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Is it Bad to Quit a Job after 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 Months?


Job hopping too frequently is really bad and not advisable. This is because when you shift one job from another, you hardly get to know about the company also you are not able to stabilize your life.

No stability in life leads to tensions and future worry. But, some experts say that it is fine to switch a job after a few months say 4,5,6,7 or 8 months. This is because of many reasons:

is it bad to quit a job

24 Reasons for Quitting Job after 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 Months:

1. It refreshes one’s mind:

When you work in one environment, you ought to get bored, which affects the quality of the work directly. When you do not find the workplace good enough to work, that reflects in your work which is not a positive sign of working in a professional environment.

2. It brings satisfaction in life:

You might have some other goals in life, and the company you are working with might not be satisfied in terms of achieving your long term goals. So, if you feel like no more working in such an environment, then there is no wrong with switching the job in less than a year.

3. Sometimes the work culture is not as per the expectations:

You might have expected a friendly atmosphere and an altogether different atmosphere. If you feel like not getting the same, then why stay at a place which is not satisfying you as per you expected. Also, if the work culture of the company is not good, no one would like to stay for much longer.

Sometimes, man needs to be very personalized because the personal satisfaction is greater than anything else. So if the company satisfies you personally, then no need to hop from one job to another.

4. It gives a sense of freedom:

When you move from one job to another, you feel free for some moment rather than days. This is because, it is otherwise not so easy to hop from one job to another, but if you are doing, it will make you feel happy and free which is a good sign for both the company and you.

5. To accomplish your desired goals:

Every company has its own rules and regulations. They have their norms and policies. So, it is obvious that you will have to follow every norm and move along with the principles assigned to every employee by the company. But at a certain point, such norms also hinder one’s growth.

You might not be able to do what you wish to do until you are in the same company. But, certainly, you will be able to achieve your desired goals if any other company offering different schemes help attain your aims of life. So, in this case, it is fine to leave the job. As every company gets thousands of applicants and if one is gone, nothing would change much.

6. Another company offering you a better deal:

Leaving the former company should never affect your application status because even if someone asks you the reason for leaving the previous job in such a short period, just answer that you offered a good position and status with the other company.

So, you chose to shift the job within no time. These reasons are valid and concrete enough to prove right without leaving you embarrassed in life. If you know you deserve more than the company is giving you then, it is better to shift from one place to another.

7. You are not being respected as a colleague:

If you feel like not being respected by the office employees or colleagues, then it is advisable to shift your job. Move to the place where you feel respected by others no matter what position you are.

You ought to be respected by others even if you are a clerical position in the company. If you are not receiving the same then say goodbye to that job.

8. Your old boss has left the company:

Your old boss has left the company and you don’t feel a good connection with the new boss. The scenario is not the same and the dynamics in any company changes.

It can also mean that the people whom with you were working, might not see eye to eye with you while you are in the company. So, in such a situation, it is better to leave and join the other job.

9. You worked for getting promotion but did not get that:

You have to work for the promotion as you told during the interview but you did not come across the same. Being at the job and not getting the promotion feels like wasting the energy as well as experience.

Some companies tell you initially only that you will give promotion if the work is good and satisfying. But if you feel like you did not get one even after delivering the right work, you should leave the place with full respect.

10. You are underpaid and underutilized:

You know you have great potential but you are being paid less and also your potential is being underutilized. And, you must search for another better job so that you can put the efforts as per your potential and capability.

If you are ready to give your best then others should also provide you with equal opportunities and if others are not giving you a similar platform, then quit it and move ahead for better opportunities.

11. You want to work as a freelancer and they want a full-time employee:

Being a freelancer or part time worker is different from the full-time worker. The freelancers usually hired for fewer durations. But this is not in the case of full time workers. If you want to work as a freelancer and there is no vacancy for that, you must leave it and move ahead.

12. You are finding difficulty in commuting:

You may leave the former job if you find the workplace too far from your home. Search for the new job and leave behind the previous job.

