A Career graph should never be in a declining path, it either should be constant or inclining to make it successful. Exploring new options and grabbing opportunities will help for the future growth. This professional development is called dynamic career.

Surviving in the same position or role for years with no development and progressive in professional career is called stagnant career. A stagnant career has no growth nor future, one need to update with new skills and new challenging to reach goals of life. One can get chance to face new roles and responsibilities in a dynamic career.

Stagnant Career:

Stagnant Career

Whose career has no growth or there is nothing to achieve in workplace for them, such type of career is called stagnant career. It may be due to several issues like lack of performance, or lack of recognition, lack of skills, lack of management support.

It is hard to survive in such workplace because one will not find it interesting and exciting to learn new skills, one will get bored of the routine career. Career may stuck or lag behind, the management may not offer new responsibilities or assignments this will lead to failure of career. Their experience will be of no use, since they have been working for the same role and not updated with new skills which are necessary to get a new offer.

Reasons for Stagnant Career:

Accepting temporary offers:

Many of them accept temporary opportunities, especially freshers due to lack of jobs in relevant field, they may tempt to accept it because of highly paid salaries. Such decisions may prevent their career to grow further, they keep continuing in the same field for the amount paid, also they start losing new opportunities as their experience doesn’t count since it is not related to their education and skills.

This is one of the biggest reason for stagnant career. Accepting such offers will effect long term career plan, once they get trapped it is hard to come out of it. One may also choose a temporary option for their personal issues, also due to the comfort levels offered.

Unaware of roles and responsibilities:

One must be aware of work environment, without proper knowledge of roles and responsibilities, one cannot build their career in particular organization. Post joining or after accepting offer, many of them will actually know their complete role in workplace, it may not match with what they have assumed or expected.

Since they took up the offer, they continue to work in it. This is also one of the reason which stops to perform well. As they have no idea to perform their duties, they cannot compete with others and lag behind. They will be pushed behind because of their poor performance.

Lack of skills:

One who always update themselves with new skills will find ample of opportunities, the one who failed to do this will be working for same role and position for many years. They were not encouraged by the management, in few cases they may ask to get retired as they don’t need inefficient employees.

Nowadays all the organizations look for smart candidates, they give chance to employees who prove their skills and develop the organization with their smart work. One who creates barriers for themselves by performing same work for years will lead to the stagnant career.

Dynamic Career:

Dynamic Care

Dynamic career is nothing but utilizing opportunities and evaluating successful career from it. It is to switch new offers which helps to develop their future growth. It involves a good plan and analysis on their goals and how to achieve them. This analysis help them to grab the right opportunity at right time.

The objectives are well defined and they tend to have a dynamic career, both financially and professionally they have a inclination path in their career. They utilize their skills and grab opportunities, they will have an interesting and exciting line up throughout their career.

Reasons for Dynamic Career:

Well defined Goals:

Career can be dynamic if one have clear set of goals. They set their standards as per their goals and drive accordingly, they have a strategy to approach and handle responsibilities. They are much aware of their capabilities, they lay path based on that, they wait for the right opportunity.

The area in which they are strong enough they catch hold of that and develop their career in that. To excel than others one must always perform well at what they are good enough. They seek proper training and focus on only that role which is crucial for them, they do always have alternatives but they will not tend to accept until and unless it is worth enough.

Go get attitude:

They do not lose any opportunity that is important to their career, they have a dynamic career because they take risk in which they are confident. At a phase one should risk in order to develop themselves and meet their goals.

Their attitude towards their career is always to achieve it, they understand the motive of good performers at work place, they try to enhance inculcate same in their career. They have clear vision of what next, they build step by step and finally get to the right place. They focus on all the skill set required to attain it. They keep tracking of their grades and progressive graph.

They do what they love:

Unlike a boring and routine job, they choose career what they love and what dreamt of, they do not entertain temporary opportunities, they always look for a long term cherished career. They enjoy their job and they do work for organization which makes them excite and provide opportunities to excel, they always look for a challenging positions which pave for their dynamic career.

They compete with themselves and strive for progress. They motivate themselves to learn new things and utilize them in their profession. They are much creative and smart. They push themselves to be perfect at their responsibilities.

