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When to Say ‘No’ to a Good Job Opportunity?


Nowadays getting a good job opportunity is not an easy task at all. We live in an age of technology whereby with the simple click of a button we can get so much work done, that is one of the main reasons why in most companies, machines have taken the place of workers.

Many times people get confused when they ought to say no to a good job opportunity when it happens to come their way. Given here are some of the times when it is absolutely alright to say ‘no’ to a good job opportunity when it happens to come your way.

Good Job Opportunity

16 Good Reasons to Say No to a Good Job Opportunity:

1. When the salary is not very high:

Though many people say that money is not everything, nowadays nothing speaks louder than money. If you do not have a decent salary then it is unlikely that you will be able to live a decent life and maintain a family.

It is alright to say ‘no’ to a job offer when the salary is not good. Even if the job opportunity is good in general, there is no point taking up the job if you are discontent with the salary. If a company values you and your work enough it will be willing to pay you well. Never make the mistake of settling for a meager salary.

2. When the company offers you no perks at all:

Top companies, in addition to offering good salaries also make it a point to give their employees certain perks. When you approach a job offer, if you think that the perks offered to you are inadequate, then it is perfectly fine to turn down the company, even if the job opportunity was good.

Companies that care go out of their way to offer their employees perks so that they happy and satisfied. When employees feel like they are being ripped off then they are unable to concentrate on the job at hand.

3. When you know for a fact that the work environment of the company is not good:

Many employees in various companies say that they join a certain company, thinking that because of the good name of the office the work environment bound to good, yet on actually working there they find that things not up to the mark in any way.

The work environment in a company may bad in terms of the fact that the office very dirty and badly kept or secondly that there is a lot of negative competition between employees. When the work environment of a company is bad, it has a terrible impact on a worker’s mind.

4. When you know that the boss is very tiring:

Managers and bosses are people who ensure that things function smoothly in an office. Having a good boss is invaluable. A good boss is someone who leads by example and is always willing to help anyone who is facing any difficulty.

As opposed to that, a bad boss is someone who is very irresponsible and never appreciates the hard work which you put into your work. If you have heard from reliable sources that the boss in the company is very bad then it is alright to say ‘no’ to a good job opportunity.

5. When the place of work is very far from your house:

No matter how good the job opportunity is, there is no point in taking up a job if you are aware of how far away the workplace is from your home. Traveling for hours is simply not worth it, for two reasons.

First is that you could spend your time in a more productive way rather than in some form of transportation and secondly is that, the longer the journey, the more expensive it is going to be. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to say ‘no’. Taking up a job, at an office, which is located close to your house, has innumerable benefits.

6. When you are positive that something better will come along:

Most often people say ‘no’ to a good job opportunity, when they are certain that something better is going to come along for them. There is simply no point to take up a job for a week or two if you are certain that another better company is likely to come along. This having been said, do not have false hopes or be overconfident in any way.

In the business world, anything is possible and one can never really say anything with a great amount of certainty. After all, there is some truth in the common saying that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

7. When the opportunity is good but involves too much risk:

In the business world, taking risks is absolutely vital. If a person is unable to take risks then he or she will never be able to make it big in the corporate world. However, it is only those who are foolish that take risks blindly and never think carefully about decisions which they are taking.

It’s perfectly alright to say ‘no’ to a good job opportunity if you believe that the job involves risks. There is no point deliberately taking up a job which you know involves a lot of risk for you whether this risk is in physical terms or otherwise.

8. When the opportunity is good but the position being offered to you is a step down:

Many times, people confused about whether to take up a job opportunity or say no to it, especially when the pay is good, but the position offering to you is a step down from the position you have in your previous place of work.

Though each individual is free to act according to their wishes, yet it is better to say no to such a job offer even if the job opportunity is a good one. Suppose you have been a manager in your previous company, do not accept a job which offers you the position of the assistant manager as that is simply a step backward for you.

9. When you think that the company is likely to close down:

No matter how good the job opportunity is for you at the moment, there is no point in joining the company if you know for a fact that this is one of those companies which is likely to close down and disappear within a matter of a few months.

Even though everything which offers to you is rather satisfactory, it’s always better to not associate with such a company. Would you want an unsuccessful company to feature on your resume? No. So when you would never feature such a company on your resume, there is no point in joining it at all.

10. When ex-workers of the company tell you that the company is corrupt:

Corrupt companies usually involve a lot of illegal activities and they like to keep the employees quiet by giving them plenty of money. If you get a job offer from such a company and on the surface, it seems like it is a great opportunity, be sure to inquire from people who have worked there about how things are.

If the ex-employee tells you that the company is very corrupt and involved in several underhand activities, you should steer clear of such a company, rather than finding yourself in a legal mess in the future. Once your reputation has been tarnished it is very hard to clear your name.

11. When you think that the company will not help you improve as a worker:

There is no point in joining a company that is not going to offer much scope for you to improve as a worker. Even if it seems like a good job opportunity, it is better to say no to it especially if you know that taking up that job will not benefit you on a personal and intellectual level.

No matter how old you may be, there is always room for improvement and growth so ensure that you opt for those jobs which are such to help you to rise from strength to strength. Even if the position offer to you is higher, ensure that the work also allows you to broaden your horizons.

12. When the company is not technologically advanced:

As it has been mentioned in the very first line, we live in a world of technology. We find it extremely hard to function without the proper gadgets.

No matter how good the job opportunity is, it is alright to say no to the job offer, if you are aware of the fact that how the company runs is very obsolete and not up to date.

A good company is one which will constantly try to improve itself and be up to date with changes in science and technology.

13. When the company is famous for not giving employees any creative freedom:

It is alright to say no to a good job opportunity if you are someone who wants to have a great deal of creative freedom in your job and you are well aware of the fact that this company is one which constantly plays by the book and never lets its workers use their creativity and imagination.

Though some employees like working in such a structured manner others find it extremely unbearable. So if you know that you could not survive or be happy under such circumstances, it is always a better option to just say no.

14. When you think you need a break from work:

One of the times when it is perfectly acceptable to say no to a good job opportunity is when you believe that it is time that you take a break and go on vacation. Those people who constantly go from one job to the next without taking a break, pretty soon end up burnt out.

Rather than being like such a person, you take some time off and try to get to know yourself better. Once you have found yourself, you will notice how much the quality of work you deliver improves.

15. When you think that the job opportunity is good but not perfect for you:

There are ‘good’ jobs and then there are ‘perfect’ jobs. If you know that a job opportunity which comes your way is good but not perfect it is better that you just say ‘no’ to it.

Taking up any and every job and simply ‘settling’ is never a good idea. Even if it means unemployed for a while, wait for something worthwhile to come along.

16. When the work hours are too long or inflexible for you:

It is best to say no to a good job opportunity when you know from beforehand that the work hours of the company are very long or that the timings are too inflexible for you. To do well in your job, take up work where the timings perfectly suit to your needs.

These are some of the times when it is acceptable to say no to a good job opportunity. This having said before you go ahead and say no to any company you should think for a while and ponder over the pros and cons of your decision.

There is no point in regretting your decision later. Once companies have approached you and rejected, it’s unlikely that they will hire you at a future point in time. When making decisions related to your career, you can consult other individuals but ensure that you do not get too influenced by what they are telling you.