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How to Find or Get a Paid Internship Abroad: Complete Guide


What is an Internship?

An internship is referred as a job training which a skilled worker or desk worker undergoes.

Do you feel like, you are wasting your summer holidays?

Just go ahead with the internships by prolonging your semester abroad or just work for few months in abroad. Due to this, your resume plays a major role to tackle the problem that you may face in the division of labor by facing the people who exists between different countries. Let’s discuss how to find a paid internship abroad.

find paid internship abroad

Find a Paid Internship Abroad and Reasons to Pursue:

People’s mindset makes them stay back even if they have opportunities to pursue abroad internships. There are many international schools for the outgoing students to assist them to experience academic internships abroad or join one of the internship provided by the Universities. These are few reasons for which one should make up their mind:

Increases self-determination:

Confidence is something that you have to work out like a muscle. One should try to travel and explore the world, even out of his/her comfort zone. For the first time to travel abroad we will be scared, excited. Even though, it may resemble walking with barefoot on fire which is an ultimate test of one’s courage and strength. Study abroad internship is an opportunity to meet people that simply cannot be matched.

Enhance knowledge:

Studying abroad changes most of the people’s career hope in various ways. When we study the science behind each and every element in Universe, one can make smart decisions and actions accordingly. As, International Students and with variety of backgrounds, people would contact based on young professionals skills. This would make us very grateful to be in touch with someone in olden days.

Learn a new language and a new culture:

Learning a new language makes the person look extraordinary because people who learn a new language are the people who are more knowledgeable and who will know the in and out of life.

  • When we are surrounded by variety of people, we can permit ourselves by travelling more and will know the world better.
  • When we speak of our travel to distant nations we enclose ourselves, which will make the people to admire us and make new relationships.
  • Knowing a different language will not only make you extraordinary but also takes your life to a greater extent.
  • We will come to know by learning something new, how much does our brain exercise, about one’s mental ability, memorizing power and association as well.
  • It will cherish us once if we completely experience putting the words and verbs together.

Thus, one will benefit by learning a new language and a new culture sooner or later.

Types of Internships:

  • Art/Fine Arts
  • Business Admin, Management
  • Communications
  • Development
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Human Rights
  • Humanities
  • International Relations
  • Journalism
  • Liberal Arts
  • Marketing, Ad, PR
  • Media (Radio, TV, & Film)
  • Political Science/Politics
  • Psychology
  • Public Admin, Public Pol, Govt
  • Social Sciences
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Sustainable Development

Countries that Provide Internships:

Few countries that provide internships are:

  • England
  • Argentina
  • China
  • Poland
  • India
  • Australia
  • Chile
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia

How to Budget For Your Internship?

A budget is a financial plan that sets out, using figures, an organization’s expected future results. For planning purposes, organizations can use many different types of budgets. It is usually considered to be a shared understanding about the objectives for the future. Best way to handle budget is to set out a plan that involves target figures for defined periods of time.

Fees per Internship:

Usually, it depends upon the number of incoming and outgoing students of the School or University. For a professional, support of money is rendered by the organization and their ability to maintain staves that sets up their internship. For example: Country US provides internship for the interns in Cost in US$: 8,500 (semester) or 3,500 (summer)


It is not so easy for an individual to earn his/her accommodation in an unknown country. Since, the education systems in the foreign countries are bit expensive as the UK University degrees are recognized all over the world. These organizations offer wide range of courses without any limits. Even though it’s a difficult task to find the accommodation one can opt for the flats that the FLATCLUB offers. Here are few steps which an intern should calculate based on his/her budget:

  • One should be knowledgeable about how far he/she is located from the office or the organization.
  • They should be aware of the amenities.
  • One should have a regular check about the dryer and washing machine.
  • They should check with the organization whether they will provide any accommodation.
  • They should keep track of the other young professionals (i.e.) about their accommodation, amenities, distance to relax etc.

Collecting reviews from various interns:

Every intern should be aware of the pros and cons of the organization in which they want to undergo the internship. Due to certain circumstances, there are possibilities that one could change based on the training (i.e.) the positive experience that would help the interns to gain confidence, work along with the fellow men, orphanage. These volunteering jobs will help the interns to make a pleasant atmosphere as they feel at home.

An importance of Internship:

An intern is considered to be a remarkable person in the corporate world. This would help us to discover a new country in which one will physically and culturally be hosted. Working as an intern gains more credits and helps us to make our resume remarkable. It enables us to enhance the soft skills and develop those skills in a global perspective.

Statistics about the Internship:


The total numbers of interns were expected to be decreased to 3.4, whereas one-third of the established companies hired interns in 2014. Thus, the interns expected an increase of 10%. Interns are expected to prefer “high touch” business methods of recruiting. This depends upon on-campus hiring.

School selection:

Recruiting interns and co-op students is based on Academic majors, student’s perceiving quality about the country and the internship. It mainly depends on Employer’s experience in the past recruitment.

Pros and Cons of International Internships:


Improvement in expertise:

Internships abroad or foreign internships will help one to improve their skills which make one to produce a remarkable career opportunity. It increases the marketability and let him/her to show off in the corporate world

Learning a new language:

The fluency in the language makes you confident to proceed further in your career. One should perform mental exercises that would help them to learn a new language. Moreover, English is considered to be global language and this internship will provide a best opportunity to become an expertise in it.


As an employee one can feel the motivational spirit which leads to handle various projects and to gain quick experience. The other established companies will welcome one in the fact that they have recruited a young and a talented employee, who may take the organization to a big leap. This will help a person to go further with guts and demands on their CTC.

Determination towards work:

When one becomes strong in his/her corporate skills, he/she can build determination towards work. Mostly, for students it will be good hook up with a placement agency to be aware of certain policies of their recruitment. During the recruitment drive the interns may become an outstanding applicant of the entire pool.

Discover new ideas:

Pursuing internship abroad will help the professionals or the students to practice new methodologies which they have learnt during their internship. It is obvious that young minds are always nurturing. This will make the interns to be under the comfort zone.



Money plays a vital role for the paid internships, which will make them feel stressed and frustrated. If a person is from an educational background and even wealthy he should find out a proper internship before leaping into it. For others, they should either sell property or asset from their savings. Before investing they should be aware of whether the investment is worthy.

Relocation issues:

One may not be comfortable or finds the motivational hurdle. Being at home one may feel exhausted about the internship abroad, which will make them to remain in shock. Sometimes, it will take many days for few of them to get accommodated to a certain place.


If a person is preparing to go abroad for pursuing internship he/she must keep track of the checklist that will make them an eligible candidate and even within the given deadline they should be motivated about their intention to go abroad.


Commitment towards work and internship program plays a major role, which may fetch a reputed job in an established organization in the future. Even though they feel lonely, they should try to self motivate i.e. divert their mind to which they can learn something good for their career development.


An intern should think twice or thrice before putting himself into certain things such as visas, while searching for accommodation. He/she should be conscious about the reason that made them come abroad. They should develop the skills which will make them take decisions in smart and correct manner. Interns should regret the things that they don’t do usually

Final word about internship abroad:

Majority of the graduates and professionals explains pursuing internship abroad is their best year in degree course. It makes a person to grow up a lot propounded to be manageable. It gives an opportunity to mingle with different variety of people and to learn from their experience. Moreover, the recruiters will be fascinated to hire an outstanding applicant. They can even write their travel experience and can become a role model for others.