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25 Good Reasons You Should Decline a Job Offer


Job search period is often too tough, and it is easy to get frustrated and generally we tend to accept any job offer that comes up first.

In today’s economy, this has rather become a truth. Yet, you should show the courage to say ‘no’ to a job offer that isn’t right for you.

It is better to wait a little more than to take up something that you will regret for a long time.

So, before you accept the offer letter, think and find if this is the right job for you or not. Here are 25 reasons or facts that will make turning down that job offer easy:

How to Decline a Job Offer Politely?

1. The job is where you will need to end your journey:

It is said that every incident in your life must be a turning point, then why should job be a dead-end?

If you feel that this job will not allow you to take a turn or will make you stop at your track with no way to move forward, then don’t think much, say no to the job offer.

2. The new job will cut down future opportunities:

Take up the job only if it provides exposure to opportunities beyond.

For example, if you are going to work in a store room for packing things, you will never come to know what the world outside is about.

What’s the purpose of such a job?

Rather than taking up this job, it is better to be a salesperson in a retail shop, you will get to meet people and know about other potential chances.

3. The new job doesn’t match with your calibre!:

On one hand, there is nothing wrong in a job that is not considered much lucrative.

If there weren’t people to do such jobs, then our lives would have been difficult. But at the same time, after working as a manager for five years, if you are taking up a small-time position, you will neither be happy nor will be productive in the job.

Hence, if the new job offer falls too below your qualifications and experience, it is reason enough to say no.

4. This job will not do great to your self-esteem:

self esteem at workOne of the best reasons to refuse a job offer is when you find that it is going to trash your self-esteem rather than raising it.

The job profile may be such that you have to lie to yourself, or need to flatter someone or take orders from not so respectable people.

If a job does nothing to your self-respect and dignity, it is not worth taking up.

5. The new job profile doesn’t gel with your value system:

There are some basic values that you believe in, right?

Then, before accepting a new job, think whether it will clash with what you believe in or not.

For example, an environmentalist who has always been advocating about the harmful effects of plastic will never be happy working with a company dealing with plastic products.

6. You will have to neglect your family:

Even if you are in dire need of a job, if it demands that your family has to take a backseat, then it might not be that good after all.

Anyway, if a job and its perks do not make your family happy, what’s the point in taking it up?

7. Not lucrative enough:

It is true that a job is not all about money but money is important nevertheless. After all, paying bills and making some saving are two main objectives of a job.

If the money is too bad or if it will not even help you make ends meet, then it is a good reason to refuse the job.

8. The paycheck is too fat:

big fat paycheckDon’t be shocked to read that a fat paycheck can be a reason for refusing a job offer. When money is too good, you will feel tempted to stick on to the job, even if you are not happy with it.

May be, you will be able to make yourself and others happy with purchases and gifts but remember, there are things that money can’t buy and being content with life is one of them.

9. The company’s mission is not what it is:

Many a times, when you read a company’s mission statement, you come to know what the company is standing for.

But don’t be misguided by just a statement. Find out more by reading about the company by going through reviews or finding from ex-employees or any expert.

10. The job doesn’t show potential for growth:

A job should be an avenue for skill development, further learning and new responsibilities.

If the new job that you are considering doesn’t seem to be offering any of these, then you should not consider it even if the perks that come with it are tempting.

For Example, the discount may be great and the price is cheap, if the size does not fit you, then will you buy the dress? A job without any learning opportunities is just like that dress.

11. The hiring process doesn’t seem right:

It is often said that the first impression is always the best. If anything in the first step bothers you or doesn’t make you feel right, then rethink about accepting the job offer.

There are many factors that can come to light here, such as no promptness, lazy replies, an ignorant HR staff, or unclear communication. Back off, this is the right time.

12. There are other offers waiting:

dealing with job offersIf you are fortunate enough to have two or more offers simultaneously, wait and gauge. If the current job offer is something you are only satisfied with and you think the other ones may be more worthwhile, then you can refuse the first job offer.

