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How to Become a Career Counselor or Adviser?


Comparatively all over the world, the number of people who are not satisfied with their job role always are higher than people who love their job. Most of the people who do a job which they don’t love is to fulfill their needs. But this type of scenario does not always continue for a longer period of time. Most of them switch from jobs frequently. In such cases, the role of career counselor has become the most needed to meet their needs and ambitions.

Become Career Counselor or AdvisorThis versatile and most wanted job role of career counselor is very vital to show a better path and to have a most satisfied job for people. Read this post to know the various ways to become a career adviser or counselor.


Who is a Career Counselor?

Career counselor is someone who guides and helps people to choose a better career option and also to choose a right education background. Sometimes they also counsel people to reach their goals of a career. They work with public, private groups and also schools and colleges to educate them about various career options.

Role of a Career Counselor:

The role of career counselor differs from place to place and according to the needs of the people. But the major role of a career counselor includes guiding a group of people about the better choices of career or choosing a education.

They also help people to plan move in a right way for applying a job, designing a proper curriculum vitae, interview techniques, and all aspects to develop a career option in a neat way. It does not stop here. They also counsel people about how to quit a bad option of their career and move towards their dream.

Market Demand for a Career Counselor:

It has become a necessity to have a career counselor for all domains to choose a best career option. Nowadays, with the increase in growth of population as well as domains most of the people are confused to choose a better career option for them.

In such situations there is so much wanted for a career counselor to guide the individual or group of people. They conduct one on one meetings as well as group sessions to educate people about the various career options as well to choose a right options for them.

Most of the individuals are now trying to become a career counselor or a advisor as it has become most wanted job around the world.

How to Become a Career Counselor?

1. Develop a good listening skills.

The most beginning skill to become a career counselor is to have a excellent listening skills. It is very important to be patient enough and listen keenly to others view point or their need. Hence, develop a good listening skill to become a career counselor.

2. Learn to develop better oral communication.

Any career counselor is always expected to communicate better about their views. Oral communication is something very important to attract people to talk to them. Interpersonal skills is necessary for almost all jobs, but specially in a career counselor role you always need to be among people hence oral communication is very important.

3. Learn many languages to communicate better with different group of people.

Learning many languages is very important for a career counselor as they need to talk to people from various parts of the country. It not only increases their market but also makes them stand out from the other leading career counselors. A language learnt has never gone waste especially for a career counselor.

4. Build social skills.

Knowing how to socialize and build a relationship with the people in the society is a most important skill for a career counselor. He/she should be able to cope up with people who comes with different kind of mindset. Hence, socializing and knowing different kind of people is very important for a career counselor.

5. Do a degree either directly related to career counseling or something related business skills.

Doing a business management degree will be very helpful in becoming a career counselor. There are many degree’s that directly or indirectly will help to become a career counselor. Like for example sociology, psychology, Human resource degree will help in many ways to become a career counselor.

6. Try to do various job designations possible to understand better market.

Other than holding a graduation or doing a specific course, one most efficient way to become a career counselor is to work in different fields and hold various various job designations. This will help them practically to make them understand the demands of doing a job, and also about the possible understanding of right career choices.

7. Attend lots of seminars or presentations conducted by career counselors all over the country.

One simple way of understanding better about a career counselor and to become is to attend various seminars or group presentations conducted by them. By this, a career counselor aspirant will come to know how to communicate, how to direct people in right way and also deal with various unique ways of presenting the market.

8. Read a lot about the market.

There is nothing better learning to become a career counselor, than reading a lot about the market. Try reading all newspapers, magazines related to career counseling and also about the various education choices, career choices raising day to day in the market. By this keeping updated about the market has become easy as well as will make them have a clear idea about becoming a career counselor.

9. Join as assistant to a prominent career counselor.

One of the method of becoming a career counselor is to join as a assistant or an intern to a career counselor. Nothing gives a better experience than being with the career counselor itself. Real time experience will show you how to stand out of the crowd as well better clarity about the job role of a career counselor.

10. Do a masters in Qualification of career guidance( QCG ).

Nowadays there are lot many specific courses popping up for career counselor aspirants. One such course is qualification of career guidance. Try getting graduated from these kind of graduations courses to become a well learned career counselor.

11. Analytical and decision making skills.

Nothing can be better than having a great analytical skills as well as decision making skills. This is very important because given that various choices of career analysis, a career counselor should be able to differentiate right from wrong or a better option.


Hence, a good analytical skill as well as decision making is important. Especially to become a career counselor one should be very versatile right from technical knowledge to interpersonal skills. Every day is a learning in the life of a career counselor.

As the demand for the role of a career counselor increases it is a right choice to choose this as a career. Hope this post helps you to know the various ways of becoming a career counselor.