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Top 15 Exasperating Parts of the Job Interview You Must Know


Most of the time while attending an interview candidate faces a list of questions from the employer regarding their professional and personal accomplishment. But sometimes candidates face some kind of irritating question which seems silly and obvious during interviews.

Moreover, this discussion over the subject which states all the exasperating interview questions concludes all the reasons behind such exasperating interview questions and answers.

Most Annoying Things

Most Annoying Things About Job Hunting:

Some parts of the interview can seem a bit irritating for the candidate. Most probably such part of the interview where an employer asks a question with obvious answers that the candidate attending an interview feels exasperating during the interview.

1. When an interviewer asks them to provide a self intro and the candidate has no idea about it.

Sometime during the interview, the employer asks the candidate to introduce themselves. And while presenting that introduction in front of the employer most of the candidates experience some sort of irritating sensation.

This irritating feeling makes forget things and they start reacting negatively. Therefore, it is necessary for all the candidates that even after being approached by the same and old questions, they should feel confident enough to present their introduction completely.

2. When candidates research everything about the company and then during the interview, they forget everything about that company.

This kind of situation comes when the candidate makes himself work hard enough about that particular interview. But unfortunately, these candidates prepare themselves regarding these company profiles that mostly at the time of presenting and answering questions regarding company profiles, there is a possibility that candidates might forget everything they prepared for the interview process.

3. When they ask why you want to work in this company.

It seems like a silly question, but while answering that question the candidate needs to act professionally during the interview. Sometimes the candidate might irritate because of this question that they might lose their temper during this question. Try to answer this question in a completely honest way.

4. When they ask about your weakness.

Measuring the severity of one’s weakness might seem a bit weird, but it is a fact that in every job interview, most of the interviewer presented this question expecting that the candidate will answer this question with commitment and confidence. And at the end of this interview session based on their answer, the candidate might get that particular job.

5. When the interviewer keeps disrespecting your professional experience.

Even after having higher levels of working experience some companies and their interviewing employers keep disrespecting the candidate’s credentials.

Therefore, this kind of disrespect regarding their work experience annoys most of the candidates, but because they try to control their anger in this matter as it is about the company they want to work in. Moreover, they even positively take this criticism as they take it as some sort of stress interviews.

Try to be as calm as possible and always keep in mind that these are various tests that the interviewer used to check the emotional quotient of the candidate. If the candidate snaps at the attitude of the interviewer, then it proves that the candidate is emotionally intolerant and is not suitable for the job. Try to keep your cool as much as possible.

6. When they ask do you have any work experience.

While answering this question some people confidently answer that question with the material proof of their work experience, but some of the candidates make themselves and feel completely stuck in the middle of the experience related questions and answers.

If you have any work experience related issues, be it positive or negative, try to be as honest as possible. Try to state what all the roles you took and what roles did you play and what all measures you took to make your task successful.

Explain about various difficulties and hardships that you have faced and tell them how you overcame most of them. Prove to them that not only are you an efficient worker but also a reliable team player.

7. When all of a sudden your mouth gets dry and empty.

During some critical situations, people feel speechless and the situation can be happiness and sadness related stuff. Therefore, while attending most prestigious interviews some candidates experience some sort of internal rush which makes them feel nervous during the interview, and eventually, the candidate starts stammering and stuck.

Try not to sweat too much over a simple interview. Always remember to give your best and do not lose hope when you feel discouraged. Make your mind clear and try to be as optimistic as possible.

8. Interviews which comes with several other rounds.

Some companies create such level of interview rounds that after clearing out most parts of the interview, the candidate itself starts feeling tired about all of that interview rounds.

Therefore, it is advisable to most of the companies that recruiting the right candidate is a duty that needs to be fulfilled for the overall growth of the company, but recruiting that person with minimal recruiting rounds can be proven as a smart move.

Make sure that you are well prepared for every round. Even if you are not confident about a certain round, try to give your best and be optimistic.

Having a good amount of confidence is necessary so that you would be able to tackle the different tasks handed to you. Do not take the tasks lightly, even if it is an area that you are likely to succeed. Also, do not get intimidated and worried by any task that you feel you are going to fail.

