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How to Use Social Media to Find Jobs: Best Tips


Social media is the emerging platform for the job seekers who are searching the job. This is the great opportunity for both the employer and employee to know about each other more personally before forming the professional bridge between them.

You can get connected to the various sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter with the former and current employees.

Nowadays, the job opportunists also go through your social media profile and try to know what you did in the social media and what you can do for their company.

The Majority of the people are eliminated because of poor communication skills or the discriminating languages used for any other race or gender. And the remaining for pretending something else on the social media sites.

There are various tactics where you can land on the perfect job using the social media sites. Now here we are going to discuss few tips for using social media to find jobs.

social media job search

The HR generally asks the questions that how much you use social media to search the jobs?

The Majority of them say that we use it for a longer time and minority of the people says that we don’t use it at all.

But, the fact is you can connect with the employees of the company and can know about the rounds, openings in the company for your desired position.

Using Social Media to Find Jobs:

Social media is the best communication channel to get connected with the recruiters and job seekers, which is the reason the recruiters are turning to the social media sites to get connected with the job seekers.

Social media has made the job process very easy. Here, I will show you how you can search for the job in the various social media networks and how you can land on the perfect job using the social media.

Basic Version:

  • Find the right person or the company for whom you are ready to work. If you don’t get the job you have desired, then it will become difficult for you to go to the higher position.
  • Always interact with them through the message boards or in the private message. Reply them humbly, and share your knowledge with them. You should be in the position to convince them and allow them to know everything about you.
  • Ask them for the direct help like posting your replies in the space where they like to read it or offer you direct job in the company.

Advanced version:

Create strong profile:

You must have the appealing profile of your past job history no more than 15 years. You can always make your job profile on the various social media channels except Linkedln.

Use this opportunity, and nail it with your performance. Also, don’t just put your job history all over, write about your strengths and the promises what you can do for the company in the future.

Build your network:

Always try to interact and connect with others. You can find the company groups and can interact with the employees of the company.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to find the company groups. Find the perfect and vibrating group, then introduce yourself, and then start interacting with them and help them to know about you.

Be engaged:

You must follow the company in the various social media networks, so that you can get automatically notified about the new hires or any products.

If you keep engaged yourself with the company, then you have the fair chance to get the job.

Behave like a resource:

If you will be like a conservative minded, then it will not take you anywhere. You should always try to build the social capital.

You must be in the position to answer the questions, and provide the links of the approaching content.

Don’t ask for the job directly:

You must not ask for the job, but should be in the position to help others and keep yourself behind the screen.

Always make connections with the right people, and let them know about your qualifications. Provide links in the content, tweet the articles which you like.

Search for the jobs in the right place:

You must know about the job portals, but millions of people have access to that job. Many of them will try for that job.

So try to find on the LinkedIn groups, Twitter feeds and the Facebook page for the jobs.

Have a plan:

You must have the perfect game plan in your mind while searching for the job in the social media channels.

Don’t just put all your time over there and do nonsense things to seek for the job. Give it some time and you may find the perfect job for you.

These are the steps where you can build your social capital through social media channels and seek for the perfect job. Now, I will show you how to get the job from the various social media networks.

How to Get a Job Through Facebook:

job_search_on_facebookHere are few steps to recruit employees through Facebook

  • You must log into the Facebook website through your email address and password and then create the professional profile for you. This is the foremost step, as the recruiters will see your profile first, then any information about you.
  • Modify or create the professional resume and have the professional tone. You must write about your professional hobbies and the interests not about the personal hobbies or interests. If you like app development, then write about that, rather writing about games or any sports. As, your profiles will be going to be visited by the job recruiters when you apply for the job.
  • Make a network with the professionalsYou must search for the business contacts through the email address and send them the friend request. In this way you can develop the connection with the professionals.
  • Always search for the business page or groups where you can keep yourself engaged in the conversations that are happening around their company. This is the best method to show your strengths and you can build the social capital. You can search for such groups or pages and then click on like or add to get connected with the group or page to get notified of the updates.
  • You can also make the Facebook page to show your skills and abilities. You can have the separate Facebook page where you can show them about your potentials.
  • Publish the status that you are looking for a new job, here you can post the status updates that you are looking for your desired job. This message will pass on to your Facebook friends and they can help you out to get the job or let you know about the openings in the company they are working in.

