The importance of employee satisfaction survey is to enhance the performance of an employee.Satisfying the employee is the utmost important need for any organization or company.

Managers and business powered people mark their presence with full commitment to get through the employee satisfaction survey. It is often considered that the satisfaction of any employee or the amount of happiness any employee is having is directly proportional to the involvement she/he has with her/his organization.

The more the committed employee, the more will be such satisfaction of positive surveys.

While considering the employee satisfaction surveys objectives, an advance process is to understand the employee’s conditions and considering that the amount of time and effort is kept for the growth of an organization is important than any personal benefits.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys Pros Cons

Pros of Employee Satisfaction Surveys:

Following are the benefits of employee satisfaction surveys, some of them are enlisted below:

1) Increased involvement:

Surveying is the best way to get into the heart of every employee and knowing what problems they are actually facing and trying really hard to help them get rid of such problems.

For the majority of an employee, it becomes very difficult to put forward their problems infront of their boss. Survey helps anonymously saying things they wish to say and what changes they want or what are they feeling with the workforce they are associated with. It is easy and involves involvement from a number of employees.

2) A great medium for communication:

Employee satisfaction surveys are a way employees can communicate with the managers or upper class of people working with them in the same organization for the upliftment of the organization.

It helps in creating a line of communication between different groups of people working in any company. As the surveys are done anonymously there is no threat for any individual to put the things they are feeling or wanting to say without being judged by those feedbacks. It is best for the means of communication.

3) An improvised approach:

Make the employees raise their voice over the issues they want to bring to the company and those they have been holding back for a long time.

The employee satisfaction surveys helps then individual employee to mark their presence for making any desirable change they want to execute in the organization.

The feedback’s being provided are taken up seriously by the higher authorities so that they can benefit both the employees as well as the organization.

4) Anonymous:

Majority of employees working in any organization doesn’t want to state they’re true emotions about what are they feeling towards their job to be shared as they have a fear of being criticized.

This is a common fear occurring in almost every employee’s mind. This anonymously giving opinion through survey helps them to speak their heart out without any fear. They will give the survey with utmost honesty and won’t bring any topic other than what concerns about themselves. This becomes valuable as the survey helps in focusing of some points which cause trouble either to that particular employee or the company indirectly.

5) Flexibility:

The surveys are so designed that they will serve more flexibility to the end user or the employee in their specific workplace.If a survey is being made that highlights the employee satisfaction which will help the management of the company to know what makes the employee working under them delighted or sad about anything that concerns their work place. With a strong opinion one can help the company to plan and manage the relevant changes in their work plan and bring out the best from every employee.

6) Creative:

When the employee working in any organization are asked for any help regarding anything or if their opinions are asked through any survey, it is a boon for the organization as every individual is different.

Everyone will have their own thought about the problem and their very own conclusions as well this will eventually help in the formulation of a better, new and improvised plan which will ultimately reflect the growth of the company.

7) Better understanding:

While conducting any employee satisfaction surveys in the organizations, various message passing to the employees or other people associated with the organization whose opinions and thoughts are important for the growth of the company are always valued by any company.

This helps in the proper management and deliverance of individual employee’s growth and also helps the employees an ease in taking their true opinions through survey that are executed in the organization.

Employees will come to know what help and how that can help the employees to increase their growth exponentially.

8) Delicate:

If any employee working for the organization is feeling unhappy, lost focus or being used by the other employees or any higher authority, she/he might be finding it difficult to say what their concerns are face to face. This delicacy should not affect the growth of the organization. This is one important aspect of conducting surveys.

9) Helpful:

Employee satisfaction surveys helps both the company and the employee to seek and devote energy and time in doing they are prescribed to do. The survey is fruitful for the company in various possible ways and for the employees as well.

They can maintain and manage the regularity of the organization and the different employee will serve their purpose of devotion with honesty and putting forward their opinions.

10) Creative:

Every individual or every employee will serve for the best of the growth of the organization and this creative approach helps them to grow more and better in many ways. This creativity helps the employee to understand every problem and think out of the box to provide the solution for it. This creativity helps them the organization for a better upliftment and ultimately helps the employee to understand the company more and the people working there.

