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37 Weird Employee Complaints Received by HR Managers


Human resource department is the back bone of any organization as they are entirely responsible for hiring employees to firing employees.

They are the team of people who takes care of representing the employees needs to the organization as well as represents the organization to all the employees.

Every single day they receive and pay attention to all employee needs. Sometimes, there are many occasions where human resource is tormented by weird complaints but still they tend to resolve those issues.

Even though the employees tend to justify, it is really weird to handle all those complaints. Read this post to know how weird kinds of complaints employees bring to the human resource table.

Weird Common Employee Complaints

Common Employee Complaints Received by HR Managers:

Here are some weird complaints received by Human resource department and its divided to various categories. Names listed here are purely imaginary and changed due to confidential purposes.

Over all Cleanliness and Appearance:

1. About the colleagues skin tone:

Alba looks so tanned and dirty”.

This is one common weird complaint raised by every tom, dick and harry who is engrossed in the other employees skin tone.

2. Distracted by the beauty:

“Jenny looks so attractive and I could not concentrate on work”.

This kind weird compliant is mostly raised by male employees who raise these remarks and reasons for their poor performance.

3. Smelling all around the bay:

“Ken smells like a rotten egg”.

Few employees always bring up these complaints to human resource department about the odor from other employees or smell around the place and raises an issue.

Unbearably, human resource department has to receive and give a solution to these weird issues.

4. Complaints about noise pollution:

Harry yawns very loudly or Tim breathes with a loud sound”.

These kind of complaints about noise pollution in the office premises is most common as no employees tend to resolve these petty issues among themselves.

5. Personal cleanliness:

“Jenny scratches her head or lisa bites her nails and touches all the files around”.

This is one common weird complaint about personal behavior and cleanliness often raised on women employees.

Personality and Origin Clashes:

6. About the life style:

“Ben isn’t a vegetarian he smells like fish”.

This is one weird complaint raised by vegetarians or vegans on non-vegetarians.

Even though human resource department can have rules and regulations on it still they face these petty issues from group of society who do not eat meat.

7. About the mimicking noises made by few employees:

“Brian keeps murmuring songs or mimicking other employees which is very distracting. Few employees tend to create fun in the work place which annoys some employees.”

These kind of weird complaints are forwarded to the human resource department.

8. Social networking issues:

“Lara does not respond to my twitter handle or she does not accept my Facebook request”.

Even though these kind of issues does not come under work related matters, few employees tend to put forward to human resource as a matter of image.

9. Personal affairs related complaints:

“John tells I love her and keeps my picture as a desktop image”.

Most of the female employees faces personal relationship issues which looks very weird to take it to the human resource department.

10. Issues raised about the character:

“Annie always looks ferocious and does not smile or greet me”.

These kind weird things cannot be handled by human resource but still few employees are not resistant to human behavior.

Eccentric and Unjustifiable Complaints:

11. About the behavior:

“Tim behaves like a pimp”.

This weird complaint is raised when few people socialize more with women. Human resources address these kind of nasty issues more often.

12. Complaints about negative energy:

“My laptop turns off when Julie comes near, and her aura is wrong”.

Even though these kind weird complaints look so pathetic and not at all justifiable or proved, still employees bring this to the human resource department.

13. Magnetic force from the body:

“Jasper is very magnetic and my access card gets attracted towards him “.

There is always a magnetic force around every human being but not such an effect can be created. Human resource department gets pissed by hearing these kinds of weird complaints.

14. Complaints about the employee’s love for pets:

“Juliet plays with stray dogs and I can smell the dogs in her cabin”.

Few employees do not like pets. Hence, in order to show their unhappiness towards the people who have love for pets, they bring these kinds of weird complaints to the human resource department.

Food Etiquette’s and Related Issues:

15. Sharing is not done fairly:

“Sim brought brownies and shared it with her fellow friends in the bathroom”.

Even though it is very silly and funny still few employees bring these kinds of complaints to the human resource department with no sense at all.

16. Table etiquette complaints:

“Peter makes sound while eating and does not know how to hold chopstick”.

Yes, there are few people who do not know table manners and still struggling to handle it. But, it looks very weird that how a human resource team can respond to these kind of complaints.

17. Complaints about negative nature:

“Sam is always trying to poison me and speaks ill”.

Some personal conflicts or negative character of colleagues are common in all organizations. But it is very weird to take it to human resource team.

18. Teetotaler is also a problem:

“Jenny does not drink and it is pissing me off”.

Nobody has rights to question others habits or its own rights of a person to choose drinking or not. Human resources team stumbles of these weird complaints.

19. Food preference:

“Our cafeteria does not serve pork, and it’s not fair”.

There are no specific rules that organization has to serve food according to the employee’s preferences. It cans either vegetarian or a non-vegetarian food but not the variety.