How to Find or Get the Job Using LinkedIn:


  • Firstly, you must have the LinkedIn Id for creating your professional profile on LinkedIn. Here, you have to give your email address and password to have the account in this social media network and then get started.
  • LinkedIn is the perfect place where you can connect with the employers and the recruiters. Here, you must have the professional profile and it should look like your resume. You must upload the professional photograph of yourself in order to get connected with the professionals.
  • You must complete the professional summary section, as it will help you out to find the perfect job. Have a professional tone while filling it. As, it will be reviewed first by the recruiters and the employers.
  • Always keep the updated contact settings on the LinkedIn profile page. As, they will be interested to know about your current job status that they have read in the LinkedIn profile, and they may contact you then to know about you more.
  • Your LinkedIn profile has to be kept in the viewable status as if your profile is set to private, then the employers who are connected with you directly, they will be unable to browse your profile and your professional backgrounds.
  • Connect with as many members you can on the LinkedIn. If you have the strongest network on the LinkedIn social media platform, then you have higher chances of getting hired. Search for more people by adding them, classmates, friends, acquaintances, or adding them directly.
  • Always try to seek the recommendations in your profile while searching for the job. As, it may turn the situation in your favor. Try to seek for the reference from the connections and put them into the contacts for the better job hire and opportunities.
  • Ask directly about the job openings to your connections on the LinkedIn social media platform. They will help you out to shift your resume directly to the company where the openings for the job are there.
  • Always consult with the LinkedIn connections those who have been promoted to higher positions. When they will update their positions then you will get the information about their position in the company. You can ask for recommendations for the same position or other relevant position available in the company.

How to Get the Job Using Google+:

job_search_on_google_plusAlways update your circle with the message that you are available or not for the job. This will help your circle to recommend you for the job openings and tell you about the openings in the company.

If you are posting about the job search, then you must have the strong circles. You can have friends in the circles who are working in the company.

You can have the relevant circle like the Tech circle or social media circle to get connected with the proper member in the circle.

Host a Hangout:

You must host the relevant hangout where you can have the video interactions with the people who are participating in your hangouts

Share your expertise:

If you are expert in any area, then highlight that area to other experts, which will help you to stand out of the box in front of them.

They might also recommend you for the job openings available in their company for that position.

Google+ is the strong platform, so always enter into the various communities and take part in the conversations. It will help you out to build stronger social capital.

How to Get a Job Using Twitter:


Always tweet like an Industry expert:

You must have the professional tone and confidence while tweeting at the Twitter. Twitter is the best platform to get engaged for job seeking. You can find many professionals and can get connected with them.

Use hashtags:

You must be in the dilemma that how to find the communities in your area. Then you can use the relevant hashtags to search for the perfect communities and groups for yourself. Here, you can use the hashtags for your business niche or the industry niche.

Always try to connect with the recruiters and the former employees. Speak with them and ask them for the job openings in their company. Here, you can know about the interview process and about the company more.

Have the relevant network:

You must be connected with the surrounding network who is expert in the niche. If you go out of the box and get connected with the people who don’t have the same interests, then it will bring the disaster for you.

Have a campaign:

You must start the “Hire Me” campaign, where you will tell others that you are available for the job. You can use popular and relevant hashtags to send the details about the campaign to more people.

Build the strong relationship with the members and earn the trust that you will work for the betterment of the company.

There are other social media networks also where you can search for the relevant jobs too, like Live Journal, Tumblr, and Pinterest. But, these are the major social media networks where you can search for the job and then know about the job openings.


Social media is the most popular platform, where the recruiters spend their time to know more about their future employees. You must use this platform for your betterment. Don’t let it go against you.

If you are a nice human being, then you will not use abusive languages in the social media channels. Don’t go into the riots and involve yourself for no reason.

Have the complete professional profile and updated your contact, as your profile is the one which will be first visited by the recruiters. Use these channels to mold the job opportunity towards you not against you.