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How to Change from One Job to Another: 16 Best Tips


Being able to find a satisfying and fulfilling job in this day and age is quite a challenging task. There are many people who have to run from pillar to post just to obtain an interview. If you are someone who has bagged another job and are wondering how to change jobs, without much trouble at all, then you ought to read on. If you are unable to make the transition well, then you might end up messing up your professional reputation. So no matter what you decide to do, always stand by what you believe in and follow your heart.

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How to Change Jobs:

1. Think carefully about what you want to do

Prior to taking any serious step, it is advisable that you carefully chalk out a clear plan of action which will help you along the way. Once you have planned out how you are going to go about the change, then you will be able to move ahead without looking back and with a great deal of confidence. To survive in the corporate world you have to be someone who is capable of thinking clearly. If you do not have your head on your shoulders at all points in time then sooner or later you are going to land yourself in a great deal of trouble.

2. Do not take any rash decisions

You ought to make the change as smoothly as possible. Just remember that you are neither the first person who is making such a change nor the last person. So there is no point in working yourself up too much about it. You ought to move ahead only after carefully analyzing the pros and cons of job hopping. If you take any kind of rash decisions then that is going to cost you heavily in the time to come. Rather than taking rash decisions it is advisable that you take informed decisions which will help you to further your career and make you successful in life.

3. Consult your friends and family members

Rather than trying to take everything on yourself you should consult your family members and friends and ask them for some helpful tips and suggestions. These are people who know you well and will always want the best for you in every situation; therefore you ought to take into account what they say. They will be the ones who will be there for you morally and emotionally during this changing. Changing jobs does take a toll on one. Some find it tough to deal with so much change all at once. So don’t shy away from falling back on your relatives for some help and positive reinforcement.

4. Do not make any sudden changes

Change is something which all of us might not be comfortable with. So just because you are comfortable with sudden changes, that does not imply that your boss is also as laid back as you are. In such a situation it is suggested that you advance with caution so that you do not end up making him angry or cross with you. So make the change over a period of time so that nothing comes to your boss as a sudden blow. Doing things rationally and slowly will quietly communicate to your old boss that you still care about the company and that you took your responsibility rather seriously.

5. Do not be dishonest and hide facts no matter what

If you have made up your mind to change jobs then that is a decision which you are allowed to make. When taking decisions pertaining to your career, you should heed the advice given to you by everyone, but at the end of the day you ought to do what you think is right. If you pay too much attention to what others are saying you might hit a dead end and end up with a number of regrets. So if you have procured a job elsewhere, there is no harm in this, simply be honest about what steps you are taking so that no one will think of you as someone who is dishonest.

6. Leave on a very cordial and polite note

When making the change from one job to another, you have to none the less adhere to all the standards of decorum. Just because you have handed in your resignation to a particular company, that does not mean that you can act in any way you want to and go around bad mouthing your co workers and the company bosses. If you do something like this, not only will it show that you are someone who has no manners, but it will also show that you have no sense of respect. Leave the company on a good note, you can never tell; you might even need to come back one day.

7. Giving notice is very important indeed

If you have managed to get a job in another company and the opportunity over there is very good indeed, then you should not let such a golden change slip through your fingers. In such a situation there is one of two ways of doing things. Firstly you can go about things in the correct manner by handing in at least a months’ time notice, or secondly you could be haphazard and not even give the company proper notice about when you are planning to leave. If you leave the company suddenly you will show yourself as someone who is very unprofessional and has no concern for others.

8. Help the person who has been newly appointed as a replacement

To show your old company that you are someone who is highly loyal, honorable and responsible you can always decide to stay back a few extra days and help the person who has been newly appointed to take your place. Do something like this and you will become a person who is highly regarded by your co-workers. This will help make the change from one job to another rather easy. In addition to this, you will leave with a sense of joy and satisfaction that you haven’t left your ex-company in a lurch. Finding good employees is indeed hard these days but you should none the less strive to be one of those precious few.

9. Talk to your immediate senior in the work place

If you are someone who has never changed jobs before then in such a situation you should think about seeking advice from your immediate senior at work who can help you along the way and enlighten you about how things are done in this particular office. Rather than making any mistake try your best to stay in touch with him at all points in time so that he knows that you want to do things right. In addition to this he will also inform you about how to hand in your resignation. Once you have completed all the formalities then you can move on without having any doubts in mind.

10. Keep a track of all the things which you ought to remember

At such a time when you are making a change from one job to the next it is advisable that you keep a small notebook or diary. In this notebook you should mention all the things which you need to take care of in your old company before leaving as well as all the doubts you have in your mind pertaining to your new job. A notebook is good as you can jot down anything as it pops into your mind and check it off the list once the job has been properly taken care of. This will help you to make the change with minimum problems and issues.

11. Do not get confused at any point in time

Changing from one job to another is not going to be easy, but this being stated you should try and keep your mind as cool and calm as possible. If your mind is preoccupied with too many things then your concentration will be rather low. Ensure that you are not confused at any point in time. If you have any questions which are plaguing your mind then you should ask either of the two companies. If there are any clashes in dates or any timing issues ensure that you deal with it as soon as possible so that you do not end up missing out on anything.

12. Do not drag out the transition for too long

When making the change from one job to another, many people make the mistake of dragging out the transition phase for way too long. Wanting to show your loyalty to your old company is a good thing but not at the risk of it running your reputation at the new company. So try and make the transition as soon as possible so that you can look ahead and concentrate on your future rather than on your past. The new company might think that you are drawing out the transition for so long because you are unsure of what it is that you really want.

13. Tell both parties to be a little patient

Rather than having big issues it is advisable that you tell both the companies from well in advance to be a little patient with you. Do not make any tall promises to either company as that is going to land you in a soup. Once you have told them in advance to take things slow with you, then they are going to cut you a bit of slack and help you to ease into your new job and get yourself out off the old way of functioning.

14. Pay more attention to your new job at hand

Rather than continuing to be a pawn in the hands of your own boss pay more attention to the wishes of your new boss as that is the need of the hour. Concentrate on this job more as your future is based on how you are able to perform in this new company.

15. Talk to someone who has been through the same thing

If you feel that your friends and family do not understand what you are going through properly, then consider talking to someone in your old company who has been in your shoes and attempted to make the change from one job to the next. Listen to what he says, but put into action only what you feel is right. At all points in time do things your own way and make your own rules so that later on in life you will know that you tried your hardest to make yourself climb that ladder of success.

16. Do not feel guilt about your decision

Finally it is important that you know that your life is in your hands. In the business world everyone is looking to advance themselves. If you do not look into your own welfare then no one is going to make sure that you are okay. At no point in time should you feel even a little guilty about your decision as that is going to do nothing but mess with your head. In the business world, there are no real friends, so just go with your own instincts and have your own best interests at heart at all time.

So these are some of the easy things which you ought to keep in mind when making the change. As it is often said, the only thing constant in life is change, so be prepared to take tough decisions because these struggles do pay off in the long run. Hard work does yield rich dividends in the future. So if you want to make it big in the professional front, then you must be willing to make some sacrifices. You should constantly think of ways to better yourself so that people instantly take notice of you as well as appreciate all your positive points.