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25 Ridiculous Workplace Rules You Won’t Believe


Every job seeker in the world will have many expectations about the organization.

Primarily, the first thing would be the pay scale the organization offers to them followed by the job role, and the work environment.

But the reality is only a few realize that the job seeker can sustain the organization only if they have good work environment with decent workplace rules.

Contrarily, there are few organizations which have worst workplace rules imagining it has a good impact on the productivity. But it has totally ruined the work culture completely.

This post is all about Worst workplace rules around the world which are followed by some companies still.

Ridiculous Workplace Rules

Every organization imposes workplace rules and regulations in order to increase the productivity and to have a disciplined work environment.

But few organizations have a harsh workplace which are really absurd and which totally spoils the work environment.

Ridiculous and Crazy Workplace Rules:

1. No outside food beverages allowed:

One of the worst workplace rules is, the employees are not allowed to carry outside beverages like soda or coke inside the office premises as there is already a vending machine.

And the most unimaginable rule is employees are not allowed to even carry water bottles inside the office and even if they wanted to drink they need to get out of the place, drink in the cafeteria in cups and not disposable bottles and return back.

Also, water is completely unavailable if you reach cafeteria during non-break times.

2. No stubble or beard with appropriate length:

In the case of physical appearance, there are so many worst rules which differ from organization to organization.

Like for example, an employee is allowed to have a beard with certain specifications with proposed length and breadth. Some offices, are even bad that they do not allow beard or a stubble.

Employees are asked to completely remove their beard and only enter if they are neatly shaved. Topping it all, a beard like mutton chops is completely banned.

3. Emails are allowed only with purpose mentioned:

Few organizations also have rules on sending emails. They are only allowed to send an email with a purpose attached.

For example, in order to write an email for business queries the employee has to select an option in the drop down menu.

Right from raising permission for a birthday celebration to paid leaves, employees are expected to email the higher officials adding the purpose along with the mail.

4. You cannot relocate or move your furniture a step:

A ridiculous workplace rule is that the employees are not allowed to move their furniture or relocate according to their need.

It has to be done with proper permission or the employees have to call the appropriate service employees to do it for them.

Pathetically, the complaint would be raised if they make a noise by dragging the furniture.

5. Not allowed to turn off electronic gadgets without permission:

Turning off electronic equipment like printers, television which is for presentation are banned.

Even laptops and computer monitors are also not allowed to switch off the equipment and issue will be raised if the employees turned off. This is very absurd as there might be no authority even over the electronic gadgets.

6. You have to report the administration about your absences be it an hour:

Applying for a leave is absolutely alright but not for not being at a desk for 15 minutes. There are few organizations which have imposed a rule that the employee has to report to the administration desk for not being in their place for minimal hours too.

Employees are not allowed to freely move in their work hours. These rules are designed like for school going kids and it is absolutely absurd.

7. Only fully grown a mustache:

Even though, there is no beard rule few organizations have some peculiar rules on having a mustache too. Only fully grown mustache are allowed.

Any fancy shapes and Staches and facial hairs on the face are not allowed. The worst case is employees are not allowed inside until they clean their facial hairs.

8. No short breaks without a write up to the team lead:

There might be times employees might feel suffocated to sit in the same place and concentrate for hours. And naturally they tend to relax for a cup of coffee or short breaks.

There is the rule in few organizations where an employee has to write a mail stating the purpose of not being in desk before they take a break.

This absurd rule is still followed by few organizations which you won’t believe.

9. No wearing hats in the workplace:

This might seem to be funny, but yes wearing hats in the work premises are strictly prohibited in few workplaces.

This rule is applicable even on frosting winters too and it is natural employees might feel warm to wear hats. This is been a strict rule in many organizations.

10. No carrying bundles of papers in boxes around:

You won’t believe there are rules on even carrying a box of papers.

According to certain office etiquette, carrying boxes has to be done on a dolly and not just like that around using hands.

