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Top 35 Funny or Worst Excuses for Being Late to Work


Are you one amongst the late employees to work often? Then you aren’t alone as there are 16 to 20% of workers who are late to work at least once a week.

It is really hell to get out from deep sleep battling all dreams, where mostly alarms are snoozed and awakening is postponed.

By the time they rush and cross all the hurdles from home to office, the result is that they are late. Excuses are plenty offered by employees to their higher professionals, but there are funny excuses and interesting excuses also.

Studies show that employees are creative when they are late to work and give extreme excuses.

Let’s glance through a few funny excuses for being late to work. These excuses are almost similar to funny jokes about being late.

funny excuses being late

Reasons for Being Late to Work:

As humans we tend to make mistakes and getting late to work is one such thing which is very natural. As per a survey, almost 16% of the employees get late for office once a week.

This has been so common that you can notice it at any organization, and moreover even employees give excuses which are at times weird and funny. As per the stats, the most common excuses which employees provide when being late are,

  • Traffic
  • Lack of sleep
  • Bad weather
  • Forgetting something

Now even though the above mentioned can be the real reasons for being late, there are few other excuses which employees use for being late and get through. The situation becomes complex when they are encountered with their boss directly.

Making your boss go easy is definitely a tough task. So the best solution is to think well and provide an excuse which can be believable, as honesty is not something appreciated every time.

Some of the excuses employee uses are,

  1. The dog buried my car in the backyard
  2. Was on a call of duty mission yesterday night
  3. Got betrayed by the new alarm app
  4. I am very allergic to morning hours
  5. My kid flushed my car keys
  6. Through a cosmic rift, I was pulled in to another world
  7. Got queued at Starbucks as there was a party going on there
  8. Got stuck as the senior who was with my lift pressed all the buttons
  9. Took my solar scooter for the commute but faced with unexpected rain
  10. My car was attacked by a bear
  11. My kid was not well as he drank expired milk
  12. Was kidnapped this morning by some activists for 2 hours
  13. My girlfriend made me participate in the dead man party last night, so had to stay awake all night
  14. Was thinking of something while driving the car and landed straight to our old office

Funny Excuses for Being Late to Work:

Being late for work is a common thing in offices but the reasons to be late to work will be the funniest thing you will ever hear. The following mentioned are few funny yet good excuses for being late to work

1. Broken car Radio:

When employees set out to offer funny excuses, it starts from their car. There are employees who say excuse as their car radio was broken and the employee cannot drive without music. This sounds a bit funny.

2. Heard about snowing:

With plenty of funny reasons, there are few people who tend to say excuses which are unbelievable. Some employees said that they heard that it would snow and so was late to work.

3. Caught in a parade:

Mentioning about getting caught in a parade of little league players is another funny excuse. It can be apt when you’re caught behind any national parade of the nation, but behind league players sound funny.

4. Alarm problem:

Blaming the alarm for not ringing is yet another funny reason many employees bring up to the higher officials. They say their alarm didn’t ring or power failed. These silly and funny excuses create humour amongst employees rather than anger.

Another reason given by employees is that their dog ate the alarm clock. This is one of the best excuse made when being late to work.

5. Following each and every rule:

With the numerous funny excuses this can be considered the best where, some employees mention that as they were passing by the school lane, it was mentioned to go slow as it was a school zone. For that same reason employee slowed down, as it was a rule and was late to office.

6. Late Night sleep:

Some employees mention that they were awake till late night watching scary movies, some say that they were partying till late night and police showed up. With all these reasons they also include that since they were tired after late-night partying, they forgot to keep their alarm.

7. Wrong time on the phone:

iPhone time can also play a key role in giving a funny reason. An employee turned up saying that his iPhone shows the wrong time as it must be set wrong and it must be due to the vacation he went out.

8. Visitors at home:

Some employees give an excuse that visitors visited their home, for example, aunty, uncle, niece and more. Preparation of breakfast had eaten up their time, as the visitors would mistake if the employee left for job early. They would judge that the employee is a wrong host if they had left to job early without cooking. This is one of the best excuses for being late to work.

9. Dryer busted:

Amongst the many funny excuses, this can also be mentioned as the funniest one. An employee turned up late to work and explained her higher officials that her hair dryer was shorted out and she needed to wait till her hair was dry.

10. Dirty clothes:

Another employee offered a funny excuse saying that when getting ready for work, the employee found that all her clothes were dirty and she had to go on with the laundry work first and so was late to the office.

11. Blaming pets:

Some people blame their pets for being late to office, one such excuse was when an employee said that their dog took away all the dentures kept near the table. The employee had to chase the dog around the neighborhood and getting it back made him late to office.

12. Wearing wrong shoes:

This is a common and yet an interesting excuse for coming late. It is funny to hear that the employee left the apartment by wearing wrong shoes from the apartment. So to get it back and all set right, the employee was late to work, the excuse of this kind is very common.

13. Wet clothes:

The employee mentions that he was late to office as his clothes got wet in the rain, he also adds that he did not expect that rain would mess up this way.

14. Missing purse:

Women come up saying that they dropped their purse into the coin-operated newspaper box and were fighting hard with coins to get it back. For this reason they turned up late to work.

15. Bear attacked the car:

This can be one of the funny reasons where the employee comes up saying that a bear blocked and attacked the car. The employee also shows up photographic proof for the same.

