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How to Optimize your Recruitment and Hiring Process: 10 Tips


Recent studies and surveys have shown that the amount of average time needed to fill a job position of 1000 employees has jumped up from mere 29 days to a whopping 45 days. This is not good news for companies who have a lot of open jobs present for the potential and talented job seekers out in the market.

Irrespective of what the latest report says, most recruiting and hiring teams often find themselves struggling to hire well deserved and talented candidates for the company.

Optimize Recruitment Hiring Process

There can be a large number of underlying reasons for such a downfall in performance by the recruitment and HR team of the company.

The main reason being that most recruiting agencies and HR agencies have to face primary problems such as lack of resources, less number of talented and impressive personalities to hire, financial and material constraints and less number of external help during the recruitment process.

All these reasons along with the large vacancy time for a position can often lead to a huge loss for the company often resulting in loss of capital and employee force.

Many recruitment agencies have provided various tools and methods to ensure the proper growth of the company by maximizing the recruitment and hiring process. They also ensure that the recruiters are also having a fruitful and less stressful experience while hiring the ideal candidate.

Following these methods not only means proper growth of the organization but also results in tapping the well deserved talent force thus choosing the most efficient and talented candidates present in the industry.

If you want to ensure that you are leading an efficient and productive recruitment and hiring team, here are some tips that you can follow to make sure that your company is hiring the right type of employee for the job position.

1. Try to calculate the deficient amount of talent:

One of the very first steps for a proper and efficient recruitment process is to study and learn about the talent deficiency that is present within the market. The most commonly heard complaint among employers and recruiters is the large talent gap that is found between the job and the candidate. Most candidates are either under qualified or over qualified for the job.

Finding the right candidate having the correct level of qualification for the job position is a hard job, especially for recruiters who have to spend a large amount of time searching and sifting through tons of applications and resumes just to get the right match.

If you are an individual who is in dire need of knowing whether the talent acquisition branch is working poorly and if the amount of talent deficiency that is predominant in the industry, is to calculate the amount of job applications applied to the company.

One method is to collect the total number of job openings present in a certain month and compare it with the number of jobs filled with the same time period. This will give you a rough idea of how the recruitment team is hiring people in actuality.

Learning about the industry changes and getting to know about them is also a great method for predicting about the amount of talent deficient present in the industry.

2. Try to examine whether or not the HR department is hitting the breaking point:

One of the best ways to curb the slow hiring process is to learn about the various departmental and organizational needs that are present in the company. This is necessary to understand whether or not proper steps need to be taken for the proper functioning of the HR team within the company.

One of the most common ways of improving the hiring process is by ditching the HR management team within a company and shifting the responsibilities to various departments for proper and efficient recruitment process. This is one of the controversial methods that is present and is mainly used in extreme cases as a form of saving money and cutting costs for the company.

Another way to improve the performance of the recruitment and HR agencies is to outsource them to various other sections or departments and try to transform the HR officials into more respected positions within the company such as managers and leaders within the organization. This process also involves mixing the task and priorities of various departments to ensure that the employees are working for the same collective goal and not for their individual departmental needs.

Merging the recruitment department among various departments of the company is a growing trend that is seen in various organizations. These processes can be considered as a quantifying process for the effective use of resources that is present in the company without wasting any employees or workforce.

3. Establish a large talent pool:

A talent community is a group of individuals who are interested in being hired and recruited with a company. The talent community of a company consists of a team of recruiters and hirers who are present to study about the nature, talents and the potential of the candidates who are also part of the community.

In a talent community, candidates and potential job seekers have the right to ask doubts and queries regarding the talent acquisition and recruiting process that is held for various job openings and various employment opportunities within the company.

The main reason why many companies are recruiting talent agencies is the fact that a large number of companies in the industry are looking for well deserving and talented and skilled candidates for various job positions. So, to amplify the intake of the candidate applications and also to have a more fruitful hiring process, many companies are establishing large talent communities.

Another advantage of having a large talent pool is that companies can regularly communicate with the candidate after they have submitted their applications for the job positions. It also gives a chance for the recruiters to identify and select deserving candidates that are rare to find in the crowd. To ensure a proper and fast recruitment it is necessary that the companies should periodically communicate with candidates and job seekers through their talent community.

