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How to Get More Work Done In a Day Quickly – 30 Best Tips


It is important that you do your work in an efficient matter and with a lot of precision, but that doesn’t mean you can take your own sweet time to accomplish the task.

In today’s busy life, it is important that you complete the work in hand quickly, so that you have time left for yourself.

Otherwise, mostly it happens that you end up spending the whole day at the office working on a particular project.

Work is important, but that is not our sole entity. We have several things in life, which are significant too.

In most cases, you must have noticed that when you try to complete any task swiftly, mistakes are bound to happen. But, that is mainly due to an unorganized way of finishing the job or just because of lack of concentration.

Without compromising on quality, you can easily double your speed and if you want to know the tricks, then just keep on reading.

How to get lots of work done

How to Get lots of Work done in a day Quickly:

Work is vital, so is leisure:

Yes, we all accept the fact that the work is imperative, but that doesn’t mean you will compromise on your personal space for that.

Being highly productive for a certain period of time will solve the issue of work/life balance too. Sometimes, within a short span of time you have to manage loads of work, otherwise you’re much awaited holiday will go for a toss.

Do you want that to happen? Never, is the answer.

So, what do you do? You turn on the super fast mode of yours, so that you can complete all your work before leaving.

If you don’t do that, then most probably, you will have to work on your vacation as well.

When everybody will be surfing on the waves, you will be surfing on the internet to get your job done and that definitely doesn’t make for a perfect holiday picture at all.

It is the time to hang out “Do Not Disturb” expression on your face, so that nobody bothers you, when you are concentrating hard on your work. So, there needs to be something really critical to put your state of mind in that situation where you would enjoy your work and also do it fast.

Getting into the mould:

You have to push hard to get yourself into doing things as fast as you can with perfection. It is kind of a habit, which will only happen when you practice or continue doing it for a while. Some find music , the key to get you in the mould of high performance.

But, here you have to remember that music can pep you up or slow you down, so you have to select the genre, which helps you in boosting your energy level high and enhance your performance as well.

When you are at your desk, you must listen to only those kinds of music which will indicate your brain to get ready for quick performance.

Actually, you will soon realize that your mind cuts down on the external noise and the music helps you in concentrating for better.

It will help you in digging deep into the work and even before you realize it; your work will be done in a jiffy mainly because your brain will instruct you to focus and you will witness your fingers moving on your own.

Tips to get things done quickly in short time:

Here are some tips that you can follow to get your things done swiftly and that too without any kind of error.

It is hard to achieve, but it is not an impossible task, if you work hard towards achieving it.

1. Time it out:

Be disciplined If you do not allocate any time slot for completing an errand, then you will see that you are taking loads of time in completing that.

But, on the contrary, if you fix the time, then the same chore will be finished within a specific period of time.

Therefore, when you need to do your job quickly, the best thing is to fix a time for that. You will see for yourself how you speed up automatically!

2. Prioritize your work:

It is not possible for you to complete all your jobs in one day; it is unrealistic to think that way.

Therefore, you must aim at completing some of the most important things of the day first. You can chalk out the things that you need to accomplish, the night before, so that you can get a head start the next day.

Four or five important tasks accomplished in a day are quite a productive report card at the end of the day. So, highlight the tasks and get started with that.

3. Decide right away:

Another important thing is to decide what we need to do of a certain mail right away. Most of the time we let the email hang around in our inbox without any reason.

It will be better if we can just work on it promptly or take notes about what we have to do from the email and delete it. It will be better if you have your inbox emptied by the end of the day.

4. Assume you are leaving early:

When you assume that you will leave office early, you will automatically increase your speed, otherwise you won’t be able to leave for the day early.

Therefore, the key here is to start fast and don’t waste time chatting around.

5. Work from home:

Now almost all companies provides its employees with easy access to their work, from the comfort of their house.

So, you can make use of it and work in tranquil during the morning before you reach your office.

Select the jobs that requires you to concentrate hard and which is only possible at home. This way, there is no fear of getting distracted by the noise that is prevalent in the office, thus doing your work just fine.

6. Lesser time for trivial matters:

Do not waste hours over things which are not that important. Most of the time, you end up wasting a lot of time in accomplishing things that are not so crucial and leaving behind important things to do with no time in hand. Avoid these kinds of situations by managing your time well.

7. Cut short, the to –do list:

to do list It is critical that you do not have a long to – do list every day, else you might lose out on perfection.

Limit the number of chores and your efficiency as well, as your productivity will increase manifold.

8. The result is significant:

Smart workers are appreciated more than hard workers these days. Therefore, you have to look for ways which will make you a smart worker and help you do more work in less amount of time.

Therefore, if it is a big project, then break it down into small sections and see to it that they are completed within stipulated time frame.

