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How to Concentrate While there are Background Noises


Individuals especially students are ones who are greatly distracted by noise. Due to noise disturbance students fail to concentrate in class or at home during their study time.

An attempt to concentrate in a noisy environment can be tough at times for students. Hence let’s glimpse through a few hints about how to concentrate while there are background noises.

How Concentrate With Noise

How to Concentrate With Noise?

1. Running a fan:

Another way to filter out noise is by using a small fan on your table. If the fan is a noisy one, then it can filter out the other distracting noise and help students concentrate.

2. Utilizing noise canceling headphones or ear plugs:

Ear plugs are one of the cheapest products and they help in filtering noise. In the same manner noise cancelling headphones can be used but they seem to be little costly. There are varied categories of noise cancelling headphones, ear plugs etc. and using the comfortable one for filtering noise is advised.

3. Listening to music:

If the students can study, think and concentrate at times of listening to music, then this method can be followed. This stands to be a beneficial way to avoid outside noises. Some of the contents in music can be lyrics free music, trance, classical or ambience music can be right choice for concentration purpose. It is important to think about the sound levels as they may distract others at home. Hence making use of headphones can be beneficial and right way.

4. Taking pause from noises and comforting:

It can be damaging and stressful to health as noise interrupts the whole day. Taking breaks and relaxing can be a great way to redeem concentration; another way can be to go for short walks or to the toilet so that the individual feels refreshed.

It is recommended to take a break for every 20 or 30 minutes, as they are beneficial for your joints and muscles and also helps reset and relax your mind. Mental energy would be lost if the individual studies too long without breaks.

5. Techniques to concentrate:

When noise irritates around there are few techniques which can be followed to get rid of noise and start concentrating. The individual can sit in a comfortable manner in their chair, breathe slow and easily. By this way the body would get adapted to this technique then relax, close your eyes and concentrate on something that is calm. Do this for about 10 minutes. By this way you can get rid of noise and start concentrating.

Another technique to concentrate is by relaxing the muscles in your body. The individual needs to sit down in a comfortable manner and stretch the muscles of their face. Then the individual needs to move their hands and shoulder in a gentle manner. Finally the individual needs to rotate the hands and wrists by stretching their arms and legs.

6. Tune out:

At times of work, it is best preferred to tune out noise, for ones who enjoy their work are able to get a rhythm, though noises are present and the external noises do not affect them. It is advisable to ignore noise over time and individuals can get used to in a noisy environment.

7. Asking others to be quiet:

At times of distracting noises, it can be great to approach the colleagues directly and ask them to be silent and solve the noise distraction issue. A non-confrontational way and a tactful manner are however important to handle such scenarios. It is also necessary to understand that the noise that interrupts you is your colleague’s noise who does his task right.

In the same manner the family members at home can also be told to be quiet. Tell them to cooperate and also ask them for ideas, by which they also get to know that you are serious in your work or studies.

8. Coordinating schedules:

You can schedule your work based on others task in the family. You can concentrate and study for few hours where your spouse can be out for some other work, your kids may study and more. By this way you can concentrate and move forward.

9. Moving to libraries:

Libraries are considered as one of the silent heavens which is perfect place for studying. Though it takes time to travel, the best part is that the individual concentrates better and is able to give a quality output.

10. Following healthy life style habits:

Proper diet, exercise, sleep and hydration are major aspects in this discussion. Junk food, dehydration or sleep deprivations are factors that assist in dipping your ability to concentrate. It is hence mandatory to get good rest, eat healthy food, and drink lot of water.

Also allow your brain to work to its maximum efficiency by ignoring all the distractions that takes place. Also for your brain to work in an efficient manner it is necessary to exercise as the neurotransmitter levels in the brain would be boosted and also helps the individual focus better.

11. Visualizing what you study:

When there is more of noise and interrupts your study, make the habit of visualizing whatever you study. By visualizing you’re involved in the studies and the noises that prevail around you seem to be less.

A simple example would be that if you’re learning chemistry it is advised to visualize the atoms rather than reading it. If students find the topic to be boring they can follow the technique of relating the topic with their life. By this way, the topic is easier to remember and is never forgotten.

