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How To Make Your Tough Boss Love You – 10 Awesome Tips


If you want me to play the role of Kama, Cupid or Eros, I am sorry!

What I meant here is a completely professional kind of love as I am really no matchmaker.

Here are some very simple tricks and tactics to impress your boss so that you may climb the success ladder at a much faster pace.

Hope these simple tricks and techniques help you in your race for excellence.

how make boss love youHow To Make Your Boss Love You?

1. Show interest in different tasks:

All bosses love employees who can handle many different tasks. Bosses and senior employees have to shoulder multiple responsibilities and if you are able to simplify the routine tasks for them, they are sure to be pleased with you.

Try to reveal to your seniors, how good you are in handling multiple tasks.

Show interests in tasks that do not fall under your jurisdiction. This is a great way to prove to your seniors how big an asset you are.

2. Take special interest in extracurricular activities:

Most bosses dream of a company or firm where job is taken coolly. They try to organize different events and functions that make the work life less taxing.

Do not hesitate to actively participate in the diverse events and functions. If you are a good orator, make use of such events to reveal your speaking skills.

Artists and creative individuals can explore their artistic skills in such opportunities. These are instances where you can create a lasting impression.

3. Interact with your juniors and try to resolve their issues:

If you wish to climb up the success ladder, you must be able to please your juniors. Take time out to interact with your juniors and tackle their queries and issues.

This will not just help you improve your bond with the juniors but also show your seniors that you play a great senior. This is sure to prompt your seniors to respect you and consider you for important positions.

4. Maintain cordial relation with seniors:

conversation with your boss It is not unusual to find bullying and non-cooperative seniors in an organization. You need to develop some amount of diplomacy while dealing with such characters.

Make sure you do not hurt them or upset them. This does not mean that you should tolerate all nonsense. It simply means that you need to handle such issues with a bit of diplomacy.

5. Inform beforehand when you plan to take leave:

New employees and younger employees usually fail to understand the gravity of the responsibility they shoulder. This is never a good habit.

Everyone needs to take leave from office occasionally but making it a habit is bad. Even if you plan to take a leave, make sure you inform beforehand so that your work can be adjusted with other team members.

Even if your employers do not take it too seriously, you should play your role well and inform. Bosses always love responsible employees who can make up for their absence.

6. Make mature decisions in work:

The maturity you show while informing beforehand on taking a leave should be revealed in other aspects of work too.

Your decisions can change the way the organization performs. You need to understand that you are shouldering a responsibility and you must do it with maturity.

There are many bosses who opt for older employees assuming that age will grant them a certain amount of maturity. This may not always be true but mature decisions will always be appreciated.

7. Be willing to take risks:

taking risk Leaders need to have the risk taking ability. Employers look for individuals who have the ability to shoulder the responsibility even in risky situations. They usually do not appreciate individuals who give up easily.

Risk taking is always appreciated in big organizations where they have several projects to handle and risks are inevitable.

You should not shudder when something goes wrong. It is best if you have a second plan to deal with the situation.

8. Actively participate in meetings:

There are many individuals who are shy and hesitant. They may be wise and intelligent but they lack the courage to go ahead and reveal their unique skills. This prevents these individuals from ascending the ladder of success.

Be brave and do not hesitate to participate in meetings, seminars and workshops. If you have ideas, speak up.

Make presentations and seminars. Reveal your insights and indepth knowledge to your peers. Challenge them with your abilities.

9. Be reliable and dependable:

Trust develops over a period of time. It is more of a habit and you really need to be consistent with your efforts to achieve anything in life.

Do not leave a single stone unturned. Your employers start depending on you when you consistently provide quality work.

You may not be an expert but reveal to your seniors that you are putting in efforts and they will surely appreciate it.

10. Don’t mix professional and personal lives:

Many people have this habit of discussing personal problems with friends at office. This can affect your career in a very bad way.

Your professional circle is usually not very close to you. They may misuse the information you share to defame you.

Do not give them this opportunity. Rumours about you will give bosses an impression that you are too talkative and so you cannot be trusted for secrets.

This may imply that you will be cut off even from professional secrets that take you up the success ladder. This is a simple reason why you should not mix professional and personal lives.


So to be on positive side, here are some simple tricks to impress your bosses and seniors. You can never compromise on work and work alone does not take you up the success ladder.

Success in the corporate world is a weird combination of effort, dedication, human relations and patience. Very few manage to ascend the ladder as they fail at different stages of the ladder to maintain the perfect balance.