This way you will be able to achieve success in handling bigger projects without feeling the burden at any level.

9. Today is notable:

You have to ensure that you know pretty well, which tasks need to be completed today itself.

Some can wait for a day and then there is something that needs immediate action, you have to figure out things properly in your head and separate your today’s list of work from the master list that you have created.

10. Getting started:

This is a hurdle that we all face when we get to work because most of us get confused on where to start from.

You can waste the whole day sitting on your chair thinking about things you need to complete, but if you do not know where to start from, then you will not be able to get started with anything.

Therefore, when you are at your desk, a cup of coffee can be the time when you decide which job is the perfect choice to start the day and once your coffee is over, you head straight towards it.

11. Stop wasting time:

stop wasting time Sometimes we do not realize when our 5 minute break has stretched to 15 minutes one.

Therefore, it is very important that when you are trying to be more productive, you cut down on these kinds of small breaks.

In order to limit your coffee breaks for 5 minutes only, what you can do is go out for having a cup of coffee all alone and without a phone. You will realize that a 5 minute break, actually took 5 minutes only.

12. Early to bed and early to rise:

This will help you keep your health going strong and will also help you get extra working hours in the morning when there is no one to disturb you.

13. Have time for the big project:

If you are working on a big project, then allocate enough time for it daily, rather than trying to accomplish it at a go.

14. Stop, when required:

This is as difficult as getting started. In most cases, we tend to over work because we don’t know when to stop.

It sometimes feels that once this job is done, you will stop, but it doesn’t happen that way, instead you take up one job after another and exhaust yourself completely. So, set up a time after which you won’t allow yourself to work anymore.

15. Have time to think:

You need to have time to think about different ways of accomplishing the task in hand and when you come up with an idea, just jot it down, so that you can take clues from there and build up on it later.

16. Sleep is required:

sleep is required In case, you are deprived of sleep for days, then your productivity will drop automatically, therefore, it is very essential that you have a sound sleep at night so that you can wake up with all the positive energy.

17. Keep a pen and paper handy:

No matter where you work, pen and paper are always handy because you never know when you have to note something down.

It can be an appointment with some client or a project idea; it can be anything under the sky. So, as long as you have these two things handy, you know you are good to go.

18. Goals SMART enough:

By SMART, here we mean your goals should be Specific, have some Measurable units, must be Specific as well as Realistic and last but the most important one is the Timely nature of it.

19. Small breaks in between small working hours:

As we are all human and not some kind of a machine, our concentration are bound to get hampered by something or the other.

Therefore, it will be better, if we can work for a short interval and then take even shorter breaks just to revive the productivity mark, up to the same level.

So, after working for 10 or 15 minutes, have a glass of water or just look outside the window for around 2-3 minutes and get back to work. This way you won’t get stressed out too much and will have a high productivity level as well.

20. Finish off the unpleasant work:

There are always some kind of work that we dread, but putting it off for tomorrow just means piling up more and more of those works.

So, first things first, when you have a fresh mind, complete these dreadful tasks first and then only go about doing other things.

21. Don’t plan your whole day:

Prioritise You never know what to expect out of a day’s work, therefore, do not plan your whole day, instead concentrate on the next possible job.

If you plan the whole day and some other work pops up, then you will find it hard to concentrate on the work in hand. So, take each step to climb up the ladder.

22. Remember, no shortcut or no secret:

There is no secret potion or short cut to complete your day’s work within a minute.

You will have to do the work all by yourself, so do not expect a genie to help you out with your work. There is no magic lamp as such.

23. Set aside time for particular tasks:

You cannot be on the phone all day long, instead if you have appointments to make, then allocate some time for that and within that point of time complete all the phone calls you have to make, so that you can get done with that.

24. Keep a track of your work:

Make a calendar, which will show you that you have met your deadline how many days a week. It will help you to keep the things going for you.

25. Let work happen to you automatically:

Sometimes we are so absorbed in our work that we do not even realize how time has passed.

It is hard to get into this grove always, but you can try to get this uninterrupted work flow every day.

26. Accountable for the work you do:

You can think to yourself that you are accountable for everything you do and that way you can keep a track of all the important task you are completing within a day’s work.

27. Decide the end first:

When you start working thinking your end goal in mind, then you will have a proper plan to complete that.

28. Privacy zone:

wear a headphone Wear a headphone and nobody will disturb you while you are working.

29. Checklist for big things:

If it is a big task, then make a checklist to help you with your work. It will help you to keep yourself on track and your work will get done in order.

30. Run Wild:

For the moment, you can just go wild about work and think about fixing any kind of problem later.

There are several ways of doing a lot of work quickly. You can take hints from here and see which process will help you enhance your productivity.