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How to Turn Duties into Achievements and Accomplishments


No matter who you are, if you are a business as well as career oriented person, then naturally your chief driving force is that you achieve success as well as get ahead in life. Working in a big company is certainly no small task at all and you are entrusted with a number of responsibilities which you have to complete within the stipulated deadline.

So for your benefit given here is a list of ways in which you can turn the duties which have been entrusted to you into accomplishments, it is certainly not easy, but the rewards you will reap will be plentiful indeed.

turn duties into accomplishments17 Tips for Showcasing Your Achievements:

1. Put a lot of effort into whatever work is given to you:

Every human being is unique and no two human beings are alike. Each one of us has our own unique way of approaching tasks and duties which are entrusted to us. Some people prefer to be militant in their approach to get things done in a smoother as well as organized manner, yet on the other end of the spectrum there are also those who firmly believe that sometimes softness and leniency brings out the best in one. So you can choose your approach based on what you think will work for you, but what is common to both approaches is that you need to work hard at all points in time no matter what.

2. Do one job, but ensure you do is extremely well:

There is some truth in the common saying that when you become a Jack of all trades you become a master of none, so rather than trying to take on much more that you can handle, it is advisable to focus on one thing at a time.

Though it is important to know how to multi task, but when trying to blow the socks of the judges by doing an excellent job which has been entrusted to you, it is advisable that you just do one thing at a time. Biting off more than you can chew is absolutely disastrous and rather than increasing your achievements, you might land up making huge blunders.

3. Do look into every aspect of the duties which are entrusted to you:

As we grow up we realize that things are not as simple as they seem and everything is multi dimensional. So when you are trying to convert a duty entrusted to you into an amazing achievement you must ensure that you are looking into the duty and trying to fulfill it rather than trying to look at it in a unilateral, flat way.

This having been said, ensure that you do not spend too much time merely immersed in thoughts; rather you should at some point convert these duties into actions. Rather than talking the talk, it is advisable to walk the walk so that you leave a lasting impression.

4. Do not focus on the end, the means to the end are equally important:

Success is something; we all chase after, as well as try our best to achieve in the course of our lives. Yet what most of us do not know is that as long as you give your one hundred percent at each step of the way, you need not look at the big picture as things are naturally going to fall into place for you.

So rather than constantly fretting over the final finished project ensure that each day you do your required quota, without leaving any lose ends. It is such perfect work that will turn your duties into accomplishments. Unless you focus on the smallest of details you will never be able to achieve success in your field.

5. Try and have an unconventional approach to your duties:

It is needless to say that trying to remain a relevant part of today’s twenty first century business world is no easy talk indeed and in order to get ahead you have to keep proving yourself with each project that is entrusted to you.

This having been said, companies are always on the lookout for those employees that have the rare ability to look at things from a unique, different as well as unconventional point of view. So when a duty is given to you, ensure that you do not take the tried and tested route, rather try your level best to really apply what you know and think out of the box.

6. Do not be afraid of failure which may come your way:

When you are entrusted with a duty you can opt to do it one out of two ways, first you can either decide to just do it for the sake of it and because you are getting paid to do it, or on the other hand you can do it because you really want to and you love to take things up as a challenge.

You are someone who loves the idea of challenges. You know that even if this entire project ends in failure at least you will have learnt something valuable in the course of it. As we all know failure is the stepping stone towards success and unless you taste failure you will never really appreciate the sweet taste of achievement.

7. Ensure that you do not take up things your heart is not set on:

People across the world, opt for a career for a number of reasons, unfortunately one of the most common reasons for picking a particular career, is not because they are in love with that field of work, rather it is because they want to make their parents dreams come true. No matter what, you should always look into your own happiness first, especially when it comes to your career choices. If you do everything following the dictates of your own mind and heart then you cannot blame anyone for how things turn out.

8. Do not look at having duties as a burden on you:

In this day and age owing to the fact that there is so much pressure upon employees to perform, that people are not able to enjoy the work which they are doing, rather everything has become incredibly commercial. Nowadays in the business world, time as well as money has become invaluable resources and in order to keep the company banner flying high it is advisable not to waste either of these two resources. Yet this having been said, you should make it a point to have a positive outlook to the duties given to you, then only will you be able to do them well.

9. Always try and go that extra mile to really impress:

Turning your duties into achievements and accomplishments will certainly be an impossible task unless you try to go that extra mile in order to really impress everyone concerned. However impressing everyone else comes a close second to impressing yourself first. It is important that you do all your work very well and simultaneously ensure that it is absolutely in keeping with your own thought processes and that you are happy with the work which you are delivering yourself. Going that extra mile might obviously sound to you like a lot of extra work as well but you can rest assured that it is worth it!

10. Remember that taking breaks is absolutely mandatory sometimes:

There is some truth in the common saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dumb boy, so this being said ensure that you do take the time off when needs be so that you do not end up over working yourself and coming in for ailments like heart disease, stress and high blood pressure which have become so common in today’s world.

So with each break or vacation which you take it will help you to come back with a new fervor, a new perspective and a new take on life itself. So no matter what you want to achieve, ensure that you maintain a proper work life balance first of all.

11. Ensure that you take calculated risks when necessary:

When you are in the business world there are some things which are mandatory in order to get ahead. One thing which is an inevitable part of being in the business world is – taking risks. Different companies take risks in different ways, however taking risks blindly as well as putting everything on the line is always a big no! Taking calculated risks is always the way to go.

So when you are trying your best to convert your duties into achievements as well as responsibilities ensure that you are absolutely fearless and not afraid at any point in time to follow your heart.

12. Constantly try to improve on your skills and abilities:

No one in this world is perfect, anyone who thinks they are the epitome of perfection, couldn’t be more wrong. So if you are determined to convert your duties into responsibilities it is important that at all costs you try your best to constantly improve on whatever skills and abilities which you have been born with. If you think that you are lacking on some fronts, do not blindly accept defeat, rather do whatever is in your power to get better as well as stand apart from the rest.

13. Do not let others’ negative comments affect you:

When you are trying to do something as great as turn your duties into accomplishments and achievements, you will never be able to do this if you let anything negative play on your mind. Just remember that the moment you stop letting negative comments play on your mind, that will be half the battle won for you right there.

14. Deliver top quality work under all circumstances:

There are innumerable people who always have an excuse ready in the event of giving up sub standard work. But in order to show that you are someone who is only after perfection, you should always fulfill your duties and they will automatically turn into achievements and accomplishments.

15. Let your personality reflect in the work which you do:

To let your duties be changed into accomplishments you have to ensure that you let your own personality come shining forth through your work. At no point in time should you be trying to project a false image of yourself.

16. Ensure that you get the credit which is due to you:

Working in an unobtrusive way is good sometimes, but ensure that this is not the case always as then you will never receive the credit that is due to you for always trying your best to do your duties to the best of your ability.

17. Be dedicated and consistent in your efforts:

Last but certainly not the least is that in order to turn your duties into absolutely success stories it is mandatory that you are not inconsistent in the work which you do or the dedication which you invest in the tasks at hand. The more you invest in your work, richer the dividends you will be able to reap in the time to come.


So these are some of the chief things which you need to keep in mind if you desire to get ahead by converting all your responsibilities as well as duties into accomplishments and achievements. This having been said, you should mentally prepare yourself, for the fact that things are certainly not going to be as easy as they might sound, so ensure that you are willing to put in your one hundred percent at all times as well as under all circumstances. If you want to achieve things by making use of fair means then all you have to do is keep outdoing yourself with each project entrusted to you.