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How to Choose the Best and the Right Job Offer for you?


It is not everyone who gets to pick and choose the best job from the many offers.

So, if you are in a dilemma as to which is the offer you should choose, then sit back and smile. It means you are in demand and that your talent and capability is needed.

Now let us look for a solution to your predicament. So, you have job offers from three different companies and you do not know which to choose because all the three offers seem promising.

The best way to choose best job offer is to list your priorities first and decide what is that you are seeking, great salary, the reputation of the company or the people you are going to work with.

Depending on what factor you consider as the topmost priority in a job, go ahead and say yes to the one that satisfies your criteria.
How to choose the best job offer

Just to make things a little easier for you, here are some points that can help you to select the best among the many job offers:

Tips to Choose the Right Job Offer:

1. Read more about the company:

You must have already done your research about the company before you attended the interview. Read more about the company.

Nowadays most of the firms have their own websites which have detailed information about their past, present and future.

Look for the different aspects of the company and if you have any specific questions about the company, do try to find them.

2. Check out the office environment:

You must have made your opinion on the office the first time itself when you went there for the interview.

How were the people there?

Was there enough discipline and did you feel the people there worked passionately and enthusiastically?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself working in that office. If you like what you are visualizing, then perhaps that’s the job for you.

3. Compare the perks and salaries:

Companies do work differently when it comes to the pay packet and other perks.

Study the offer letter carefully and see what perks and benefits are each company offering.

Look at any additional benefits they might be giving. Such a comparison is helpful in selecting the best job offer.

4. Do a comparison:

compare between jobs

Write it down. Make a comparative study of each job by writing down the common points that you want to compare and note down what each company has to offer.

This will help you in elimination and thus zero down the best offer.

5. Your growth prospects in the company:

More than salary and perks, it is the growth prospects that you will have, that you should consider as the topmost priority.

What is the use of a great salary if you are going to stay where you are in another five years in your office?

You should in fact, put this question during the interview itself and ask about the career development plans of the company and how they have been faring in this regard so far.

Any company that helps its employees grow in terms of different spheres such as salary, knowledge, capabilities and personality, is worth working for.

6. The work-life balance:

The most important aspect of a company is the work-life balance it offers.

A job that is stressful and does not allow you to devote time to your family and loved ones is not worth taking up even if it is paying you a high salary.

You might want to take up such a job because of the salary factor but over a period of time, you will feel so stressed out that you might not even want to continue.

So, give priority to the work-life balance a company provides because you should work to live but not live to work.Read more on work-life balance here

7. The immediate boss:

Though there might be more than one boss in a company, it is your immediate boss, the person you will be reporting to, who is the most important for you.

He is going to guide you, help you grow and put the right representation of yours in front of higher authorities.

He should be knowledgeable, efficient, sensible, cooperative and also polite. He should be someone whom you can look up to and get to learn from.

Know more about the person and though you would not be able to tell if he matches all the qualities mentioned above, you will at least get to know the qualifications, expertise and experience of the person.

8. The security the company offers:

job security

If you are a fresher or an experienced one, you should check out the financial credentials of the company, so that you know that it will offer you job security.

Even if it is a start-up, check out what it is worth now and how is it doing. Getting a pink slip from a company is the last thing anyone would need.

9. The job profile:

Of course, the job profile indicated might be the one that you are interested in or what you were seeking.

But at the same time, check out the listings in detail and see if you will be required to take up something that you are not keen to or not given certain responsibilities that you wanted to take up.

In either cases, if this is the job you need, then you can speak to the employers and see if they can redraw the job profile as your wish. Most companies will readily do so or at least make some adjustments.

10. The location of the company:

Though this factor is least important for many, do check it out.

Is it a place that you will love travelling every day?

This factor can help you at least in elimination while deciding on which job offer to accept.

11. Hours of commuting required:

travelling time

Though some would dismiss this factor as a non-happening one, in the long run this might be of lots of importance.

If you are going to spend two or more hours travelling to and fro, then calculate the amount of time you will be wasting thus on an average every year.

Add to it, the stressful commute, the traffic conditions and so on. If you will be using your own vehicle, then add the fuel costs, parking fees and so on.

Thus, this factor is definitely an important factor while choosing the best job offer.