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16 Best Staff Retention Strategies for the 21st Century


The traditional employment agreement is an occasion for employers to revive an old-fashioned Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that no longer reproduces the desires and requirements of either the employees or the business.

Filled with comprehensive familiarity about their employee’s daily needs, employers can generate an assortment of programs which they can adapt in exclusive ways for advice fragment of their staff, such as improving further skills of potential employees, in order to enhance talent and staff retention techniques and related employment strategies.

And they could turn aside the workings of the set portfolio, and should invest in those parts where employees are lacking, to line up with not only monetary authenticity, but to meet business aims and improvement in hidden talent.

Staff retention strategies 21st centuryStaff Retention Strategies Every Company Must Follow:

The following mentioned are few employee retention ideas and few employee engagement strategies.

1. Healthy working atmosphere:

The crucial goal of staff retention strategies which helps to create in maintaining a place of work that exerts a pull on in retaining talent and nurturing excellent people.

This covers many issues, varying from mounting corporate undertaking, ethnicity and value structure to persevere a safe work surroundings and creating an apparent, rational and regular working rules.

2. Build up staff correlation strategies:

Strategies of building employee relationship are a must to do point for employers. This usually depends that how you treat your employees and afterwards, how they delight each other as a colleague.

Employers need to develop effectual employee relationship strategies which should begin with their own initiative steps. You need to engage your staff in some extra-curricular activities apart from work.

3. Training on strengthening relationships:

Be acquainted with that in all but especially in the smaller companies, people reports to their manager, not anyone else. Their main work association is with their immediate supervisor. They hardly interact with other employees/ colleagues of the same company.

The understanding to work efficiently works with employees on a personal level; but this has to be tied up with the bonding which is needed to hold employees.

4. Keep on asking employees feedback:

You need to often ask your employees about their opinion and highlight the things they say about you, so that you can emphasize on the given feedback and work to it to improve on the lacking points. They themselves very much aware that why they work for you.

Gain a better perceptive of what catches the attention of people to your company. You can then make use of that information to employ new employees, mentioning that: “Here’s the reason people work with us”.

5. Things to make a better workplace:

Do the entire things which favor the workplace. Make the workplace a constructive place to work so that it doesn’t be converted into a grumble sitting, and listen strongly to your employees that what they say about making a better workplace.

Out of many conversations one or two random ideas could come as a good idea, not only for humanizing circumstances for your staff but for all aspects of the company.

6. Give timely recognition deliberately:

In due course, employee association strategies also help to build sagacity among colleagues. There, people do have inconsistency and or disagreements but they learn how to work together and efficiently even in worst conditions.

It is always good and steady to keep on recognizing, appreciating and admiring employees from time to time so that they also feel motivated and encouraged. It is another way of keeping employees happy and thought of changing company hardly comes to their minds.

7. Enhance employee development stratagem:

Strategies have to be come in practice where employee development policies been strongly enhanced and encouraged. It basically has a deal with employees own private and professional growth.

Potential employees wish to build up new comprehension and skills in array to perk up their significance in the market and enhance their own sense of worth.

8. Internal program for skills, training and development:

You need to introduce various in-house training skills and development courses which could make the employees busier towards end of the week and it keeps them feel engaged in other curricular activities.

HR department need to organize special training programs for their employees who also brush up their skills in a better way and helps in developing their hidden talent.

9. Form personage learning tactics:

The HR department has to introduce various learning plans and policies which could ultimately enhance not only knowledge and information but also increase their skills and aptitude level.

The creation of such individual learning plans also make them feel engaged in such kind of activities. The thought of leaving the company hardly comes to their busy mind.

10. Support employees to link with professional associations:

You need to sharply encourage your staff members to join other professional and trading associations, should strongly recommend them to attend seminars of such conferences if ever held in the same city.

Such conferences and seminars help them to understand business logics and related things in a better way. If they will join these associations, it gives them an opportunity to strengthen their rapport in business world too.

11. Fitness association memberships:

There is no harm in offering fitness and/ or other club memberships such as gym clubs, golf club, swimming clubs etc wherein the employees could go to relax after official timings.

It would not only give them a chance to keep up their health but if several colleagues are going together, it could also help them to understand each other in a friendly environment.

12. Maintain the promises you commit:

First of all, be geared up to make the promises you make to your employees. If it would be only futile commitments, then be ready to arrange next recruitment procedures and processes.

Since if you got fail to stand up on your made promises, employees definitely need a change and will go away. Try to make only those promises which you feel could benefitted to both sides, a type of win-win state of affairs.

13. Evidently classify job responsibilities:

Since every employee comes with an aim and a specified goal to do something at the workplace. Employee always expect from the employer that his/her job responsibilities and accountability is clearly defined to them so that they could not face the situation where they would be showing blank faces and could not tell anyone about their job responsibilities very well.

So such things also make their mind off from the work and eventually it is the duty of HR to retain such employees.

14. Cheer up people to take inventiveness:

This is the foremost duty of every organization and especially of HR to encourage people to come forward and take initiatives at their own.

You need to encourage employees to start thinking about workplace likewise what is needed at work stations, what has to be improved, what other activities could be implemented there and so many other things. When they will feel proud of already taken initiatives, their mind will start thinking big things naturally.

15. Persevere security at workplace:

Since every life is important and likewise every person takes care of their existence very well, similarly they think that their employer should also consider that way to secure their priceless lives.

You need to make sure about proper fire protection and equipment, the hygienic restrooms, washed and clean utensils; a healthy environment which appeals them and they also feel good working over there.

16. Create entertaining work environment:

The primary thing every employee seeks at the workplace is how to create a workplace an entertaining and pleasant one. This is not like every third day it would be a celebration floor. This is like how you form and build a pleasant atmosphere all around within the colleagues, boss and especially in lunch room. This makes the employees to stay in the company for longer time.


The staff retention plan for the 21st century and employee relations strategy could be extremely helpful if the initiative has to be taken by both sides all together.

The implementation of various supplementary activities, the encouragement to join professional links, the fitness memberships, rewarding with employee recognition and awarding employees with small prizes, actually makes them feel delighted and always motivated to face the new or any upcoming challenges in their job.