4. Try not to recruit in the traditional manner:

One of the best ways to increase the intake and recruitment of candidates is stop using the age old process of hiring candidates only for the job positions available through the traditional method of posting jobs via job boards and employment sites.

Most candidates in this day and age, do not solely depend on job sites to get their dream job, instead, they try to find jobs through various methods such as social media, community websites, advertisements, online marketers, freelancing and so on to get their dream jobs and also to study and learn more about the jobs and its aspects.

With the rise and increase in the usage of social media. Mobile recruiting and the bog data technology, it has made the employers and recruiters hard to find the right kind of employee for the job position. The task is similar to that of finding a needle in a haystack.

To find the perfect candidate for the position, it is important to find individuals who have a sound knowledge about the various trends and changes in the industry and should be well equipped with the latest technological trends.

For this purpose it is necessary that many talent hirers and talent acquisition teams should raise a high bar on their recruiting strategies and should try to find all round candidates if possible. Try to use various other mediums for recruitment purposes for effective results.

5. Try to recruit passive candidates through a proper sourcing strategy: 

Recruiting passive candidates can have a fir share of advantages to the growth of company and can also prove to be a blessing in disguise for many recruitment agencies. Passive candidates are defined as candidates who are not actively present looking for a job. These are the type of employees who are satisfied and happy with their current professional status and do not wish to accept attractive offers that are from other rival companies.

Passive employees are considered to be a treasure when it comes to recruiting as these employees have the much needed experience and talent for filling high profile and hard to get job positions that many recruiters fail to hire.

Even though the term passive is used, many passive candidates are not entirely passive and they are open to provide room for improvement and development of their skills and talents.

One of the main disadvantages of hiring passive candidates is the fact that many recruiters and hiring agencies have to work hard to find them and persuade them to join the company, this requires a lot of hard work and education from the recruiters side and it also needs a lot of time and energy to hire passive candidates suitable for the job.

There are many ways that one could use to hire passive candidates. some of these methods such as starting to blog about the company prospective and employee perks, praising the passive employees as a form of persuasion, mining the employment technology such as the ATS system, being good to the present employees for spreading a good word about the company and also inquiring candidates based on their talent and not the job position. Following all these methods will ensure a good sourcing strategy to hire passive candidates.

Tips To Follow:

Following the above mentioned guidelines will help you to speed up the recruitment process and also ensure a speedy recruitment of deserving and talented candidates suitable for the job position. This also means good news for the recruitment agency and the HR department of the company. Additional methods can also be followed for proper candidate application and recruiting. These include:

1. Shorten your recruiting process:

Shortening the length of the recruitment process for catching valuable talent and efficient workforce. Try to understand the average time that is needed for proper recruitment process and utilize the given time to ensure that you have time to select the worthy candidates from the generic lot.

2. Shorten time-to-hire:

To shorten the time required for recruitment it is necessary that hiring managers and recruitment officials should daily check the candidate applications for the relevant job positions; this also allows the recruiters to spot the worthy candidates right away.

The job offer and the related information should be presented within the same day so as to decrease the time gap from being recruited to being employed. Extending the time of recruitment can also potentially decrease the chances of accepting the offer letter by the candidate and it can lead to a loss of a valuable potential employee.

3. LinkedIn recruitment strategy:

Finding the right type of candidates through job websites like LinkedIn is also a good method for speedy recruitment and hiring for many companies. As mentioned before, many candidates do not solely depend on job websites for getting a job position; they will also search for various job horizons to bag their dream job. LinkedIn is an example of such a job horizon.

4. Candidate database:

Many recruiting agencies can find the right kind of candidates through LinkedIn by proper usage of keywords and also adding attractive and special messages that can attract a lot of potential candidates who are talented, well deserved and in some cases who are passive in nature.

It is also a good method for collecting candidate information for database storage for future use. Hiring managers and staffers should be always active on LinkedIn as it gives them a chance to connect with various candidate based on the time and convenience of both the parties.

5. Good reputation is important:

Running and managing a speedy and efficient recruitment process requires a lot of dedication and effort. Always keep in mind that the process of recruiting not only means hiring people for a job position, it also means developing and building a good impression and positive image to the organization by ensuring candidates that the company needs their talent and skill to achieve the company goals.