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What to do if No Career Interests Me? 13 Helpful Tips for You


Making a career is the most difficult time of life as one has to finally decide a way that satisfies a person and helps him or her establish a great future ahead.

Many students have dreams right from the senior classes and many of them are always there who remain confuse whole school time of what to do in future.

Deciding the future career starts right from plus one and plus two class as it demands for the particular subjects to be chosen like either go for science, arts or commerce.

There are many students who fail to decide the stream and their brain as well as interest wanders here and there looking for the thing that interests them.

no career interest meWhat should I do if no career interests me?

If a person fails to build interest in anything, then it is for sure not termed as his or her weakness, it is just lack of finding his or her inner self.

It is also one of the facts that now-a-days there are many streams and a person gets confused of what to opt and what not.

There are some of the points that could be helpful for the person to select the final career path. Try and follow some of the given tricks or points:

1. Quit what is not working for you:

You are working at a position which is not suiting and interesting you, then do not sit there for long, just quit it.

Doing something against your personal interest will do no good but will add to your woes and create more confusion.

This is because if you will try and sit for the job that makes you feel bored, you probably will not be able to give your best and can also get demoted from present position.

Yes, you might be working at a place due to many problems be it financial, personal and so on, but still if it is all due to good salary you are sticking to that job, just don’t as it will never provide you the weightage in your career instead will raise number of queries, the moment you get the next job of your interest.

2. Curiosity – follow it:

The brain confuses you when it gets number of options, so do not listen to what your brain says.

Go and chase your curiosity. This will help find your inner self and you will be able to give your best.

Never will you feel bored of what you are doing and even you will rise from the level where you never wanted to be.

You have to cover your less obvious interest and uncover your curious interest.

Once you started following what you like, you will start enjoying your work as well as your life and will live tension free.

You will not have to worry extra for getting up early the next day for the same monotonous job. All the boringness of life will be vanished the moment you enter the world of your curiosity.

For example, you are a globe trotter and love to travel but you are doing a desk job, then it will obviously add to your woes and will prove to a be a nerve wrecking experience for you. So, quit what goes against your curiosity and follow your willingness.

3. Money should not be your priority:

Remember not to put money on the top of your list. Just forget it as you have to work for your happiness not for money.

Though money is of utmost importance but this is also true that money is of no value in comparison to your interest and curiosity.

Money will only help buy you clothes but not inner happiness. Doing what you like will certainly help give your best and will enhance the quality of work.

If the quality of the work increases, you are likely to get applauds and laurels, bonus and benefits for the result you give.

Moreover more the good work you present, more will your colleagues be happy and in turn it may assist you in getting promoted. Ultimately with promotion, the salary package will be enhanced and you be the receiver of happiness.

4. Career counseling is must:

If you are in a perplex situation then do not give your brain more burden and go share it with someone who can help relieve you from the bewildered situation.

Career counselors are the best persons who can guide you during your never ending confused situation. There might be any test you had to undergo but that would be considered the best to bring you out of the perplex situation

The test could be written, verbal or any practical but all these would assist you in choosing the right path for your career ahead.

Career counselors will zero in on the things you like and love the most and they will also be able to suggest ideas and guidance on how and what one should further.

So, always take help of others as getting ideas sometimes might turn out to be a boon for you and you might get the right way.

Never feel shy of putting forth your problems instead go and discuss it with people as it will only shed your worries and will give you the ideas you had never thought off.

5. Know your hero:

Every single person has his or her hero, excuse me!

It’s not only about the Hollywood bollywood heroes, but can be anyone.

Anyone whom you have admired a lot and loved them because of the work they are indulged in. You are inspired by the person you admire a lot, can be your greatest inspiration and can even help you getting out of the query of what should you do next in life.

Try and follow the rules, the path he or she followed and walk on the same. It will surely lead to the right and give you the best.

