to dilute such a situation is to reject them in a polite way.

The art of rejection is also something which one should have an idea of, especially if you have a problem of saying a clear ‘NO‘. It can help you in many ways like declining something you do not like and that too by minimizing the embarrassment of the other person. There also lies a danger of sharing personal information with others, especially if they are not well known.

So here are few tips to use when not willing to share any information,

  • Prioritize safety first
  • Ask them to give their number first
  • Ask him to try you in any other way
  • Directly saying NO
  • Showing disinterest in sharing info
  • Being honest and clear
  • Never share because of pressure
  • Also, do not give any fake number

For ones who do not know to handle such situations can read through the above tips and get to know what to reply when someone asks for your number.

For safety and security reasons sharing nthe umber with everybody can be avoided. Alternate ways and social media sites can be used for communication. The beneficial fact of these sites and email is that there is never a urge or necessity to reply.

You can log out whenever you desire. So it is always safe and best to use the websites rather than sharing a mobile number to someone not close to you.