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How to Deal an Unfair Performance Review: 14 Tips


Having to deal with criticism is probably the worst feeling ever. Everyone faces negative comments or unfair performance review about themselves at some point in their lives but not everyone knows how to react accurately.

If you have been working in the IT sector or maybe a BPO company, you will have to face a negative review during some period or the other. And in case you are worried about how you can deal with them, then this post can surely help.

Today we will tell you in brief about negative performance reviews and how you can deal with them like a pro! So go ahead and continue with your read! You will be benefitted greatly.

handle unfair performance review

14 Best Tips to Deal With Unfair Performance Review:

1. Listen to what your boss has to say:

Always make it a point to listen to what your boss has to tell. When you hear less you make yourself less prone to feedback… that too honest feedback about yourself. Yes, we know that hearing negative comments can get hurtful but you have to listen to what your senior wants to let you know.

It could help you do better in the future and avoid these mistakes. If you correct your mistakes once, you won’t have to deal with negative performance reviews all the time. So, listen carefully and try to understand what your boss is trying to tell.

2. Be ready for criticism:

Some bosses who don’t like performances as much as employers like. No matter what, at the end of the day it is very difficult to come up with criticism that is constructive and that won’t upset others around or will not be ignored at all.

You should let your boss have all his ideas and thoughts completed. Show him how much you respect them and always prepare yourself for criticism. Be a little thick-skinned. It always helps.

3. Ask questions so that you can understand better:

Just so that you can understand better and not repeat the same mistake in the future, you should ask questions for further clarification. There is a lot that you can learn from your boss by asking those questions.

You should ask where exactly you have gone wrong and how you can improve yourself. See his body language and how he is speaking to you. You can learn a lot through that. Also, the company culture is something that matters in cases like these.

4. Don’t show your emotional side:

Everyone is emotional but you don’t have to go around showing it. There is no need to show someone your emotional side. Just stay respectful and show that you agree with what has been said and that you will try to improve yourself.

Please don’t cry or show that you upset. That is not mature behavior, especially in front of a group of people. They will have a bad impression at you if you didn’t know. Being emotional and sad is the worst thing that you can do so suggest you control yourself better.

5. Do not leave your job immediately:

The last thing you should ever do is jumping to a random conclusion or simply leaving your job right away. You should never make that mistake. Don’t do something that you might have to regret in the future.

It is, of course, a great idea to change your career if you don’t want to do this immediately. You can work things out if you just give yourself some time and be alone. See where you have gone wrong and what works out best for you.

6. Ask for an explanation from your boss:

Always ask your boss to explain every criticism. You should not ever become defensive. An example used to illustrate this. Your boss telling you that your projects delivered very late along with the dates as well as time.

If you have been criticized for some of your interpersonal skills, you may ask for some examples in some cases as well. You should also give your boss the opportunity or the chance. Another thing you must do is remember that everyone can make these mistakes and that things can change.

7. Try to be less sensitive at work!:

Another thing you must always be is less sensitive. If you think you are often crying or becoming too sensitive, then you should work on becoming less sensitive.

In any work environment, you will have to deal with negative feedback but that does not mean you have to be very sensitive and feel bad about. It is natural but you can get about it.

8. See if there is some truth in what is being told:

In case of the feedback prepared by your boss or one of your colleagues who think you have not done well enough, then you have to see if there is some sort of reality in what you are saying.

Though you have likely heard some very simple comments below, you have to see if what they are saying is true or not. You should see what works better!

9. See what you can do to address such a problem:

Now that you know what is wrong with you or where you have gone wrong, you have to write it down on a piece of paper and look for ways in which you can address the manner.

This could take some time but of course, it is not too late to start. You can later come up with some plans and other ways in which you can adjust all your actions as well as expectations.

If your boss is right then you should do some more research on the matter. After that, you have to read up a bit more so that you can do better next time. If you want, you may also organize your desk and check all your spreadsheets. In that way, you will have more control overwork.

10. Know that your boss also has the right to speak:

You should also remember that your boss has an opinion and he also has the right to speak.

So open yourself to be a little open-minded. Negative feedback doesn’t have to be a bad thing always. So let your boss speak and tell you what they have in mind. You never know what might happen!

11. Be a little confident:

One of the most important things you should ever do is maintain your confidence. No matter what people are telling you, always remember to be strong, remember the sort of person you are and do not allow someone else to influence your value.

Confidence in no way means that you are flawless but it sure does mean that you enjoy the way you appear. If you are real and confident, then there is no way that you will allow haters to make you feel bad.

In case you are not happy with yourself, you should ask what the matter is and then make a note of a few things.

12. Acceptance matters!

Acceptance is the key to many things. You should always accept that you can never change some things about yourself. Being with those who let you feel good and allow you to enjoy yourself will help you go a very long way and help you feel more confident.

If you are with those who make you feel bad then you are not doing anything good for yourself. Neither are you making yourself feel any better. So quit the attitude and embrace yourself.

If you think your boss is being unfair to you, here are some of the things you should be doing

13. You should start at the end of the month:

You should always have a good solution to the problem before you start something new. Would you like some proper aspect of a document that writes about the performance? Or do you want to do it in another way? Know what you want!

14. See what are those things that you don’t agree with:

There are so many organizations as well as performance systems that do not come with some rating overall from beforehand. They also add subheadings alongside.

Other managers are way too blunt in comments that are written. It may also offend some of the employees.


This brings the post to an end. To deal with negative performance reviews, you have to simply follow these tips. You will surely reap great results! And in case you have liked this post and have some feedback to give in the future, please feel free to drop a comment in the box below.

We would love to hear from you. On that note, good luck and here’s hoping you always get good performance reviews.