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How to Answer ‘What is your passion or niche’ Question


Grabbing a job nowadays has become a mammoth task since the number of recruiters is very less in comparison with the number of candidates.

So the interview process has come up for recruiters to get the right candidate for their job.

Interviews include asking tricky top interview questions and answers to the applicant including questions related to the personal and professional life of the candidate.

While getting ready for an interview, prepare for some questions like what is your passion interview question that requires great interview answers for the recruiters to immediately hire you.

what is your passion interview question

Answering What is a niche or passion interview question?

Before proceeding to different types of interview questions and answers, we should know first about what is your passion or niche interview questions and what would be the best what is your passion interview question answer. But

What is a niche?

Niche is nothing but, a single field in which you hold the expertise to the core. In simple words, single trade in what are you passionate about.

It can be anything related to your personal life. You can be passionate about many things, but since the word niche has come up, you need to bring down your list to those particular hobbies that are something you like above all.

So let’s discuss various niche or passion interview questions and the good answers to interview questions that help you bag the job and impress the recruiter.

Why did recruiters ask passion interview questions?

The recruiter asks these passion related questions and answers for the interview to gain knowledge about you as a person, apart from professional life.

They want to know about your interests also to check your dedication level.

Asking passion related questions can easily gauge a person’s ability to perform well even outside professional life also to know if their passion may be of any advantage to their organization.

How to answer questions regarding your passion?

There is one typical question that can be asked about your passion that is “what is your passion in life?”.

And this is the question where you need to give a full blast of your passion in a semi-professional tone.

Leaving these questions there are various other questions in which you can display a bit of your passion if you have any, regarding the particular job or quality that job requires.

Like communicating with a wide number of people or doing social services. Your passion can be anything, like playing the piano or blogging or writing or it may be traveling.

It is important to display your passion for life in such a fashion that it gets to have some relation with the job requirements.

Why should we hire you?

This is one of the typical questions that is asked during any job interview, and you are expected to answer to your abilities and skills as well as experiences.

But, at the same time, if you have any passion that has some kind of direct or indirect connection with the job description, then including that would give you an amazing result.

For instance, if you are applying for sales executive job, or public relation officer or manager post, and you have a passion for travel and communication, then it would only increase your chance if you mention that along with the skills and abilities, like, I also have a passion for travel and communication with wide variety of people, love listening to them about their culture and discussing about ours.

This kind of answer shall not only put a remarkable impression but also make sure you get this job.

How you should not answer this question:

Don’t boast about your abilities in front of them or exaggerate the truth too much. Also, don’t tell them all about your passion especially hobbies, in this question.

All they want to hear is a generalized version of your skills and experience. Exaggeration will only result in a bad impression.

What do you expect in your next position?

One of the tricky questions asked during an interview. And you need to tell them about your expectations. So make sure your expectations are not so sky-high or groveling on the earth.

Just keep it moderate and simple and give a little flow of your passion into it, for example, you can answer it with a hint of semi professionalism using exciting or interesting.

How you should not answer this question:

Try avoiding answers like I am passionate about this and that. So I would expect my working environment should be favorable for me concerning my passion. Your answer determines whether you will fit the working environment.

So telling too much about your wishes may result in losing the job interview. Keep it as simple as possible

What is your preferred work environment?

When this question is asked to you in an interview, do not hesitate to answer your comfort zone, but tactfully.

You need to answer according to your flexibility while answer related to the working environment. Answer this question truthfully, since lying can only cause you trouble in the future.

How you should not answer this question:

It is quite obvious that they are asking this question to assess your capability to work in various conditions.

As we know, an ideal candidate should be able to work in varied conditions. So, therefore, getting choosy will downgrade your candidature.

May we know something about you?

This question is just a modified version of the first question. Yes, you need to tell everything about you in front of them.

Your academic, professional and a bit of personal life would suffice, to give the perfect answer. Just make sure all the answers you give are under the job requirements for a better chance to get the job.

How you should not answer this question:

Do not go on too much about personal things, especially passion. A hint about it is what required for this question.

Try to keep this answer as concise and precise as possible, as well as make sure to give them all the information required to validate your candidature.

Why do you require this position?