Cons of Employee Satisfaction Surveys:

Following are the drawbacks associated with employee satisfaction surveys some of them are enlisted below:

1) Increased quantity but no quality questions:

Often in various employee satisfaction survey questions being asked are not what the organization should aim at asking. There are often times when the number of question was more than 10 which loses an employee’s lack of interest and eventually she/he just tick without even reading the question and hence the employee satisfaction survey purpose behind taking such surveys goes in vain.

2) Once a year conduction:

The employee satisfaction takes place in majority of the organization only once in a year which means that the employee can only say about their problem once every year and whose solution is also not fixed. Often it is seen the employee who has asked for a change has left the organization. The amount of time any survey took place and the time needed to process that task is way too much.

3) Unsatisfied employees:

The major drawback is that the surveys don’t actually measure how satisfied the people are at workforce they are working. While being happy and satisfied are apparently almost related entities, they are different and have their importance in every aspect.

Apparently, job satisfaction is the most important thing considered at any job. While considering all the advantages and disadvantages, what every employee thinks about the job is more important which is majority of the times ignored.

4) Time-consuming:

The survey takes place in various work forces, it takes a hell lot amount of time in displaying its result. If any survey is being made in the month of February then its result might come in the end of October or December which should not be the case . The time the results get out, not everyone remembers the questions that were being asked in the survey and hence its purpose becomes unsuccessful.

5) No fruitful result:

The survey aims at providing solution to the employee by considering their problems and asking for their opinion to help them change those but what actually happens is something totally different. The company is too rigid to make any changes and they will eventually do what they aim at doing. The companies just create an imaginary vision but actually just manage the tasks what they actually want to perform.

6) Negativity:

The survey doesn’t pinpoint the actual problem so that can help for fixing it both rather they misuse this concept. But they just spread the negativity by not focusing on the actual problem.

The company neglects the opportunity they had for the upliftment of the company and spread them to the best of every employee’s work but it all just goes in vain.

Some team member becomes happy if they got the desired output they were asking for, while some are given no attention. Every focus turns to be more on lowering down the total score of the team.

7) No growth of the employee:

The survey responses make it very biased and there are companies where they intentionally ask the employees to mention their name while taking the survey and this way they can easily approve the voices of the ones who are the company’s favorite and hence ignoring the suggestions of the rest of the employees.

The response rate with which the results are being announced is tremendously low and often helps no one. The growth of the employee hinders.

8) No ownership:

The survey takes place for the whole employees and not for any individual but problem arises when there is involvement of various other people working under the solution of the problem behind the asked questions in any survey.

Nobody takes the ownership but rather is busy in doing something or the other to grab the attention of the company and in return provide the outcomes that are best for their personal benefit.

9) Survey failure:

The more the number of questions will be, the more will be the chances of its failure. The important point to consider is to find a balance between the surveys and avoiding any chaos that can happen.

The survey tends to avoid planning for the results and eventually the last survey overlaps the new and no conclusion drives to be seen. The engagement of the employee is a good way of seeing a stand-alone solution for a problem but after the survey gets implemented no solution actually happens

10) No personal profit:

The job satisfaction surveys are very much useless and often no result tends to be happening after taking tons of survey every year and they are just meant for personal benefit of the company and fooling around the employee working under them.

It is easy to sigh off the survey and not giving the appropriate answers to the questions. No workplace feels or say the things an employee is actually feeling or wanted to say. Everybody wants something or the other to be done but rarely anything happens.

In order to conclude that there are various ways that might inculcate changes smoothly and easily in any organization, asking for survey is one of those things. The advantages of survey should be taken more seriously and one should try to neglect the disadvantages associated with it. Surveys are meant for the satisfaction of the employee and not anything else. One should consider the serenity of the surveys and each employee should be given proper attention for the surveys and should focus on everything as a whole. The growth of the individual will be dependent on the growth of both the employee and the organization as well. The more seriously the survey and its outcome will be, the more the fruitful it will be for the organization. There will be satisfaction for the employees only if the surveys are conveying the right result and nothing else.