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How to Choose an Applicant Tracking System Easily


What is Applicant Tracking System?

An application tracking system also known as ATS is a software application that facilitates electronic dealing for the recruitment of the company.

The key advantage of the software in an organization is that they help to collect and store job-related data about the candidate.

The progress of the candidates throughout the hiring process is monitored with ATS. The system takes responsibility for filtering applications in an automatic manner depending on the criteria formulated based on keywords, skills, experience, former employers etc.

Depending upon the company status, an ATS can be implemented or access top applicant tracking system online. Posting jobs on corporate websites can also be accomplished with an ATS.

By this method screening the resumes and generating interviews to the candidates through email is done.

The various other features of a recruitment applicant tracking system software are requisition tracking, resume ranking, candidate ranking, pre-screening questions, input forms, and more. Almost all mid-sized and large companies use applicant tracking system ATS software for recruiting.

How to choose an applicant tracking system

How Does Applicant Tracking System Work:

To get started with the hiring process candidates upload their details such as experience, qualification, background, education, cover letter and more into the database. While this process is on, the data is passed on from one component to another.

The hiring process is then continued, the recruiter can go through the applications and online reply can be sent to the candidates who have applied.

An online test can be conducted by the recruiter. The hiring manager can take up responsibility and schedule interviews, and rejection letters can also be sent to unselected candidates.

Human resource manager can get started initiating payroll once the candidates are selected. All these interlinked systems play their role in the recruitment and application process.

The key function of an ATS is to offer a central location accompanied with a database for the recruitment process of the company. They take responsibility for the management of resumes and application information.

In this system, data is collected through ATS front end or from job boards like,, and lot more.

The latest updates for better alignment and job descriptions are the usage of artificial intelligence tools and also natural language processing which is carried on through cloud-based platforms.

Selecting the right ATS for recruiting needs seems to be an overwhelming task. The state of the art technologies in ATS is that there are many software and numerous features equipped within it.


Tips for Choosing an Applicant Tracking System

Choosing the right one is merely a tough task. Let’s glance through a few steps in choosing the best applicant tracking system for your company.

1. Range of usability:

Pen down the usability features and opt for an ATS with only required features. Keep in mind to pick a system which is made used by everyone in the hiring process.

2. Easy usage:

The team members should be able to handle and use the system easily with minimal training. By using easy applicant tracking system ats, time and money is saved which is the main advantage and the team is surely profited as the investment they made would be worth.

The recruiting applicant tracking system software should be one that is easy to use, with a mild learning curve, with simple menus, icons, and functionality.

3. Don’t make your candidates frustrated:

Irritated with mobile
With many key points kept in mind for picking the right applicant tracking system, it is important to retain candidates who initiate the process.

When the applicant tracking system holds a protracted process with many clicks, deadening performance, prolonged time for uploading messages, the candidates will experience poor performance and leave the site.

So it is mandatory to overlook for the clicks, attractiveness and based on only performance an ATS should be picked.

4. Research before purchasing ATS:

Though individuals hunt out for the best and required ATS with necessary needs, there are vendors who pop up convincing that their ATS is the best in industry. It is suggested to avoid those well-polished and convincing words.

Make complete research about the ATS to be bought, research well on

  • What does applicant tracking system do
  • Why is applicant tracking system important
  • What applicant tracking system is the best
  • Who uses applicant tracking systems
  • Read the reviews from other sources
  • Ask prior users of ATS about its result
  • Look out for references from companies concordant with your needs and narrow down.

5. Check if ATS is linked with social networking sites:

To obtain better candidate visibility, it is mandatory to check if the ATS to be picked would take you through the social networking sites and job posting capabilities.

Vendors of ATS have been into paces in such ATS linked to social networking sites.

6. ATS should deliver accurate results:

Before stepping forward to purchase any ATS make sure they are able to provide you accurate, quick and apt results.

To accomplish this request, it is important to know the search engine they utilize. Multiple testers can also take part on searches in a live system.

7. Consult about customer support:

Customer Support
Due to usability, performance, and downtime, the ATS may cripple, so make sure the ATS you pick has complete customer care.

It is best when you lookout for the best customer care who works 24/7. There should be support throughout the ownership as customer service is a vast consideration.

8. User point of view:

When an applicant tracking system is considered, there are two phases. One is the in house side where the staff of the company assists in the recruitment process, whereas the other side is where the candidates interact directly.

You can always ask for a demo being from the side of a job seeker. To make a real-world test, you can find the company using the same ATS and try out in the form of a job seeker.

9. Collaborative environment:

Recruitment process takes place often in a collaborative environment where numerous people are involved in the process.

Many cloud ATS have popped up recently where the term of recruitment collaborates during the review of the candidate. When choosing for an ATS make sure they work on a co-operated situation.

