Finding a new job is quite hectic and frustrating thing, this is because you never know if you will get a job equivalent to the previous one or lesser than that. If the new job is better than the previous one, it will land you on the cloud nine, but if not, then you may find a number of difficulties. The difficulty level in finding for a new job depends on various factors. The various methods to find a new job are as follows:

Different ways to find JobWays to Find a New Job in Today’s Horrible Economy:

The following mentioned are few job search tips on how to a find a new job in such tough competitive market.

1. Go Online:

Everything is happening online, right from recruiting, to selection and even the interviews. So for the job search too, make use of the internet. You will get a number of different options online to choose, in order to get a new job. Nowadays searching jobs online is a smart way and helps you get the job faster..

2. Ask your contacts:

You might have a number of people in your contact list, make use of those contacts for your vested interest. The time is right, your contacts can be the best source for you to help find a good job for yourself. This is because, your friends and family, if are working in any company, they may know about the vacancies at their own workplace. So, vacancies can help you out in getting a job.

3. Make use of Linkedin:

Linkedin is a professional networking powerful tool to connect to many number of professional people. There you get an option of search where you can search for the target market, the company, the position and also the kind of place you wish to work at.

For Example

if you want to work as a content writer, then you can go to the companies that require writers, or if you want to work in IT company then search for the same. Like this, you can search for the best job for yourself.

4. The referrals:

The referrals are the individuals you know and through referrals you may get an invitation to apply for the position you are actually wanting for a new job. The employers within the companies get extra incentives to get qualified candidates to the company and it becomes a win win situation for them. This is good for both, you get a new job while they receive a finder’s fee for bringing in the top notch employee or the candidate.

5. Various websites of the companies:

Every company now days are flaunting themselves on the internet by building their own website. You just need to visit their website and go through the required details, profile of the company. The websites are updated on the daily basis by the company and if there are any vacancies, those are also informed to the job seekers through the notifications on the website.

6. Social networking sites:

Social networking is one of the best ways in today’s era to get yourself a good job. The social networking platforms like the facebook has proved to the best partner in finding the perfect job for yourself.

There are various pages formed that are specifically for the job hiring purpose for candidates. The pages like media jobs daily, government jobs and so on are there. Follow those pages and you will get to know about the requirements in the companies.

7. Job recruitment agencies and the headhunters:

The headhunters are the companies or the individuals who search for the talent and locate the individuals who meet the specific requirements for the job. The head hunters are also known as the executive recruiters.

Apart from them, there are recruitment agencies also that provide the job opportunities. You just need to register yourself in those job agencies and you get the updates on a daily basis.

8. Placement agencies:

Get yourself register in the placement agencies and they will inform you from time to time about the job vacancies in the companies. You just need to tell them all the qualification details, skills, experience and the interest, you will get to know about the requirements and also the job interview timings if your resume got selected.

9. Go for internships:

If you want to do a job and you are a fresh pass out from the college, then it will be better to go for the internships at the companies you wish to work for as an employee. When you do an internship, you get to know the work culture of the company and also you get aware of the environment that helps you in adjusting yourself within less time. Not just this, you may even get an job offer for continuing with the company as an employee after the internship is over.

10. Upload your resume at the recruiting websites:

The sites like the,, are the best to let you know about the job requirements in the companies. You just need to upload your resume at these job websites and you get an email regarding the vacancies and the interviews with the specific companies.

11. Connect with the alumni:

Build up your network. We usually like to meet the people who have similar beliefs, values, field of experience, hobbies or have gone the same school that we have gone. Go and meet the alumni in your region and connect with them. It will help you build up your contacts along with broadening the horizon for yourself, which will be helpful in getting a good job ahead.

12. Attend the meetings, events:

Even if you are not the part of any company, then also if you are invited by any of your friend to attend his or her company’s event, go to the event instead of rejecting the proposal.

You never know, what is hidden good for you during that event. Even if nothing good like not getting a job happens there, at least, you will get to know more people, thus getting out of the similar horizon and by building the contacts only you will be able to know the market.

13. Be your own PR:

Public relations is the work done by the public relation officers, but this time you will have to be your own public practitioner. Find a new job for yourself is like selling yourself at the lowest of the prize, just for the sake of getting a kick start or the beginning. If you are meeting any of your friend or relative, talk to them about yourself, your skills so that they remember you whenever they get to know any of the vacancy in the companies.

14. Newspapers are the best source:

Though newspaper is one of the traditional mediums, yet it is the best if you have no access to the internet by any chance. Have a newspaper, there always is a column or different page for the jobs, both the government and the private ones.

You can go for the one which suits you the best. Other than this, there are also the classified ads in the English newspapers and from there also one can get a suitable match for the job. So, referring the traditional media at the time proved useful, so also go for them apart from the internet.

15. Giving the entrance exams:

For the government jobs, there are the exams that need to be clarified by the candidate. If not the government jobs, then for the private jobs also some of the companies organize proper entrance test and the one’s who clarify those tests are recruited.

So, preparing for the entrance is the best idea to get a good positioned job in a company. Giving the entrance exams helps in knowing one’s own potential and also one gets the top most position according to the results that one gets.

16. Utilize the job boards:

Many companies make use of the job boards to get the potential workers or the employees in the company. Make use of the job boards to showcase your skills by putting the resume there. While you put the resume there, make sure to give a very catchy and attractive headline so that your resume gets an eye of every recruiter and he or she happen to open the attachment.

Also make sure the resume you put is updated on the weekly basis as the resume which is not updated is not entertained by the job recruiters and your chances of getting ignored increases to a larger extent.

17. Tapping or poking your networks:

In this world, everybody knows somebody. You might have told a number of contacts to help you out in getting a job, but that is not enough as you need to tap the contact on a daily basis in order to give the reminder. So, poke or tap the source to get the job done.

So, above are the various ways to find a new job. The above ways are the new ones but one can also make use of the conventional ones as the conventional ways are also being updated with the new features, thus making them the even better.