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Quitting a Job after 1 Day, Month, Week or Year


Quitting a job is a daunting task and it should be done gracefully and professionally.

You may have a number of reasons for quitting a job such as

  • Hassles with your co-workers
  • Bad experiences with your boss
  • Maybe you found a better job etc

It is important to follow HR procedures and complete all paperwork. Quitting a job can be done in one day, one month or one week.

Hence, tips for job quitting at very short notice are mentioned below.

quitting job after day

How to Quit a Job After One Day?

You could face a clash when you start your new job. Your workday can be mixed around, your schedules can change, and you’re bombarded with more of fresh information around you.

There are more of politics in an office environment, new systems, new names and a lot more to face. The very first day may be anxious and muddling for a new employee.

Here are a few tips to resign the job in a procedural way.

1. Being honest and apologetic:

When an individual has decided to leave a job in just one day, then he may have a number of fictional excuses to inform his boss.

It is best advised not to use lame reasons. Individuals who desire to quit their job can be honest and apologize for quitting in a very short period.

The real reason can be explained to your manager or boss and make them understand your position.

2. Be present in-person to resign:

It is your duty to resign face to face with your boss.

Since you are responsible for explaining the reason for quitting, you need to meet the boss in person for quitting.

As you have decided to leave the job in just one day, an email, letter or just running away from the job is not the right act.

It is always suggested to have a face to face conversation than to leave the job with a quit letter.

3. Example for quitting after one day:

Examples to quit the job after a day is that the job hinders your values, the company may have misinterpreted the position until the paperwork was done.

The last option is that the job may require the hidden cost in it. As an employee if you stay in the same job it may hinder your future and hence quitting the job is the right choice.

Tips for Quitting a Job Right After you Start:

I hope most of you might have shopped online, it is so convenient and easy that nowadays everybody is buying goods online.

But have you ever returned your product for any reason?

Well, there are times, many of us have experienced such a situation where we have returned our products. It is not something unusual, its a very common thing moreover it is very easy. Also, it is a simple way of reversing the process.

It gets a bit tough when the same reversing process is applied in your job or workplace. If you feel joining a particular company or job as a wrong step, then you have no other option left except quitting.

There are 3 main reasons for quitting a job just after you start

  1. Getting your dream job at the last minute
  2. Workplace culture issues
  3. Misleading information was given during Job offer.

Here are few tips to follow when you are quitting a job just after you start

  1. Take decision with proper thinking
  2. Don’t burn the bridges
  3. Process it personally
  4. Provide them with 2 weeks notice period
  5. Do not go into details but brief them about the situation.
  6. Be ready to help your replacement
  7. Leave on a good note

Quitting a Job after 1 week:

Quitting a job after one week can be very early, but it depends on the employees as they may have a number of beneficial reasons for leaving the job.

Here are a few aspects to be considered on how to quit your job after a week.

1. Exit the job with honour and dignity:

It is always a good idea to quit the job on a good note. Try to get to a moral high ground, do not decide to speak ill of the organization, supervisor or other aspects of the organization as you are leaving.

By doing so, you are making yourself look small and petty. Negative comments spread very easily where the world is small and you may never know that you may work for the same employer later in life.

2. Understand the cost of quitting your job:

When you found something better than the present job, it seems to be the best for you and you wanted to quit your job in a week.

Remember that all job have their plus and minus and hence looking for the best in a job and working hard is important.

Hence, analyze and understand the plus and minus in your new job before you leave.

3. Your commitments with the current employer must be honoured:

The duty of loyalty is something you possess though you do not have an employment contract.

It is your duty to offer your honest work for honest pay. Never ever slack in your work or allow things to fall amidst the cracks.

Make a good impression of yourself before you leave the organization. Your absence should be remembered by all through your proper and organized work nature.

4. Follow the right chain for quitting before announcing:

It is always good to follow the right procedure the company has in order to quit a job.

Be very careful to get to the right person and alert them first, since because news spreads like wildfire and hence moving in a procedural way is important.

Quitting a Job after 1 month:

Reports from workforce insights have mentioned that about 40% of employees left their job within six months voluntarily. The best ways for quitting a job after a month are as mentioned

1. Giving notice:

When you have decided to quit your job, you need to give notice to your employer that you’re about to leave. Since it’s a very short period, informing to the higher is mandatory to quit.

2. Read contracts:

In case you have signed any contracts at times of accepting the job, it is mandatory to read it else you may face big issues.

It is mandatory to check the terms and conditions of the contract where otherwise you will be sued and have to pay a penalty.

3. Counteroffer:

When you mention that you’re leaving for another job, your employer may provide you with a counteroffer and hence you have to think about it in advance.

Answering a counteroffer question is never easy and hence, be prepared for the same.

4. Give sufficient time:

It is suggested not to walk out the very next day of your job, it is usual that there would be some official time policy for notice.

Hence following the same can be perfect. Remember to honour the same and also two weeks’ notice is perfect timing for quitting a job.

You may be asked your employer to stay longer, accept for a week and do not allow your decision to drag long.

5. Remember to follow the professional code of conduct:

Every organization has some code of conduct to be followed in order to quit the job. Run through those procedures and follow them to quit the job in the right manner.