10. Mode of accessing:

The applicant tracking software should have the possibility to be accessed from anywhere through its desktop, laptop or mobile gadgets which include tabs, smartphones and more.

When the hiring managers and recruiters are unable to use at instances they require, the value of the ATS is diminished. Make sure to choose an ATS which is accessible at all places.

11. Gather vendors background information:

Make sure to collect details regarding vendor’s revenue, business status, success track during the years, years of experience in the field and financial viability as many vendors pop in and out in an alarming rate.

The key reason to dig into their background is that in many cases the vendor may go bust, and in many cases they may vanish with the clients’ money. This may lead to hindrance, loss of time, money and preparing for implementing new ATS.

12. Opt for cloud-based ATS:

With the state of the art technologies popping up cloud-based ATS are newcomers as they hold many advantages. When cloud-based ATS is chosen, there are no hassles during upgradation and installation.

The other key benefits of applicant tracking system which is cloud-based is that they are accessible from anywhere, and self-maintained, with such excellent features. With cloud-based the workflow is continuous and hiring takes place in the fast track.

13. Integration facilities:

The integration of ATS with another system is accomplished depending on the size of your company. Large companies will integrate the ATS with multiple systems whereas small companies would integrate with the website.

Make sure to ask the vendor for details when you are a large company looking forward for integration.

Keep track and get to know the availability of the resources for integration. For small companies ask them for the essential steps to be taken for integration with the website.

14. Looking into functionality:

An applicant tracking software should possess all the features required by the recruiters and hiring managers as the core object.

When such a requirement is absent in the ATS you purchased, replacement of the manual and less functionality features should be available. Make sure to take a deep look into the features you require for your company.

15. Automation:

When purchasing ATS, they should possess automatic job posting established on job boards, the other aspect to be focused on is that the job order creation should be template based.

With such good features, the pre-screening should also be accomplished automatically with customizable questions.

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16. Portal for employee referral:

When enterprise customers are taken into consideration, ATS they choose should possess a separate portal for employee referrals.

The provision should be in a way that the recruiter is pinged when referred friends take part in the recruitment process. Enterprise customers should focus into such features when choosing an ATS.

17. Look out for dashboard facility:

To get updated with the recruitment process at a glance, a dashboard facility with reporting capabilities can be the best choice while picking ATS.

The recruitment pipeline is opened up, and the latest details regarding recruitment metrics is another feature which keeps the process running.

18. Make a thorough research before purchase:

research about the company
There can never be a wholesome people who are completely happy with any ATS but take time, research or Google search online and get acquainted with industry experts so that you are updated with more knowledge than the vendor does.

People offer you more suggestions and share their experiences with the ATS they utilize. You can also request them for a trial before buying.

19. Affordability:

When ATS is planned to be purchased, the affordability is an important factor to be considered.

The cloud-based solutions is gaining grounds these days and offering quality solutions to companies of all sizes. These kind of ATS system diminishes the cost of hiring.

20. Internal candidate portal:

When enterprise candidates are taken into consideration, internal movement is an important factor so they possess a healthy workforce as well as good employee retention.

It is important to discuss about and make clarifications about the presence of employee portals. Bear in mind that these portals should be attractive and intuitive too. With such facilities, the internal employees can view the status.

21. About EEO compliance:

For EEO compliance to be accomplished there should be featured in the ATS such as asking for data’s directly from the candidate, offering the right reason for non-selection of any candidate.

Before purchasing ATS, it is smart to check out if EEO compliance features are present.

22. Some ATS would require customization:

Certain companies would just require an ATS which keeps the data organized, whereas there are companies who need customization and interconnectedness of ATS.

For example, they may require many custom forms that can be used for screening the candidate.

They may also require the possibility to develop emails so that the candidates are updated about the recruitment process. ATS applicant tracking system purchased should also be looked out if they are customizable.

23. Choose the appropriate applicant tracking system:

Different ATS are developed for varied fields, for example, health industries have their own ATS, and social media recruiting have their own category and so on.

The specification and the availability of the ATS should be studied, do not accept this category of ATS for your company, look into your needs and pick the one that is appropriate for your industry.

24. Platform independent ATS:

Always bear in mind to choose an ATS which works on any kind of browser, mobile or tablet device. This will make the hiring process easy too, otherwise, special specifications has to be made.

25. Follow 90/10 rule:

The ATS chosen should be a system in which the hiring managers often do all the time.

The resumes should be reviewed within a snap time, decision making should be accomplished with just a click, and sending feedback should be simple without the need to login. So pick an ATS which is simple and easy for the recruiters.

26. Your ATS should avoid training:

Choose an ATS as simple as possible which does not require training. The ATS should be easy to roll out and ramp-up, this makes easy to learn and win.


Taking the right decision for an applicant tracking system is daunting and requires lot of homework. It is best suggested to make research and pick the right system which prolongs for a long time and makes the recruitment process easier.