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How to Manage Different Personality Types in the Workplace


People working in different places, companies, firms, etc. come across various personalities.

Some are good to deal with while some are tough ones; some give a comfortable company while some are really confusing.

So here are some personalities you might get in your work place.

different personality types at workDifferent Personality Types in the Workplace:

1. Obedient and quite:

These types of people are generally good followers and tend to contribute a lot towards the office work without beating their own drum. They will listen to you and help you with a smile.

2. A challenger:

These types of personalities generally like to face all types of challenges that come to their work process. They are quite intelligent and impulsive. Their brains work better and calmly under pressure and against challenges.

They tend to give 100% effort and produce the best results. These people are very helpful at time of any urgency in project or work.

3. Organizer:

There is a set of people who have a good knack of organizing a simple meeting to big corporate conferences.

They are very good at organizing documentation, chalking out plans and schedule to have a smooth work process.

They believe in hassle free work and puts in all effort to bring out a fruitful consequence. They are great to move on with a team and work systematically.

4. Leadership:

Leadership qualities are one of those qualities which a person posses by birth or have gained after years of experience. These personalities have the quality to run a group of people in a proper and precise manner.

They have the ability to handle each and every member of his or her team. They know very well how to assign a work and encourage the employees to do it happily.

They are confident and volunteer themselves to take up the responsibility and work with a healthy rapport with its employees or team members.


These types of people are generally quiet and more than happy to do as directed. They are very attentive, obedient and quick learners.

They love to work under the guidance and supervision of the seniors and experienced. They really work hard and abide by the instructions given to them.

These types of people are boon to the firm, companies or any work place.

6. Contributors:

These types of people have the tendency to give more and more to the work place. They take initiative to work hard and achieve success for the team, company, firm, etc.

They have a thought process of how to grow as a team, individual, firm etc. Not only this, these types of people also help their colleagues to get their work done.

They intend to take up other’s pressure on their own head and keep working on it till it gets solved. Actually these types of people are gem and it is very lucky to have them.

7. Straight forward:

These are those people who will call a spade a spade. They are the best critic and the true person.

These people are judged wrong and sometimes are tagged as rude. But this is the fact that they believe in improving and not buttering.

So it may happen that their words or advice may not sound good to your ears and sometimes ego as well, but they are the ones who can help you overcome your weakness and improve yourself.

8. Short tempered:

These people generally lose their cool very fast. They may not be aggressive but they tend to get angry very fast.

It may sometime become to deal with these types of personality, but while they get angry fast they also tend to cool down even faster.

So one needs to give some time to them and everything gets sorted out smoothly.

9. Aggressive:

These personalities have a rude and hostile behaviour towards the team mates or colleagues. They also tend to lose their cool but unlike the short tempered one they become quite violent.

It becomes a tough challenge to handle their moods. So one needs to keep quiet and distance to avoid any mess with them.

These aggressive people generally are very egoistic and bullies who fail to understand anything, no matter if the fact is for his good.

10. Fallacious:

For these types of personalities a common tag is used i.e. back biters. They neither have the courage to raise a voice against the wrong nor do have an intention to let go things.

They intend to speak ill of others in their absence, whereas present a friendly nature in front of the same person.

They have a tendency to gossip and create a bad impression of people and when the time comes to face off they are the silent spectators who thoroughly enjoy the show.

They are basically cunning, dishonest and deceitful, but when needed they have the best words for the person of whom he had been saying ill words.

11. Attention seekers:

These people can be tagged as passive. They have an intention to always grab the attention of others through some way or the other.

Either they try to highlight themselves with over presentable or sometimes they tend to make themselves victims. These problems happen with those who are moody, extra pampered, neglected or sometimes the cry babies.

12. Noisome:

These are destructive people who have no intention towards any positive goal. They have a hidden aim of causing harm to people and sometimes the work place.

It can be quiet risky to have this kind of people around who cannot imprint a good chapter in your life.

13. Perfectionists:

According to these kinds of people each and every work and thing should be picture perfect. They are never contented with either their work or any one’s work irrespective of his hard work and quality of work.

They tend to poke their nose in every matter to have a perfect canvas. They are really tough and to some extent impossible to impress.

14. Dominating:

These people are different from those having the leadership quality. A person with dominating nature tends to remain at the top and wishes that everyone should work under them. They dislike following instructions.

They think themselves as their own boss and rule the people working under his supervision or with him.

15. Argumentative:

These people have a very bad trait of giving back answers and arguing. It does not matter to them that whether their work or words are wrong, they just keep on arguing just to prove themselves right.

16. Egoistic:

These people tend to challenge their ego for every small and single matter. No matter what, their egos are always hurt and they want the other person to bow before them.

Their super attitude sometimes even stops them from achieving success.

They lose out opportunities because of the stupid ego and criticize their fate for their own mistakes.

17. Critics:

This type of personalities have special eye towards the negativity. This people do not and cannot find good aspect on anything and keep on counting flaws.

They may be not capable enough to do good things but do have the talent to point out the minute flaws in the works done by others.

18. Always a “YES”:

This kind of people does not put up their opinions. They keep on saying yes even to those topics on which they do not have slightest of an idea.

They keep on nodding their heads and agreeing to every word whether they personally like it or not. Their basic tendency behind such behaviour to be in good books of all and be everyone’s favourite.

19. Inert:

These people are tough to deal with. They do not give any response to anything and try to remain isolated from these kinds of situations. They are very hard to understand because no one is able to understand their thought process.

20. Rumourmongers:

This type of people can do anything and everything. It is said that there is no smoke without fire, but these people have the talent to produce smoke without any fire. They create fake stories and incidents related to any person just to betray them.

21. Understated:

This type of people consider them as the only reason behind every wrong happening to this world. He is not satisfied with himself and keeps on pointing out the flaws in himself, his work and fate as well. They generally suffer from inferiority complex.

22.Fortune teller:

This kind of people generally tends to know everything and predict and analyse everything beforehand. They keep on analysing situation, decision, work and all before one gets the results.

23. Talkative:

These kinds of people have lot to tell and advice. They possess a talent of talking non-stop. But then they are the ones who are involved in the light and heavy moods of people.

They are attached to everyone’s emotion whether be good or bad and generally are the social butterflies of the team.

VERDICT: Whatever might be the situation and workplace one has to deal with all sort of people. So all you can do is accept all the good qualities and ignore the bad ones of the colleagues or teammates of your work place.