There are worst cases where employees are fired from the workplace for doing such activities.

11. You cannot carry your personal phones during the office hours:

There are many worst rules related to carrying personal gadgets in the workplace. And one important rule followed in organizations is the employees are not allowed to carry personal phones along with them.

In the case of emergencies too, employees are restricted from using personal phones and they are asked to leave the phone if they are found with personal gadgets.

12. Not allowed to carry personal stuff even like a mug:

One of the most annoying workplace rules is employees are not allowed to carry personal stuff like files, desk decorators or like even coffee mugs to their work premises.

This rule is very irritating as most employees get frustrated having no ownership in the workplace and they feel like slaves.

13. Casual religious words are not allowed to utter:

This ridiculous workplace rule might look strange but yes, it exists in few organizations. It is very natural employees casually use casual religious words like god bless, or holy cow.

Even on these petty things, organizations tighten them up with rules and restrict them to not utter anything which has a religious meaning.

14. No smoking just before you enter the office premises:

No smoking rule is understandable, but no smoking in the parking lot or few hours before you enter office premises is ridiculous.

Few organizations, do check the employees if they have been smoking before they enter the office. This is one strange rules which a few organization follows as a workplace etiquette.

15. Carrying leftover food is banned:

It is natural employees might not want to waste food which is left over when they eat in the cafeteria.

There are rules that employees are not allowed to carry leftover food from the work premises. They are been thoroughly checked before they leave the work premises.

16. No shiny clothes or shoes:

Few organizations do not allow employees to wear shiny clothes or shoes in the work premises.

There is a rule that no fluorescent or any shiny color dresses are allowed to wear and also not more than 15 % of fluorescent shades are also not allowed to be worn by the employees.

17. Rules on the undergarment:

One strange rule at an organization was all employees must wear undergarments and women employees are requested to wear nude colored undergarments.

And no shiny undergarment colors are also not allowed to wear in the workplace.

18. You cannot alter your chairs height lowest:

This rule can be very strange as well absurd. It is a need to alter the chair according to each employee’s personal preference.

In an organization, employees are not allowed to alter the height of the chair. Especially, the height of the chair should never be lowest.

19. No chewing or eating while working:

Chewing gums or any kind of eating is not allowed in few organizations. It is punishable if employees have food in their mouth while they are at their desk and strictly no mouth fresheners are also not allowed.

20. Report before you leave to the restroom:

It is one of the weirdest rules but it is followed as absurd organizational workplace rules.

Employees have to report or bring it to the notice of the senior official before leaving to the restroom. It is the most unimaginable workplace rule ever.

21. No chatting personal stuff in the workplace:

No personal chats or friendships are encouraged in few organizations. There are many rules which state that no employee should discuss personal stuff or move from their place to other’s desk. It is punishable if employees stand crowded in a place having a chat.

22. Rules are imposed for body weight:

This rule can be strange but it is under force in one of the most famous japan collaboration. Employees are being regularly checked whether they fall correctly with the body mass index.

And most importantly, employees are checked whether they have any complications according to the medical reports.

23. No work-related emails after work hours:

There are employees who work overtime to meet deadlines. But there are few organizations who do not allow their employees to send emails after their work hours.

And there is a strict rule no employee should use any kind of office equipment after the office work hours.

24. Personal affairs are punishable in work environment:

Some of the weird organizational rules are that it is an offense if employees develop a personal affair with a colleague or a client.

That too no personal relationships are allowed or should not be encouraged inside the workplace.

25. Do not carry office stationary out of the work premises:

It is one of the silly but ridiculous rules which organizations impose on their employees.

Employees are been checked by the securities if any of the employees carry office stationary when they leave out of office. Even a pencil cannot be taken from work premises.


There are plenty of ridiculous workplace rules followed all over the world. And still employees survive in that kind of environments for a good career. At the end of the day, it is in the hands of the employees to choose right organization to work. Hope this post will be helpful to you and on that note, good luck.