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How to Survive at Work with No Sleep? Do More Sleep Less


It might happen that someday you had a great active night, but it was so after compromising on your sleep


However, now it is time to go to the office and survive a whole day there and do work as well.


It may sound dreadful, but it does not have to be. This is not all, there could be a number of reasons that you could not sleep well last night, but there is no option to let go of all your responsibilities and relax all day.


You need extra energy on such days just to survive a day.How to survive in work with no sleep

You can still manage a productive day at work without much of sleep. No one is saying that it is going to be easy, but you can at-least try and make it less painful.

Feeling happy and bright about the day is out of the question now, but acting like a zombie at work can be avoided as well.

You will have to focus on things that require less energy from your side, and not leave you exhausted any further.

There are a lot of things that you can do that very same day to brighten things a little for
yourself. Here are a few suggestions that will help you get through the day successfully.

Cheat in extra sleep hours:

Sleep for extra hours

First and foremost thing is to see if you can manage a couple of hours of extra sleep:

  • Call up your office and be honest about your state.

  • Re-organize your day by probably moving your meetings to afternoon.

  • Ask your spouse, family members or neighbors cover something for you, like dropping off kids, buying grocery etc.

  • Grab a nap in the middle of the day if possible, probably, power nap in a sick room for just 20 minutes will help.

Caffeine and other stimulants:Caffeine helps in staying awake

If getting some extra sleep does not work, then try things that will provide instant alertness.

  • Coffee, tea, chocolates, take a pick and use them as a tool today, but intelligently. Never overdo!
  • Canned or bottled sodas can also do wonders
  • Chewing gum is another helpful option
  • Write notes for yourself that will remind you of your state, and also that you have to fight yourself and be more attentive
  • Unlike the common myth, energy drinks with Vitamin B, do not provide instant energy, as they are absorbed slowly in the body, so stay away from them.

Exercise:Exercise or do yoga

It is advised to exercise at least 30 minutes each day. Many will avoid exercise on such days thinking it is too much of a work. On the contrary, it is an effective way to keep your body charged and alert.

  • Power Yoga will charge up your body completely

  • One or two laps on a run will do wonders

  • Engage yourself in your favorite sport, probably in a Table Tennis room of the office

  • Remember, it is an exercise that will help, not physical abuse to your body like slapping or pinching.

Eat More but Eat Right:Eat healthy food

Today is the day when you need more energy, so keep yourself fueled. Grab food items that provide instant energy.

  • Apple with glucose and fructose will give you an immediate energy boost and that too for an extended time period

  • Engage in other fruits too.

  • Avoid items that can put you in a food coma like fat, proteins and starch.

  • Avoid any kind of drugs for pain, sleep, etc. They will make you even more sleepy.

Temperature control:Office temperature will have impact on your work

Apply the actor’s rule: Warm for drama, cool for comedy!

If you are in the office, you need to maintain the temperature of your surroundings. Warmer temperature will make you even more sleepy. Opt for lower office temperature.

  • Call up maintenance people and ask them to lower down the temperature of your desk area

  • Wear short sleeved cotton shirts, that will help you stay cool

  • Avoid layering yourself with clothes

  • Keep splashing cold water on your face regularly

Light Up:

Your eyes have been tuned in such a way that they want to rest when it is dark, but stay open when its light.

Use the knowledge in your favor today. Keep your surroundings well lighten. Work in a place that has more lights, and thus fool your body.

Strategy at work:

Have strategy at work

Today, you will have to change few things in your working techniques.

  • Rather than being a leader, be more submissive today to cope up at work

  • Avoid stressing yourself with excessive thinking

  • Break the monotony at work, try and find new things to do or do things differently

  • Take short breaks in between your tasks. Video games on your smart phones are a good escape route.

  • If you can, and your working environment allows, try and do your tasks standing.

  • Move around your workplace and keep your body alert.

Back to Routine:

When you are back home, wind up your day a little early and sleep. You need to make up for the lost hours.

Going for many days like this will put negative effect on your body and thus, there will be a deterioration in health. Wear loose clothes, lie down comfortably, close your eyes and rest your eyes and body.

Sleep is very important for our body, and should not be taken lightly.

To work effectively and stay in good health, never compromise on your sleep. But if required, follow the above steps to survive a day in the office more energetically than possible. Some of the tips can be adopted for a regular day in the office too.