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12 Awesome Tips for Making a Job Offer to a Candidate


Getting a prospective employee for a job is one of the toughest and challenging processes that a company has to incur.

To find out one exceptional person in a resume and to get him on board the team, can be quite difficult.

Even in the down period, it is quite a task to find the perfect candidate. And when one has found him, one can lose him quite quickly.

Hence, it is important to take care of a number of things to bag the candidate and make a job offer to the candidate. Read on.

making a job offerMaking a Job Offer to a Candidate:

1. Always call:

Some companies make the mistake of mailing the candidate who they are sure of hiring rather than calling them.

When you call the prospective employee, it shows that even you are keen on hiring them and hence, it increases the amount of excitement for the accepted candidate too.

You can also understand how keen the candidate is and discuss the arrangement of the meeting immediately without further delay.

2. Be quick:

You have interviewed the candidate. She seemed flawless and perfect for the job. Make sure you reply either a day after the interview or within 2 days.

It is quite a possibility that there might be a chance of you losing her. Hence it is important to be quick in letting the candidate know that she has been selected.

After all, if you have made your decision, why wait? This will also add to the glee for the candidate.

3. Highlight the business aspects:

Convey strongly the reasons why the candidate should select your company to work with. It could range from amazing opportunities to peaceful and friendly work environment.

Emphasize on the corporate culture and new advancements of the company. This will make the candidate a little more positive about working with you.

4. Be enthusiastic:

Show how much you appreciate the fact that she is finally going to be a part of your company. Your enthusiasm will surely make her look forward towards working with the company.

Moreover, showing enthusiasm does no way means that you may have to bank on planning the salary details. It is important to show your appreciation to candidates who deserve it.

5. Salary structure in the market:

salary question Know what is the salary among the competitors and accordingly plan a salary structure which is competitive.

No candidate will work for a salary which is less than what is expected for the profession. The structure that you advance should be fair to the candidate and also to the level of the company. Do mention the benefits and high light them during the meeting.

6. Make all offers in person:

After letting the candidate know about his selection, arrange a meeting and discuss everything in person.

One on one interaction makes you able to explain every aspect and offer perfectly to the candidate.

Moreover, the candidate can clear his doubts in a better way during such meetings rather than on phone or through email.

7. Be accurate:

Explain the details of the salary and the benefits as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

Make sure you give the candidate a structured report of the benefits that he will be getting and emphasize on every benefits and its limitations to avoid any confusion in the future.

Do not make promises or give benefits that you will not able to provide. As then the candidate may feel victimized and this may affect on the quality of his work.

8. The 10% rule:

If the candidate applying has already been in a job who offered the same salary, there are high chances of him not accepting it.

They expect an increase in their salary while changing jobs. 10% rise of the previous salary is sufficient along with a couple of added bonuses if required.

9. Ask:

Talk to your boss Once you have set down and accurately given the details about the job and other paraphernalia to the candidate, ask him what he thinks about it.

Try to understand what he thinks and expects from the job and other factors that he thinks are good enough for him. Most of the candidates take a couple of days to revert back on the offer.

When you ask questions, their hesitation and other responses may steer clear which might possibly cause them to refuse.

But you will get a chance of understanding their psychology and clearing their head about certain objections that they may have against the job. This will most likely increase their chances in accepting the offer.

10. Follow up: 

After the meeting, make sure you follow up with the candidate through email or other modes of written communication.

Express about how it has been a pleasure for you to get to know him and how you look forward to working with him. Also give all the details that you had mentioned earlier in the email.

Even the intricate details about benefits, perks, vacations, holidays and most importantly the job title should be mentioned.

11. Keep a deadline:

It is important to mention a deadline post the meeting to the candidate. This will help you in selecting the others as quickly as possible if the candidate rejects.

Usually 3 days post the meeting is considered enough for decision making for the candidate.

12. Know where to stop:

Do not go overboard on pampering the candidate. So much of excitement on your part will make it clear to the candidate about how desperately you want him on board. This can lead to him expecting a lot of perks and bonuses.

Moreover, there may be some candidates who do not find the offered job profile good enough for them. Or they might find the salary genuinely low.

Try to understand their point of view rather than badgering them about yours.

A smart and curt job offer always pleases the candidates. Honesty and accuracy from both sides is what makes a great team and gives the best results. It’s important for the company as well as the candidate to realize how the job will help them grow as a person and an institution in the future. Creating a trustworthy environment from the interview day itself will increase the chances of bagging the best candidate for the company.