Few employees show their discontentment about the food served in cafeteria to the human resource department which is so weird.

Complaints about the Competition in Work:

20. Work time related complaints:

“John works day and night to show off or harry does not eat lunch to prove he is hardworking”.

This kind of weird complaints looks silly and few employees could not bare their growth of other employees and cannot take it when someone behaves over smart.

21. Weird love affairs:

“Peter and the client June are in love. Hence, he receives good remarks”.

Few employees peep into other employee’s personal life and comment about it and take it to human resource to spoil their image. These weirdness are always tough to handle by human resource managers.

22. Kleptomania:

“Jim suffers from kleptomania and all my pens are missing”.

This might be true or might not. But it is really weird to go and complaint to human resource as they cannot appoint black cats to find who have done these petty things.

There are innumerable weird complaints every day human resource department faces in their career. And the weirdness cannot be eradicated or stopped until the employees decides or understands the reality.

Hope this post interests you to know how many weird complaints human resource managers face every day.

23. Complaint about colleague:

“Sometime either today or yesterday night, David has glued pictures of his face on my desk, I tried to tear them of but was quite tough. Due to this act of David my personal property is being damaged, moreover I think David has also sprayed glue on my desk, as my hands and elbow stick while I work with the computer”.

This is considered as a weird complaint and has reached up the HR department. The issue may be true or false, or can be done by someone else other than David.

The employee should be patient and find the person rather than going in for a complaint.

24. Moving things of colleagues:

“While I was away yesterday, Sam has moved my working system and positioned it in the opposite direction”.

The weird complaint is not proved hence it has no evidence; none has seen Sam moving the system hence it should not be filed as a complaint to HR department.

25. Using others phone:

“I was downstairs for a meeting and John has used my iPhone to call his girlfriend”.

The HR department finds it: tough to handle such complaints as they are bizarre and no way to find a solution.

26. About ticks:

“Eesha sits next to my cabin in networking department and I found that she has more ticks in her hair”.

This kind of complaint is associated with personality and cleanliness, and thus should not be directed to the HR department for silly reasons.

27. About eating:

“Sana eats all the good cookies when placed in get together or parties”

The HR faces a tough time when such complaints land up their desk which are childish.

28. Has big hair:

miller who sits adjacent to my cabin has a long hair which doesn’t suit him, and also makes hair styles which are awkward”, as I’m sitting opposite to him, I don’t like to look at such hair dressings”.

These are personal dressing senses and cannot be judged or commented by others. Making others personal dressing a complaint is not valid.

29. Very silent:

“Sunny is a senior executive in the organization and he is very polite, his politeness and low tone is so infuriating”.

This is his personality and hence cannot be commented or complained easily.

30. Wears slippers:

Employee Laura works for many years and have knowledge about the rules and regulations of the company, she wears slippers or socks during office hours”.

Employees can wear what they desire either shoes or socks and it’s for their personal comfort. Other employees cannot make this an issue and hence should not take it as a complaint to the HR level.

31. Wears pajamas and looks awkward:

“Employee Taylor wears pajamas to office, and he also has bells on his shoes which is irritating”.

This stands to be a weird complaint as personal aspects cannot be questioned or complained.

32. Smelling socks:

Smith who sits with me for team meetings is a dirty man because every time he comes to us his sock smells”

33. Using ladies room:

“Smith keeps using ladies room because he found that his gents room was untidy and keeps doing the same”

34. Plays around with stray animals:

Elizabeth is more caring and keeps spending time with stray animals and pets outside the office campus”.

35. Sandwich and snacks missing:

I put a sandwich and KitKat chocolate in my Tupperware box and when I opened for lunch, I found it missing

36. Keeps chair rotating:

Fowler sits next to me and he keeps rotating his chair all the time at work which irritates me”.

37. Doughnut stolen:

Someone has stolen my doughnut from my desk and I need a CCTV print to check out who has done it”.

The HR department has to take responsibility for a number of tasks and such weird complaints also reach their inbox.

Employees should possess enough knowledge and sense as to make a decision and take only valuable and severe issues to HR.

The HR department would take complete responsibility and solve real complaints if any. Silly and bizarre complaints must be avoided or solved by themselves instead of taking it to the HR. HR needs to work for other processes in the department and hence they must not waste time on silly complaints.

Employees can hence take a look at these complaints and make sure that they do not make such complaints in their organization and waste the HR departments time.


  1. I think at least the complaints about sound pollution are valid. Whether they be heavy breathing, finger or foot tapping, or loud music. While yes, employees should communicate those issues amongst themselves. Often those are habits that the individual in question can’t break. Maybe don’t go to HR about it though. A manager who can potentially move you to a new location would be a better person to talk to.

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