Try and reach out to that person and know all what and how she did and if it is not possible to meet, then read the maximum about his or her career and the whole life. This will broaden your mind and will give you the out of world ideas.

6. Talk to your friends, parents, and teachers:

Sitting in a room and mulling over the same thing of what to do, will not give you any advantage.

It will only depress you and lower your energy as well as the confidence level. Go out; explain your point to your friends, parents, cousins and the teachers.

The people you spend most of your time have explored you well and can be your best guide.

The friends come to know your hidden talent even quickly than the counselors. Teachers are next to god and they also know students weaknesses and the strengths.

Ask them what your weakness was and try work on that. This is because sometimes the strengths you possess do not interest you much so that you make it as your career and on the other hand your weaknesses sometimes can be your career only if you turn it into strengths.

So, don’t think that you cannot do something just because it is your weakness. Just try and work hard so as to convert it into strengths. Then see, you will be able to find what you like to do the most.

7. Do not think much and just do it:

Ultimately, you will not come to know what you like until you bite the bullet. You have to experience what you actually wish to do, without bothering whether it will give positive result or negative.

Just try and start doing it. Only after having experience, you will be able to know all the ins and out of the situation. So, before starting anything new, just make up your mind first and then continue with the work.

Pull up your sleeves and work hard by probing in depth of the matter and see the results. Anything done with the positive mind, will likely give the best results. So, just do it and go for it.

8. Test yourself:

Before people test you, do it yourself because people only know how to criticize you for what you are bad at.

So, before giving outsiders a chance of testing you, do it of your own. If any difficulty arrives in your way, do not say why me, just say try me and then fight for it with great strength.

You should be fully known to your own weaknesses so that you can work on it thoroughly before letting the strange mouths speak about it to you.

9. Internships are the best way:

Do not directly go for any job type. First go and join as an intern or a trainee. This will help you know whether you develop interest in it or no.

If you are able to develop interest then its good and if not, you may leave and search for something else. This will also help you to wider extent and will provide with ocean of opportunities.

10. Follow G+V+P formula:

This formula stands for gifts, vision and passion. Have a far sighted vision, follow your vision with full passion and then see the results you get become your gifts.

Try and negotiate your work as negotiated work will help make you flexible enough to work in all sorts of conditions.

11. Have a concrete career plan:

Plan all your wishes, goals, passion, weakness, strengths etc on a paper. Write what you feel it today and tomorrow.

Consider and compare the change in your vision and find out the reasons behind the change. Go for what you have planned and go systematically.

You cannot jump from zero to hundred. Be humble if starting from the scratch and move ahead gradually.

12. Career is not a linear path:

Do not consider your career a linear path; it is like a stepping-stone. A career is a marathon not a mere sprint and it can turn out to be a difficult path indeed, united together with hopes, experiences, and failures; a career benefiting.

If your life does not allow you to mess with the failures, then the life is not worth experiencing the success.

So, never be afraid of the hurdles that bind you, instead show them that you are pliable enough to take a u-turn thus emerging out successful.

13. No, risk no gain:

However, it applies at business but is not our lives, our careers a business in itself. They aptly are! Try to discover new careers. There are many hidden perhaps.

If doctor, engineers, teachers are not of your type, then surely some other unusual options are still alive.

Try those. It is not about unusual; it is all about being different. Explore them as well and find yourself there.


Therefore, by the above points, you will be able to know yourself first and then get to know your interest. To explore your interest, first you need to know who you are and for what purpose you are here in the world.

Every person here is for some or the other reason. Know what your inner voice tells you, listen to your heart and work according to that. Listen to what all says but do only that your heart says.

Choosing a career is the part and parcel of life as your choice of career greatly affects you both directly and indirectly. So, choose it wisely.

Do not make haste in deciding what you want as it is a well known proverb haste makes waste. Thing deeply, take your time and then step ahead.

Your choice of career will either drown you or save you. So, be wise and take decisions according to your needs, wishes and choice.