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What is the Importance of Networking for Job Search


Searching for the correct job is a very difficult task in today’s world as there are very less opportunities and a lot of candidates.

So, the process of searching can be very hectic and you may find it very difficult also.

However, the truth is the use of conventional methods for job searching is not always enough and you have to think out of the box to be a step ahead than the other competitors.

The process of thinking out the box may include the use of the ways of job searching which the others have never thought of. Let us see some of them in brief details.

networking for job search

Well, talking about the conventional methods of job searching, most of the people go for the online job sites or the other places where the job advertisements are given.

But in most cases, we see that the best job vacancies are not posted online and they are filled up by some references and the suggestions by the known and trusted persons.

So, the persons following the conventional methods of search for jobs often miss out on these opportunities and they don’t get the best job according to their choice.

For getting these opportunities, you have to maintain a very good network contacts among the people and a good networking is the best way to get the job of your choice.

Job Networking Definition:

The process of networking is as simple as knowing the people around us and building good relationships with them.

It involves the process of making such good relationships such that they can help you with what you need and you also can be helpful to them. The helps include the required kind of jobs also.

So, you can basically get good job opportunities from the people you know as most of the good jobs are not posted on the conventional job searching media or online job search websites.

Those vacancies are instead filled up by words or the references of some known persons. It is due to the reasons given under:

  • In many cases, the employers feel it better to take employees as references from known people as there is a trust factor involved and the employees are also reliable.
  • In many cases, the money required for publicity also affects, so, the employer decides to take the employees through networking.
  • The job vacancies can also be very less. In fact, it can be so less that it will be filled up by the references and the no. of vacancies are not enough to be posted on the job searching media. So, these opportunities remain out of reach of the people who try the conventional methods of job searching.

Networking for Jobs Process:

Many people think the process of networking for job searching as an aggressive method of self promotion for getting the job openings.

It is totally wrong. It is just the process of building the relationships with people and forming a network such that they can be helpful to you during your need and you can also help them with their requirements. It can include these practices and these people:

  • Stopping to chat for some time with the neighbor.
  • Catching up with old friends, may be school or college life friends with whom you have stopped contacting.
  • Meeting up with the ex co-workers or colleagues to take a note of the job openings in their company.
  • Talking with the parents of the children at their school to build relationships.

Apart from the above mentioned persons, you can also build good relationship with everyone you know such that they can inform you with the job openings that are not generally posted in the popular job search media.

Apart from that, you also have to believe that you actually know more people than you get in touch with. It is because you don’t feel the need to stay in contact with the rest.

Networking is the process of staying in touch and keeping contact with people such that there is a good relationship and they can provide you with your required job openings.

You may not know what opportunity hits your way. So, you should not leave out any possible chances.

It is basically the process of socializing with the people around us. In most cases, we do socialize with the people we think it’s necessary, but in networking, we have to socialize and interact with almost everyone around us and in that way we can build a good relation and a good network.

Another problem you may face while effective networking or interacting with new people or the old people at the beginning is shyness.

You may feel hesitant or shy to interact with the people. It may seem uncomfortable. That happens to everyone in the beginning, but all you have to do is take it as a simple way of socializing with people and just as a medium of increasing friendship with others.

Still it may feel embarrassing to ask about the employment situations in other companies or asking for favors regarding job openings.

For that you have to take it easy and remember a few points before starting to increase public networking. These will help you while making new relationships with people. Try to remember the following points:

The Importance of Networking in a Job Search:

  • It really feels good if you can help other people who are in need. So, you will find a lot of people who will gladly offer help to you.
  • It is almost known to everyone how it feels when you are out of a job for a lot of days and you are desperately searching for jobs. So, they will really understand the situation and will be ready to help you.
  • It is a general trend among the people to be happy about giving advice and suggestions or expert views to someone. So, that will be ok with others as well as help you.
  • If you are unemployed and looking for a job, it is quite normal to be stressed. Having a good network of people will also give you moral support and also a lot of opportunities. So, you will feel less stressed and also the chances of job will be increased.

Another important thing to keep in mind before starting to increase your network is that you should have more and more people with the relation with companies. That will further increase the chances of job openings.

It is because they can refer you to those companies and you will be getting your required employment. This is another reason that shows the importance of networking.

You will also have to keep them updated with your job hunting process and keep them prepared with any call from the employers.

Job Networking Tips:

You need to develop a few qualities while looking for the job openings. Mainly you have to increase your overall communication skills while making relations with new people.

You have to become a good listener while communicating with people and show interest in what they are saying.

It is because the whole process of networking activities is based on communication and it depends on how well you can communicate with people. You have to be always open to any kind of new ideas that comes your way.

You will have to show interest rather than interrupting them and always be attentive. That increases the peoples urge to help you and the feeling that they are important to you.

You should also remember that while you are searching for a job and networking with people, you should never ask them for a job. That will look awkward and that will also make you feel embarrassing.

You should instead ask for their valuable ideas and any advice for the type of situation that you are facing. That will improve your network strength.

You should also never look needy to them. You should not ask for a job or any such related things on the very first moment.

You should interact and then discuss your situation. That will make them offer their valuable help. That will also save your position and not make you seem needy.

Another most important thing while increasing the network is that you should not hide anything while talking with people.

You should freely open up to people and say about your real feelings and goals and the real type of jobs you are looking for. That will help them to recognize your need and help you in the best possible way.

Hiding or hesitating will not only create a false feeling about you but it also stops you from getting the job that is best suited to you.

Job Search Networking Important Facts:

Some important facts about the networking process is that it grows with time and the more free you are with your communication skills and the more extrovert you are, the more the chances of growth of your network and the more you will be benefited from it.

But if you do not get any help from it in the beginning, you should not give up as it can be a very slow process and nothing like a hit and run one.

So, you should be patient and should work and increase your network to get the best outcomes.


Another advantage about the networking process is that it will not only help you to get the job, it will also help you with a lot of other things.

Suppose you plan to buy a house, you will be able to find expert help from the network and they will be able to give you better advice.

So, the networking process really helps in today’s world and it is just about knowing the people around you and maintaining a good relation with all of them.

So, just start the process of networking, follow the above mentioned professional job search tips and enjoy socializing with everyone and be prepared for a good career.