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Where to Get Good Career Advice when you remain Stuck


There are many of us who reach high positions in their jobs. They get promoted several times and finally reach a position that their colleagues are sure to envy. While this is true, most of us reach a state of mind where we do not know what the next career decision should be. This confusion or haziness regarding career decisions is a part of everyone’s life. These are times when we actually seek good career advice. The question that haunts most people is where do we find good career advice. Here we have mentioned solutions to some of the major career problems that you may experience in your life. We have also listed out a few of the best options to seek career advice.

Get Good Career AdviceShould You Look for a New Job?

People are often confused whether they should look for another job when they are not satisfied with their own job. There are several challenges that a person may have to face while to change a job. These challenges are reasons why most individuals continue with low paying or inappropriate jobs. If you know the pros and cons of changing jobs, it will be easy for you make a good decision.

At a point when you feel that you need to change a job, you must evaluate the benefits in changing the job. Check your growth in your present organisation. See whether it has been as per the industry standards. If you have any nice offers at hands, see the benefits you may enjoy if you join these firms. You must always choose a firm where you get to learn new things. Do not focus simply on monetary benefits but also think about other aspects that help to improve your profile.

Should You Switch your Field?

Very often, individuals are not mature enough to select the right career for themselves when they are in college. They easily get carried away by peer pressure or influence of parents and make the wrong decisions which they regret entire life. Later in life, they get bored or realise they are not fit for the chosen field and decide to change their career. Yet, switching field actually means that you have to make a fresh start all over again. This can mean that you lose out on all the years that you have invested in a career.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind while selecting a new field of career:

  • Can I make use of my previous experience and knowledge to succeed in my new career?
  • Do I possess the skills and abilities to succeed in the new field?
  • Is there a scope of growth in the new field?

If answers to the above questions is in affirmative, it is surely worthwhile to take up a job in a new field of your choice.

Should You Get a New Certification?

The number of jobseekers around the world are much more than the number of jobs in each field.This is the reason why people find it really difficult to find a job of their choice and type. In a such a scenario, having a great resume can do all the magic. Some job positions may require you to possess certain specific knowledge related to certain fields. For instance, a mechanical engineer may increase his chances of getting core mechanical job by doing a short course on piping. Similarly, a graphic designer can strengthen his resume by learning In-Design and other image editing softwares. A beautician may increase her reputation by doing an extra course on haircare.

The question may arrive to a job seeker whether he should invest time and money to get a certification so that his chances of getting a job are increased. If you have such a doubt, try to question yourself about different aspects. Here we have mentioned two questions that you must ask yourself:

Does the certification course add to my knowledge of skills?
Am I getting carried away by peer pressure and herd mentality?

Avoid getting carried away by peer pressure and don’t do the course simply because everyone else is doing it. If the certification course adds to your knowledge and skills and will help you in the long term, you must definitely go for it.

Should You Grab the Opportunity to Work Abroad?

Many people foster the notion that working abroad is the best way to earn more money. They think that by leaving their nation and working in a developed country, they earn better and are able to increase their chances of earning more money. They also foster a notion that staying abroad helps you get rid of all the problems that prevent you to earn well in your native nation.

This could be true to a certain extent but it should not be the basis of your decision to work abroad. You need to check out the different ways in which grabbing a job abroad is going to benefit you. You also need to evaluate the drawbacks of shifting to an entirely new nation. You may have to adapt to the new lifestyle. In rare cases, you may even have to learn a new language and alter your ways of dressing. Try to think whether the new job is really worth all the effort you need to put in to adapt to the new place. If you think it is still beneficial for you, you must go for it.

Should You Work Nightshift?

There are many job profiles that require you to work in nightshifts. While initially this kind of shift was limited to call centre jobs, the increase in internet marketing and the need to cater to different international clients has changed the scenario. Now there are many different job profiles that seek candidates who are willing to work in night shifts.
The companies offer good pay and other concessions to coax people to work night shifts. If you have come across some similar job profile, you need to think and assess the opportunity before you grab it. First thing you need to ensure is that the night shift actually suits your health. Many people are unable to alter their lifestyle and suffer from sleep deprivation when they work in night shifts. Opt for the job profile if it suits your health. Otherwise, it may lead to longterm health problems later in life.

Expert People to Seek Good Career Advice From:

While we have covered some of the most common queries that arise in the minds of job seekers, there are other queries for which you may require advice and suggestions. The best people to approach when you have such issues are people in your own circles. They will know you personally and will be able to give a better solution that suits you perfectly. Here we have listed out a few of the best people you can seek advice from.

1. Ex-colleagues:

If you are working in a firm or an organisation and you have a query or doubt linked with the way the management functions, you may consult your ex-colleagues from the same firm or organisation for suggestions and guidance. Since they have years of experience working with the firm, they will be in a position to clear your doubt without any delay.

2. Seniors:

If you have queries associated with job seeking process or wish to know the present scenario for job seekers, it is best to get in touch with your seniors from school and college. They will be in senior positions in firms and will have a clear idea what the present job scenario is. They can provide guidance that will be extremely valuable.

3. Parents:

Career advice is not always the advice about getting into a good job. Very often, the greatest challenges are faced by the candidates after they join a particular job profile. They need to deal with office politics, hierarchy, management and clients. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. Very often, the candidates do not know how to cope with situations of internal politics. In such delicate situations, you cannot trust an outsider. You may instead discuss the issues with your parents. They have years of work experience and they have dealt with people all their life. Their advice can be best in such situations.

4. Teachers:

Your teachers are the ones who have instilled values in you. They have also seen you through all your years of studies in school. They know best about your skills, abilities and weaknesses. You can always rely on them to solve issues related to the office. You may even confide in them in case of issues that you cannot easily reveal to your parents. They can provide you the best career advice as they understand you most.

You need to make the final decisions regarding your career. Career consulting and career guidance provided by firms and recruiters are just insights into your own choices and decisions. If you take time to think what is best for you, it is surely better than seeking career advice from strangers who may have vested interests.