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How to Take the Perfect Power Nap at Work?


The day to day work of corporate professionals is a highly taxing one. Apart from going on business trips, they also need to attend business meetings, perform brainstorming sessions and come up with strategies to help achieve the long term objectives of the company.

Many working professionals find it tough to maintain a perfect balance between their professional and personal life. This often has a negative impact on their stamina and memory. There are many benefits of taking a power nap to improve both your mental as well as physical condition.

Power naps help people to improve their focus towards work, have a better memory, minimize stress levels, increase stamina and in improving their mobility. It helps in reaping the benefits of sleeping for a short span of time, which is 10-20 minutes for most people.

Power Nap at Work

How to Power Nap Like a Pro:

1. Use an ergonomic chair:

Working for long hours at the office normally involves spending a significant amount of time in the office chair which may cause a lot of strain on your back. Therefore, to avoid back problems, opt for an ergonomic chair which supports the lower back and ensures that, you must have a good sitting posture.

There are different types of ergonomic chairs that are available online as well as in the market. Look for office chairs that have an adjustable seat height. The seats that come with a pneumatic adjustment lever would be the most suitable option. It should also have sufficient width and depth to ensure that you can sit comfortably.

2. Wear headphones and a hoodie:

This is the most effective way for taking a nap at your workplace. Since your hands will be touching the keyboard, your co-workers will think that you are working. Moreover, wearing headphones will be a perfect way that you can use to ensure that you don’t hear your boss yelling or your colleagues causing any kind of chaos. Set an alarm for about 15 minutes. That shall provide you with enough time to refresh yourself without falling into deep sleep.

Medical experts have found that when people wake up from the middle of deep sleep, they feel tired. This phenomenon is known as ‘’sleep inertia’’. Using a sleep tacker will help you wake up when you get into the lightest sleep stage within a specific time period.

3. Take a short nap in the conference room:

Most of the office buildings have numerous conference rooms that you can use for conducting meetings. Unlike other rooms within your office, usually conference rooms have doors without windows. If this is the case, schedule a meeting within the conference room with minimal space, but refrain from inviting anyone. Once the meeting is completed, close the door and take a nap on a chair within the conference room.

Close the door to make sure that you can wake up immediately if someone comes into the room. Most of the time, people will think that there is a meeting taking place and avoid opening the door. However, if anyone opens it, sit up and pretend as if you are waiting for a person. Leave the conference room without creating any negative impression on the onlooker.

4. Sleep inside the restroom:

In every office building, there is normally a restroom which is not used regularly. Normally, it’s at the building’s back or in a floor where there are less people. Leave your workstation carrying your briefcase, laptop and documents. Also make it a point to carry a number of manila folders to make sure that it seems that you are attending an important meeting somewhere.

A short nap in the restroom can be really relaxing. Once you are done with your power nap, you can simply wash your face and carry on with your day’s work. Though it may sound challenging, yet once you get acquainted to sleep in this manner, it will be really easy for you.

5. Sleep at your desk:

Place your desk in a cubicle or workstation which doesn’t impede the free movement of people. This is a wise thing to do as you will have a great power nap without any sort of distraction. Rotate your chair to make sure that its back faces the hallway. Put a clipboard, folders or anything else on your lap. Hold a pencil to make others feel that you are going to write something.

Balance yourself in a manner that your head is supported by your torso. This will make it easier for you to take a short nap in a manner which is easier than you think. If someone walks up to you, you will wake up on time to make them feel that you are busy with something of great significance.

Nobody will suspect that you were sleeping since normally no one sleeps in that position. Practicing this sleeping posture over a number of days will help you be perfect at such rejuvenating power nap.

6. Sleep under the desk:

In a TV serial, a character named George Costanza had a custom desk especially made for himself with a /bed inside so that he could sleep at office. Though that’s an overstatement, you can sleep under your desk. However, doing this is only possible if you work in an office where the space under your desk cannot be seen from the hallway. Face your desk to make sure that its back faces the opening of the door. Use a folded jacket or daypack as a pillow.

There is always a risk of someone finding you sleeping at the office. You can reduce this risk by hanging a pen-on-a string or white board on your door or cubicle entrance.
Though the methods mentioned above may seem slightly strange, it can be tried once in a while to refresh your mind and body when you feel overwhelmed by work. This tricks works well particularly in small offices.

7. Don’t worry if you cannot fall asleep:

If you are feeling uneasy and cannot relax, you don’t have to worry. Enjoy thinking that you are resting rather than working. Close your eyes for some time. Assessing your body can help in restoring the energy you require to carry on with your regular work.

While a powernap is the most commonly known means to get rid of fatigue and tiredness, there are other ways too. Close your eyes and think of the happy moments in your life. It is sure to revive your energy.

8. Apply lavender on your pillow:

Are you struggling to sleep? Doctors advise that creating sensory experiences can help you to get some sleep. Use some lavender and spray it on your sleep prop or pillow. Even if you are sitting in a place with a busy work environment like your office, your brain will be able to relate the smell with sleep.

A recent study by Wesleyan University has confirmed that people who sniff lavender are able to sleep in a better manner than others who don’t. Find out different ways to be comfortable. You can open the drawers of your desk and use them as leg rests. You can also spend some money to buy a snug chair. Use an ostrich pillow which is suitable for enjoying a good sleep. Put your head within the soft pillow and rest it on your desk to take a short nap.

9. Avoid maintaining a consistent time period:

A short nap is most effective when your wish to have a power nap in office hours normally between 2-4pm. Taking a nap earlier or later may affect your sleep at night. The normal naptime should be 20-30 minutes long. Dozing over a longer time period might cause you to get into a deeper stage of sleep which you cannot afford at work.

You may take a power nap each day at office but do not follow a specific routine. Remember that someday you may have an important meeting scheduled at that time which you cannot afford to miss.

If you decide to take a short nap for 30 minutes between 2-2.30pm, it won’t be possible for you to attend a meeting at 2.25pm or you won’t get a sleep of extra 5 minutes. It’s essential for your brain to understand the exact time for sleeping. A habit of power nap at the same time each day can hamper this scheme of events.

10. Use sunglasses:

Nobody will be able to find out that you are sleeping if you wear sunglasses. It’s quite easy to close them. However, the main issue is whether you can wear sunglasses to your office without looking weird? You can tell your co-workers that you are tired and therefore you had to use prescription sunglasses. All that you need to do is to wear them and close your eyes. As long as it seems that you are busy with your eyes, you can avoid acquiring too much attention while your eyes are shut.

Find out an area where it is hardest for others to see you and ensure that your eyes remain fixed in that direction as long as possible. There are times when you won’t be sleeping while facing in that direction. However, if you require a better cover, you can put one of your hands on the side of your head and block your eyes from the view of others.

What you use to hide your sleep or powernap during office hours is completely your choice. Yet, make sure you do not stand out as an odd man.This way you can get a powernap and thus rejuvenate to start work afresh.