A few cheesy lines would be quite favorable for this kind of question. You can add a bit more about your passion in this question like, this job fits my passion very well or since doing this or that is my passion.

Keep this answer a little casual to ensure better results from recruiters. Do make sure that whatever you answer should directly or indirectly point towards the job requirements.

Also, use your passion to show them your commitment and seriousness towards any task.

How you should not answer this question:

Do not overdo things. Getting too cheesy can result in irritation. Moreover, don’t lie about any of the facts. Try not to go too casual or over friendly and spilling things that you should not.

Additionally, don’t go for an extremely professional answer to this type of question. Professionalism should be shown in the areas of the requirement, not everywhere. So keep this in mind while answering this question.

Do not play with a passion too much. A recruiter might take you for a casual person who is not serious about his/her job.

May we know about your dream job?

Asking this question, the recruiter wants to know about what kind of job you want. You can add your passion a bit more than the previous question to get astounding results.

For example, if your passion is traveling and exploring new places, you can answer any job that requires a lot of travel to various cities.

Open up and be frank about your dream job, since if the organization would come to know your areas of specialization of passion a bit more, they may provide you with work that you would enjoy doing without any pressure.

How you should not answer this question:

Do not go for an irrelevant answer. You can specify any trade you like, but remember that you are currently applying for a certain job and sitting for an interview. They would certainly expect something related to their job for efficient conductivity.

If you are sitting for an HR manager interview and you specify your dream job as being a chef, then this would certainly put a negative impression on you.

You need to provide a reason to specifically point out your skills indirectly that would help in the current position. Like working in a team, or providing with quality work.

Why did you change your career path?

This a tricky question to answer. The question certainly demands you to answer negatively. But all you need to do is take the negativity out and turn it positive.

You can answer it like it was a good job but you decided to quit because it didn’t suit your passion much.

Moreover, you weren’t able to exercise your skills to the fullest in the last job. This answer will fetch more appreciation.

How you should not answer this question:

Try not to go negative, since negativity downgrades a candidature. Try positively answering everything.

Answering “they didn’t pay me adequately” or “I was put through too much pressure” can only create a bad impression in front of the recruiters. Avoid these as far as possible.

Additionally, giving total vague answers to this question will result in a bad impression. A recruiter needs to know if you would be consistent enough in your job. So show them that you are, instead of saying all bad about your previous job.

What is your passion outside your professional life?

This is the direct question that needs a full blast of the description of your passion. Yes, you can have any passion that you have no doubt, but state your abilities related to the passion, for the job requirement also.

Your abilities should have some kind of connection directly or indirectly for the job.

For example, if you are stating your passion as a keyboard player, then an ability to achieve perfection should reflect through your answer.

How you should not answer this question:

Do not provide vague answers. The only way you are going to lose this interview is by giving an irrelevant answer.

Additionally, do not go for negativity while answering these questions like “I never get satisfied with how much better I perform” or I try my level best to achieve my goals”.

Your passion should reflect on how much you enjoy doing things rather than doing to achieve something.

How do you deal with extreme conditions and pressure?

If you enjoy your work, extreme conditions won’t make you frightened anyway. Therefore being passionate about your work is of utmost importance.

Use answers like being passionate about my job can make extreme conditions and stressful situations enjoyable. Use your abilities related to your passion to satisfactorily answer this question.

How you should not answer this question:

Giving too many professional answers to this sort of question is something that you should avoid. Try not to describe your experience for this question, instead, stick to your abilities and passion for this type of question.

Use your common sense while giving them your answer since this question is a logical one and a test to check your abilities to deal with stressful events and to make sure your answer is relevant to the requirements they need. Giving irrelevant answers can result in losing the job.

Interviews are necessary events, conducted to choose the right fit for the job. Most interview questions asked in interviews are by themselves crafted in such a manner that the answers would reveal the perfect candidate out of millions.

Out of all this, passion plays a vital role in the recruiting process. It not only reveals a person’s interests but also makes sure whether these interests would be of any practical use for the organization.

A person’s passion can disclose various skills that can be put to use in his job position. Therefore knowing about passion is as crucial as answering them. So if you are passionate about life, play with your passion efficiently to get past the interview with flying colors.