12. Avoid energy drinks, coffee and other stimulants:

These items offer the person with stimulants immediately after consuming, but the disadvantage is that they are short lived. There are withdrawal effects that happen by consuming caffeine which can lead to headache and toughness in concentration.

13. Creating backgrounds:

Having a study area with scenic beauty is mandatory and can stimulate your study factor. A scenic outdoor view can be developed with the help of a visualizer which can be achieved by running a scenic visual aspect with the help of TV or computer. The next idea can be sitting near the window with a feeling of openness instead of getting haltered in a room.

The other way is to keep your work place neat and clean without clutter and having a minimized place in order to enjoy an open and natural view. Also a video can be played in computer or TV screen and the sound can be muted. All these aspects help in concentration.

14. Going early and coming back late:

For people in office environment who think that their work place is less noisy at times can get early to the office and come back late. By this way the employee is able to concentrate at less noisy times and be productive. This can be a great idea as there are very few people in the office and hence the employee can concentrate well too.

15. Ask your boss for another location:

Distracting noises can be solved when you approach the concerned person directly. Also as an employee you can approach to your boss and ask for relocating in case you are annoyed with noise and not able to be productive.

How to Block Out Noise While Studying?

1. Making use of white machine:

A white machine can be helpful when there are more of background noises in the scenario. A white machine is one which generates a random sound but is comforting similar to wind or running water. The main beneficial fact of white machine is that it has the capability of blocking noises that addle.

2. Changing place:

Students can allocate and organize the work as per the noise levels. If there is louder noise then students can start with their easier work at that time and later move on for other tasks. If students need to study seriously they can very well change their place and get to other rooms so that noise is avoided. If all this fails then recognition and adaptation can be the right answer.

3. Blocking external noise:

The room in which the student studies can be arranged in a manner to block out noise as a short term technique. It is advised that the student closes the doors and windows as sounds usually seep in through the gaps and holes. The background noise levels can be reduced.

In order to mute sound, the student can make use of pillows against the wall so that sound is enwrapped. Windows can be arranged with thermal drapes as they have the capacity to block heat as well as sound. The floor can be placed with carpet so that noise from the ground floor is avoided.

4. Develop your own sound proof environment:

For students who desire to concentrate on their studies can develop a sound proof study area in their home. There are number of brand new ideas for this technique to be followed.

One way is by making use of acoustic ceiling tiles which can be installed, the next idea would be wall soundproofing with drywall, sound proofing door and window curtains of varied colors can be utilized. Installing sound stop panels on the walls and placing rubber mats on the floors.

5. Mobile apps:

There are number of sleep maker one in all apps in mobile phones and iPhones , where there are a number of ambient backgrounds which can be used while reading or sleeping. The special aspect is that they aren’t repeated and can be used.

6. Meditation:

Meditation can be a great way by which body and mind is relaxed. By this way all the extra and unwanted noises are reduced and the student is able to gain the habit of concentrating.

It is the noise at school, work, and home that disturbs the concentration level of individuals. Research done by national institute of occupational safety and health mentions that there is an effect even by means of ambient noise as it enhances stress levels which also leads to stress related issues such as coronary diseases, blood pressure, migraine headaches, peptic ulcers and plenty more.

There are also many studies which have mentioned that cortisol is released due to stress developed from white noise. Cortisol is a hormone which assists in restoring homeostasis after terrific experience in the body. There is impairment of excess cortisol in the prefrontal cortex. Hence disturbing the concentration factor of human beings is beneficial in many ways.

It is required to work, study and relax in a calm and silent place rather than noisy ones. Noisy places distract the individual as well as their hormone levels as mentioned. But the present conditions at work, place or home is not calm as expected and hence individuals should know ways to tackle and battle these noisy situations.

Above mentioned are a few hints about how to concentrate with noise and how to block out noise while studying. All these tips would be beneficial for students, working professionals and individuals who desire to achieve their tasks in a silent background.

Noise is unavoidable and can cause stress and irritation to the individual. It is therefore advised to follow the tips and conquer noise in a smart way for the purpose of studying or working.

All these tips are successful and beneficial, it is also important to note that there are many other ways to develop sound proof environment with the advancement of technology and innovative ideas.

Hence such aspects can be concentrated and implemented in order to develop a sound free area. Such noise free areas can be best used by individuals who are struggling to get rid of noise. Read the hints and get benefited by following them.