9. Group interviews.

The group interviews are a process of interview wherein which a group of candidates will be seated in a round table manner and the rest of the candidate need to deliver their opinion about certain subject and topics relating to the company and the business world. Therefore, one must understand the value of talent in every candidate attending that interview, even if he or she flunks that particular group interview.

One good tip to pass group interviews is that, try to outshine the other candidates as much as possible by being smart and optimistic. Do not try to block them, or prevent others from sating their views. This is received negatively by the interviewer and it might cause you to fail the group interview. Respect each other’s opinions and if you have anything to disagree upon, state your points in a polished manner.

10. Phone interview:

It is one of the oldest and awkward interview processes where the candidate can be interviewed over a phone. Therefore, in this situation of a phone interview, the candidate needs to screen out a situation where he or she can perform better even through the phone interview process which is the most convenient.

The main reason why companies do a phone interview is that the interviewer is checking whether the candidate is easily intimidated by sudden and unplanned events and situations. This is, to make sure that the employee does not lose their calm, and tries to be confident as possible. They check whether the candidate is fluent in English and can converse well in the unlikeliest of situations.

11. When at the end the employer asks them to clear out all doubts.

It is expected to one of the important matters of discussion about the exasperating parts of the interview. Therefore, to avoid all irritating elements the candidate should try explaining to them all positive elements of his and companies point of view.

Moreover, by this kind of approach, the candidate might also receive additional points in their selection bag. Try to ask questions not to impress the interviewer, but ask to answer your doubts. This will create an impression that the candidate is a conceptual thinker.

Try to ask questions related to important matters such as employment training, the facilities, the changes in the industry, the employee intake. Make them get the impression that you are well aware of the latest technology and the current world situation.

12. Thinking over and over about the interview.

As most of the candidates are nervous about and with their interview and its results. Some candidates are normal with this result things as they feel confident enough about their selection in that company. Therefore, instead of panicking the candidate can make himself useful in other matters of the subjects.

Try not to think about the interview and sulk over your performance. Try to be optimistic about the result and make yourself more valuable by engaging yourself in other useful activities such as learning, doing part-time or increasing your work experience in the main time. This will make you even more polish and ready when you call for the job.

13. They keep waiting for their call.

It’s a common feeling that, after completion of the successful interview session, a person starts expecting from that particular interview. Therefore, instead of thinking about the results the candidate can make things which can help him to divert mind completely.

Moreover, these waiting and expecting part of the interview makes people nervous and scared about their life. Try to be as productive as possible.

Explore new things such as study what you like, travel to new places., meet new people, have fun, try something that will distract your mind from waiting for a job. There are many ways that you do to spend time and use time efficiently.

Examples include volunteering, starting a blog, reading a book, doing exercise and other physical activities, learn to play an instrument, trying out new things such as adventure sports and so on. How you spend your time depends on you.

14. When do they ask you why you want to do the job?

When an interview takes place and the interviewer is a high profile employee of the company or the CEO, then this question is bound to be asked.

This is to make sure by the interviewer that you are not applying for the job only for the money, but you have a genuine interest in the job itself. Or they want to see if you have underlying reasons such that you left your previous jobs because of any physical or social problems or if you have had any unwanted habits such as drinking or smoking.

They want to know the reason why you left the previous job. By knowing these reasons, then only the hiring manager will decide if it’s wise to hire the interviewee/candidate or not?

15. Too much attention:

If you are not a keen attention seeker and if you do not like people staring at you then you might get exasperated during an interview. This is because, when you see too many heads smiling back at you and focusing at you, you bound to be nervous.

Sometimes you might even get an anxiety attack or even worse, you might even forget what you were going to say. But these discomforts warn the candidate way before the interview takes place.

The one method that you could do to prevent such happenings is that, try to ignore that people are watching and looking at you. Instead, think of it as a chance to show your skills and show that you are worth the job.

Finally, the bottom line is that there are several exasperating arts of the job interviews, but the most critical part of these exasperating part is that the candidate needs to learn how to handle such exasperating facts about the interview.

Therefore, to know more about these exasperating parts of the interview, they can start following all the above mentioned points to overcome exasperating situations during the interviews.