There is no point in accepting now and repenting later.

13. You have some urgent family obligations:

Sometimes too many things clash at one time. The new company wants you join in a week but you have some urgent matters at home, like a sick family member or a vacation you have already planned with your kids. What should you do?

Talk to the company and ask them for more time. If they need you, they will wait.

If your family comes before everything, you can say no to people who do not empathize with your priorities.

14. The offer letter sounds too rude:

Before you say ‘yes’ to any job offer, read the terms and conditions carefully, word to word.

If the terms seem too unfriendly, such as limited vacations, crude appraisal policy, or too many restrictions and conditions, then it is a valid reason to refuse the job.

How will you work freely if you are bound too much by rules and conditions?

15. Not enough benefits or allowances:

When you are going to put in 8 hours or more in a job, it is your right to be allowed benefits and allowances. If the new job offers none or too little, then it is not worth your time and effort.

16. The new job profile seems too easy or too hard:

Both the stances are not right. If the job is too easy, then chances are that you will get tired of it due to lack of any challenges.

And if the work is too hard or complex for you, then you may not be able to put in your 100% at the job. No companies will like an employee who takes forever to adapt.

17. Your new boss doesn’t match your criteria:

working for wrong bossIt is not the employers who are looking at the candidate if they will fit in, even the latter should think if the boss is right for them.

If you find the person to be too stubborn, rude or even ignorant, it will not be a great idea to work under such a person.

Everyday there may be conflicts of ideas or high stress level. It is better not to take up such a job where the immediate boss seems to be a moron.

18. The company culture doesn’t fit in your expectations:

If you find the office place is negative or if the company culture seems too modern or traditional to your liking, then you may not be happy working there every day.

Remember, you will have to spend a major part of your day in that office and if you do not feel any positive vibes about the place, then it is ok to say no to the job offer.

19. The new office is far from your home:

If you are going to end up travelling three or more hours to and fro, then you will be too tired at the end of the day to enjoy anything about the job or your personal life.

No job is worth travelling so much. The long commute will drain you.

20. You don’t agree with some job profile points:

You may be happy with the overall job profile but if there are clauses that you completely disagree with, then think before you say yes.

For example, if you are a person who hates travelling and your job profile requires frequent travelling, then you may end up feeling frustrated at your new job.

21. The company has a bad reputation:

The reputation of a company is of utmost importance. Even if the new job offer shows you the sky and the salary and perks are too tempting, if the company has a bad reputation, then chances are that your job and position may not last long.

Always enquire about the company’s standing in the market and only then decide.

22. The employer’s reluctance to negotiate:

salary negotiation with employerIt may not be always possible that everything comes as per your likes and sometimes some points cannot be negotiated at all.

But if you find your employer too stubborn to even discuss, then you should know that they might display the same attitude in future too. It is a good reason to refuse the job offer.

23. Too many expectations can spoil the broth:

Once, there was this advertisement for a job, which enlisted around 25 responsibilities, making one wonder, how on earth will one person be able to handle this job?

Read each point of your responsibilities clearly and clear your doubts then and there.

If you are expected to complete 50 tasks a day, you will not be able to handle the job well and will end up being stressed out and crazy.

24. The company’s retention rate:

Nowadays it is easy to find about various aspects of a company.

If you find that the employee retention rate of the company is too low, then may be the company is not a great place to work with.

25. There is no work-life balance:

A great job is which gives you space and time to breathe, to be yourself and to be happy.

Work and workplace cannot be seen in isolation, it is a part of the employee’s life and if the new job expects you to put in every waking hour working or checking mails and meeting clients even after office hours, then rethink if this is what you want to do.

If the job doesn’t offer a good work-life balance, you will not enjoy it.


The decision to take up or refuse a job is a big one. Hence you need to take the decision after a careful thought.

Before you accept the job offer, mull over these 25 points and see if the new job ticks at the right reasons.

You may be in dire need for a job but at the same time, but accept one that is right for you and the one that you will be good at.