6. Prepare your conversation:

A conversation with your boss is always better, and here are a few aspects that need to be prepared before you meet your boss.

Think of your transition plan, since you have decided to quit the job in a month, you know what you’re responsible for and what must be wrapped up.

Discuss with your boss a complete transition plan and make your quit very smooth. Prepare yourself to leave anytime from the office, as your boss can ask you to go anytime.

Hence, all your personal belongings in your office must be kept ready as you have to leave and may not get a chance to come again.

7. Positive and concise conversation:

When you have a discussion with your boss regarding your job quit, make your discussion concise and positive. There is nothing to chit chat for a few minutes or tiptoes the reason.

There is also no need to get into detailed specifics of the new gig. You can just mention that you have a new offer which cannot be omitted and you’re giving your notice for a quit.

8. Thank your boss:

Your boss may ask for a reason for quitting the job, thank your boss for providing an opportunity to explain. Explain about the challenging aspect of the new job and how it syncs with your interest.

You can tell your real interest and what your current job has to offer with your interest. Mention something positive and general and how you’re challenging your new job.

9. Avoid blasting your formal employee on social media:

Once you have quit your job, do not get to social media and write all negative and bad stuff about your former employee.

This aspect gets around easily and would fetch you a bad impression which can be very bad and may raise red flags in the future.

Tips for Quitting Your Job in 3 Months:

Quitting a job after a short period of time is nothing unusual. You can find many employees leaving their job with in just weeks of their joining and this happens almost in every industry.

Though the reasons for quitting can be many but it is very important to note that exit from the organization should always be done on good note. One should never soar their relationship with the company which they are leaving.

Changing your job frequently will not help you succeed on the professional front but if you think that your job doesn’t suit you, then quitting your job is the right choice. Now, here are few tips that guide you to quit the job within next 3 months without hindering your future growth and development.

  • Do not use your work number or mail id for applying jobs
  • Make good use of your available time
  • Try freelancing for making extra money in the mean time
  • Tie up all the loose ends
  • Be a dedicated employee until the last minute
  • Ensure all your documents are submitted and reviewed before leaving
  • Prepare a manual for your replacement
  • Craft a proper resignation letter
  • Perform well in exit interview
  • Do not carry emotional baggage
  • Being honest
  • Always be clear and transparent on your decision
  • Provide enough notice period
  • Talk to your boss and manager in person
  • Create a list of employers to try for
  • Try to be active on LinkedIn
  • Apply on professional websites
  • Submit your resume on all top job portals

Job Quitting after 1 year:

1. Finalize with the new employer:

Speak to your new employer and finalize all the details with your new employer before leaving your job.

Get to know everything such as signed contract, offer letter, start date, and benefits package and lot more.

2. Give notice well in advance:

When you’re about to leave after a year, you need to give notice in advance. Read through the terms and conditions of the agreement and abide by the conditions.

If you fall into that category and leaving after one year, then there would be no trouble. Speak to your mentors or ones responsible for helping you in quitting and move as per the procedure.

3. Attend an exit interview:

Exit interviews are usually conducted for employees who leave the organization, it is usually conducted by the HR personnel where they make an attempt to find out aspects which can be enhanced and improved by the company.

4. Work hard:

Always remember to work as hard as possible, until the last day you leave. Working hard and ending with a smooth transition is the right way to present yourself in a positive manner and quit the job.

5. Avoid burning bridges:

Your boss can be one associated with many other organizations and hence avoid burning bridges as you leave your job.

Make a habit of networking with your previous employers as you may need their help in the future. Networking holds great importance in job search and can help you land a job easily.

6. Prepare a formal resignation letter:

Your manager must be the first person who should know that you’re quitting. Run through the sites and write a simple and neat resignation letter. Writing a resignation letter after short employment is very tough but not avoidable.

When you mention about your quit, also discuss with your boss about the leave, benefits, overtime and other aspects that must be paid to you.

Research completely and write the perfect and clear resignation letter. Complete all paperwork as per procedures in the organization.

7. Give honest feedback:

You may have faced few hindrances while at work, remember to offer honest feedback while you go through the exit interview.

You can make your team you worked with, happier and productive by mentioning a few facts in a good and positive tone.

Always remember not to lie in an exit interview. Be honest and say the best things in an exit interview.

8. Avoid illegal activities:

It is always good to avoid doing illegal activities, do not try to sabotage the company database or reveal any confidential information of the organization, or any company documents.

All these aspects may lead to sue you under any act. Hence avoiding illegal activities is always good.


Wherever you worked, what you learned is important. Either you quit in a day, week, month or year, remember that the procedure for quitting the job would be the same.

Read through your company agreement details and follow procedures as per it. There are guidelines for each organization and employees must follow the same in order to quit the job.

Quitting the job in a very short period is a highly tough task and hence moving such aspects carefully is required. Run through the company policy and get to your manager in person to discuss any such happening.

Do not just walk out without proper paperwork as it may lead to other consequences. Quitting a job isn’t easy as it needs to be done in a procedural manner.

Though you are quitting, you need to maintain their relationship too which may be required for some reason in the future.

Hence, follow the right procedure and a positive way to quit your job. Take the right moves at the right time to quit your job either in one day, one week, one month or one year.