When some work is not doing any good to you, then there is no point lingering on that thing. It is better not to waste the time, instead move on towards the next task for better results.

13. Change is the law of nature:

Everyone needs a change in life to make oneself feel alive and more energetic. The same thing, again and again, makes the atmosphere boring and quite monotonous. So, you must change if you find the work environment and also the work boring and not up to your level.

14. It takes time to adjust in one place:

To know the place and to adjust to, one at least needs a few months. So, the few months would include a period of 4, 5, 6, 7, or even 8 months. During this period, you can know what kind of environment is the company working in.

Also, what type of culture the company possesses, the ambiance and so on. If after a few months, you do not feel comfortable, it is better to shift from one company to another.

15. You have some personal issues:

Apart from professional life, there is also a personal life which is more precious than professional life. One should give priority to personal life because in personal life the little conflicts may affect professional life also.

So, if there are any of the personal issues, then also you may leave the organization within a few months of joining the job. You will not be answerable to anyone for the shifting of the job.

16. You are fired:

If you fire due to any reason, be calm because many people face difficulties and downfalls. Not everyone is perfect either. So, even if you fire, trust me you are not alone.

Many and some of the best and the most influential people have been fired and it’s fine. You can leave the job and join another but only with the promise that you won’t repeat a similar mistake.

17. Health issues are bothering you the most:

Sometimes the edibles and the water of someplace is not suitable. It affects the health of the person and ultimately affects the quality of the work. So, to avoid this it is better to switch the job from one to another.

18. There are a lot of changes:

Sometimes employees mentioned that they left the job in less than a year because the company has undergone some changes.

The employee was moved to a different department, the boss was forced out, some roles were sourced out, some departments are torn down, and all these aspects made the employee go through a difficult period. And hence had to quit the job in less than a year.

19. You hate the job:

Apart from other reasons, the actual reason to quit a job in a year is that the employee has understood that he hates the job. When an employee has found out that he does not like the job and is not being able to provide his 100%, then its time to quit the job.

20. Enhance the learning curve:

It is believed that when an employee stays in a job for a longer period then he might have a negative learning curve and the real fact is that they do not feel fresh and stimulated. When the employee presents impatience in meaningful work then it may lead to quitting.

21. Organization learns:

When an employee quits a job quite early, the organization will take a detailed look into and analyze the reason for the employee to quit so early. They will look out for the reasons and amend it promptly.

When you stay back where you hate something in your job, the organization will not be benefitted. Hence when you quit the organization learns and rectifies the mistake.

22. Early job quitting is good:

High performing employees in some organizations have been hopping jobs often. This is because there is no particular reason that you have to stay back in a job that doesn’t benefit you nor teach you.

It is the employee’s choice to decide whether the job is appropriate or not. Employees who have self-respect know when to quit a job. High performers are the ones who leave their job early and succeed.

23. You wanted to be creative and innovative:

You are an enthusiastic employee and full of energy to work in an organization. But your expectations failed in your job, there was no scope for your passion, you did not find the real work you expected and hence you quit your job.

You wanted a job where you could show your talent, innovation, and enthusiasm each day. You hence found a job that fulfills the category.

24. Stressful:

Few jobs are stressful, when you think that your job affects your mental and physical health condition, then employee decides to quit. The stress in the job can affect the relationship with your family members as well as spouse. Hence a stressful job isn’t worth the toll and hence employees decide to quit.

So, above are some of the points based on which one can leave the job in less than a year. For whatever reason are you leaving the job, make sure you inform the head of the office because many times, the companies get a contract from the employee sign which says that the employee will not be able to leave the job before the stipulated time. So, to prevent yourself from any legal dangers, better to inform and work as per the norms of the company.



  1. I’m definitely an advocate of leaving a job early if nothing at the job makes happy. If you’re unhappy, chances are you might also be more susceptible to doing sub-par work. Rather than linger and contribute negatively to the culture. It might be better for you and the company if you look for a job that fits better.

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