Difference between Stagnant and Dynamic Career:

Stagnant Dynamic Career Differences

Update with skills:

Probably someone’s career is stagnant because they are not updated with new skills and no tendency to learn something new, this is the reason for their career downfall.

When we look at a person who have successful career path, they always try to seek new skills and get updated with their new technology required for growth of their career, it may not bring change to career at that moment, but it plays a crucial role for a career change.

They may get promotion and appraisal based on their techie knowledge. One who is passionate enough can have a dynamic career. One will be blocked in a same positions because of this reason.

Facing the risk and challenges:

A person who is successful at profession will not wait for the opportunity, he/she will keep exploring new opportunities to enrich their career. One should aim for progression to have a dynamic career hence they are ready to take up any new challenging role and face it, they take the risk of career change when they don’t find it interesting anymore.

People have stagnant career because they don’t try, they don’t allow themselves to face challenge, might be fear of losing current opportunity or lack of confidence in them. They ignore the career growth but just focus at comfort levels and temporary income which is why they are stuck at the same position.

Balance work life:

The one successful in career are successful at their personal life too, they enjoy their work and are able to spare time for personal work. One who is not satisfied with work place, they are more depressed and frustrated which effects both work and personal life.

One who choose dynamic career fulfill their dreams of life by choosing the best options for their career, that is why they are much confident than the others. They are aware of their goals, where as the others are messed up and blocked themselves with no option left with them to kick start a new life. They cannot balance their work life and not strong enough to switch to new career.

Recognition of strength:

Many of them do not utilize their strengths in professional career. They are good at something but they actually perform something at which they are just zero. It may be because they do not research well on the opportunities or lack of career awareness.

Many of them prove themselves by paving dynamic career because they are aware of their strengths and they just keep improving in it and they work only for those skill set jobs. They get well paid and recognized for their expertise in it. They experience that career is much worth enough, when compared to these.


To grow vertically one should compete with themselves, they should keep tracking their results for the fiscal year, and they set goals for the next fiscal year to meet them accordingly, they break their own records in order to progress, thus they build a progressive career.

The reason for stable growth in career is they are not upgrading or improving themselves to be perfect at profession. They are not trying to compete with themselves or with others, they may lose opportunities likewise, though they have experience it is of no use, since progression is important for a better career.

How To Revive a Stagnant Career?

Set short term goals to achieve long term goals:

Make a detail plan and create short terms goals to meet the aims of life. Analyze on priorities, work on the weak areas which is stopping to move forward in career. Take tips from seniors, learn things which are completely new. Take feedback from managers in order to improve and prepare own skill set that is required for next appraisal. Convert backdrops to strengths.

Do something which is never done before to improve in the given space. Follow the success mantra of the successful employees to achieve it. One may not see a high progression, but can improve step by step.

Analyze interests that gives job satisfaction:

At times one may be pissed off at their nature of job. Consult a job expert, take a career advice. Take a step to change job of own choice. Give a note to manager regarding the role change, or explain about skills to them so that they provide opportunity of chosen role which matches with skills set and gives job satisfaction. Give ideas to manger in expert field. This gives new opportunities in new projects. It is interesting to work in relevant field it gives job satisfaction and one can grow their career in that path of their own choice. One must make note of their interest and keep working on it, to have a dynamic career.

Never give up:

Never give up for those jobs which are just sufficient to survive as of now, choose a organization which have a bright future and evergreen, so that one can grow along with the organization. One must remember that they have to keep learning to survive in this competitive field. As technology and skills keep updating, one must be also ready with it, otherwise someone else grab the opportunity and there will be no improvement in career. It is not just enough to learn something just required for that particular role, it is important to know something out of box in order to be in the race, so that one motivate others and be a leader for their own team .

Never set limitations:

One must be flexible enough to take up any challenge that is much required for career. One need to chose the best option so that they do not regret it later for losing that opportunity. Chances rarely show up, one must be able to utilize to prove themselves and stand as unique between their co-workers. They would get appreciated and recognized for being flexible at workplace, which help for growing in their career. So never set limitations which blocks the careers.