16. Driveway disappeared:

Some employees come up saying that the driveway was washed away by rain and did not find it. This made them to land up office late. This can also be considered as one of the funniest excuses.

17. Getting another shower:

The employee might get into garbage, or spider web, or was dirtied by someone else and needed to take another shower again. This made the employee land up late to work.

18. Locked indoors:

With numerous reasons, this can also be considered a funny reason. The employee was by mistake locked up inside the house, so the employee had to seek their neighbor’s help in order to get out and was late for work.

19. Trying solar power scooter:

A funny reason by an employee was that he started to the office on his new experimental solar power scooter, where suddenly it rained and the whole plan was lost. This made him late to work.

20. Keys flushed:

Many employees say this reason where their kids flushed the car keys into the toilet, or their pets took away the car keys and lost it in the garden which made them late to the office at that moment.

When speaking about keys, some employees say that either the husband or the wife hide the car keys before the opponent goes to work which makes them late to work.

21. Signal problem:

Another funny excuse here is that the employee mentions that his left signal is not working in the car and so he was taking all the rights to get to the office and hence he was late to work.

22. Traffic reasons:

When discussing about funny excuses, this can be one such funny excuse, where the employee says that a Gurney fell out from an ambulance before him and so traffic was developed. This made him reach the office late.

23. Seeing a fire truck:

Reading this excuse can make you laugh as it seems to be humorous. An employee comes up saying that he saw a firetruck on his way to office. While seeing the fire truck he had a doubt struck if his house wasn’t on fire. So he went back home to check and so was late for office.

24. Dad issues:

Some employees give a silly yet funny reason stating that their dad didn’t woke them up and so they were late to work. Another funny reason was that the employee’s brother was beaten up by his dad.

Here the dad used shoe to beat the son, the employee was late because his dad was beating the younger brother with the employee’s shoes.

So, how can he go to the office barefoot?

This was one funny reason for coming late.

25. Wasps in the bedroom:

This reason can be the best reason ever and the funniest too. An employee who walked up late to the office mentions that he found three wasps in his bedroom and he hid under the bed. He was waiting for hours for the wasp to fly out.

26. Lost in fog:

Another funniest reason given by an employee was that he was rowing across the river for work and while rowing, due to high fog he got lost. This was the reason told to the higher employees for being late.

27. Someone following:

One employee stated that he was followed by an unknown person and in order to get rid of him, he took a longer route to the office. For this reason, he was late.

28. Kids play:

Another funny excuse given by an employee was that their kids in a playful manner dialed the police number. The police came in the morning and was grilling me for a reason to call and what really happened.

29. Chasing burglar:

An employee says that he was chasing a burglar who broke into the house. He did not want to bother the police and chased by himself and for this reason, he came late to office.

30. Kidnapped by aliens:

Another funny reason said by an employee was that he was kidnapped by the aliens and was freed just a few minutes back. He came to work late for this reason.

31. Locked:

An employee said that he was looking for something inside the truck and was suddenly pushed in by someone. Once he was pushed in he was also locked inside the truck. This made him land up to office late.

32. Tyres flat:

An employee states that a groundhog bit the bike tyre and so the tyre became flat. This reason made him find another transport and he was late to the office.

33. Keys frozen:

The employee turns up late to office because his angry wife froze the car keys in the freezer for some reason. The employee took the time to melt and get the keys out of ice.

34. Cutting hair:

The employee thought of cutting his own hair and the clipper stopped. Once the clipper stopped he had to wait for the salon to open and then go for a haircut which made him reach office late.

35. Drove to previous employer:

Another silly yet funny mistake is that the employee drove to the previous employer by mistake, which was a reason for coming late to office.

Strange Excuses for Being Late:

Being late to work happens and sometimes no matter how hard you try, you miss it. Excuses or reasons when told should be at the least believable. But employees sometimes provide some lame excuses that make employers get a negative impression about them.

Work ethics and discipline are the few factors that help one to get into the good books of the employer as a good employee. As per the survey, there are few bizarre excuses which employees give when being late to the office which can help them for the moment but at the cost of the trust which the company has on them.

Some of the reasons or excuses are,

  1. A zebra was running on the highway making a huge traffic jam
  2. The weather was too cold
  3. The morning coffee was very hot
  4. I was at the parking lot trying to park my car
  5. My pet was playing with the work file
  6. I drove directly to my older organization
  7. I was warned by my astrologer about chances of car accident this morning
  8. Thought it was a holiday
  9. Applied glue mistaking it to be contact lens solution
  10. The makeup went really wrong
  11. My shirt got tore by hooking to a nail on the gate

Tips for Giving Excuses When You’re Running Late:

Being late to work is common but you need to be very careful before giving any reason or excuses to your employer. Becoming too creative for excuses can sometimes backfire and that would be the last thing anyone would wish for. So, here are a few tips which will help you handle such situations in the right manner

  • Inform your boss in advance
  • Being honest
  • Giving practical reasons
  • Do not give detailed reasons
  • Be late only when necessary
  • Be organized
  • Compensate if you are too late


There are a number of funny reasons which are said for being late, wherein these cases creativity is mandatory to provide so many good excuses. When an employee is late to work a number of reasons are to be taught of for a drama.

In the same manner stress and strain is also increased when one starts and ends up late for work. These few reasons can be funny to read at and enjoy.