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‘What Would Be Your Ideal Working Environment?’ Answer


Finding the perfect and ideal working environment is never easy at all. Many people think that drawing a big salary is all that is needed for job satisfaction but this is something which is completely wrong.

In order to produce quality work in the office having an ideal working environment is very important indeed. So if you are called in for an interview and in the course of the interview you are asked the question ‘ Describe an ideal work environment? ’ rather than fretting on the spot, you should plan from beforehand what you would like to say in response to such a question.

Your Ideal Working Environment

Purpose of Asking “What Would Be Your Ideal Working Environment?”

As per research, happy and motivated employees are great at work when compared to employees who are uncomfortable with the organization’s work culture.

So this clarifies that work culture plays an important role in the performance of the employees.

Now there are mainly 2 purposes of why employers ask this question and they are

  1. To know the potentiality of the employee at work and to ensure their comfortability
  2. To better analyze the personality of the candidate and their suitability to the present work environment

How to Answer the Question?

While answering this question you should not only include your preferences but also make sure that it would benefit the organization as well.

Some of the best tips to answer what would be your ideal working environment are

  1. Displaying teamwork skills
  2. Your growth ideas should match the company’s vision
  3. Research about the organization’s work environment
  4. Exhibit your personality
  5. Showcase the knowledge about the company
  6. Focus on your goals and future plans

Describe What Would Be Your Ideal Working Environment Interview Question:

1. An ideal working environment is one where the surroundings are neat and tidy:

When you are asked this question in the course of an interview, it is very important that at the start of your answer you talk about the physical aspect of things. You must begin by stating an ideal work environment is one which is kept clean and tidy. No individual likes working in an environment which is dirty and unhygienic.

Keeping the office clean is not merely the responsibility of the cleaning staff, but it is the responsibility of everyone working in the company as well. Saying this will really leave a good impression in the mind of the person taking your interview.

2. Where there is adequate technology to help the employees:

If the boss of a company wants his company to do well and flourish, it is very important that he should be willing to spend some of the company profits on technology. It is no secret that we are living in a technological age and if companies do not keep up with the changing times it is unlikely that they will be able to compete properly with other leading businesses.

So in the course of your answer, do mention that an ideal working environment is one where there is proper infrastructure available for the employees so that they are able to do all their work in a proper and time-efficient manner.

3. An environment which is very quiet and peaceful:

Good quality work is never produced in an atmosphere or environment of noise or chaos. All individuals need to function in a calm and stress-free manner in order to bring out the best in themselves.

So the candidate must answer by saying that an ideal working environment is one which is quiet and peaceful so that the employees are really able to get in touch with their inner thoughts as well as feelings.

Good companies are those where the manager is able to enforce strict discipline so that no one thinks it is alright to shout or talk loudly.

4. An environment which is well lit up: 

Believe it or not, having the right kind of light is very important in the workplace. If the office is poorly lit up then chances are that the employees too are likely to feel very restless and sleepy.

So when the interviewer asks you this question do not forget to include this point in your answer as well. It may seem like a small or insignificant thing to say, but if you at least make a mention of it, your interviewer is sure to understand that you are someone who takes in to account even the smallest of things.

Lighting is something that instantly makes a person feel awake or sleepy, so it does help in setting a working environment.

5. An environment where there is a lot of positivity:

An ideal work environment extends beyond physical things like comfortable chairs and air-conditioning. It is an environment where there is a lot of positivity and employees are really encouraged at all points in time.

If a working atmosphere is very repulsive and negative then employees are never going to feel like doing the best they can do. All employees should be adequately rewarded when they happen to do a task well.

If the employees are never given bonuses or incentives then they will see no need to push the boundaries and excel at every task which is handed to them.

6. Where employees are allowed to think in a free manner:

When you are asked this question pertaining to an ideal working environment, do make it a point to state that an ideal working environment is one where the employees are given the freedom to think outside the box without having any kind of fear in mind.

There are many companies which try and curb the creativity of the employees by telling them to always go by the books, yet a company which has an ideal working environment will not instill such fear in the minds of those who are working under them. Employees should be taught that failure is something which is a part of life which cannot be run away from.

7. An environment which has no unhealthy workplace politics:

In any office whether small or big there is always some extent of workplace politics. In some companies, workplace politics is of a positive kind but in other companies, workplace politics is of a very unhealthy and bad kind.

On being asked this question you should surely make a mention on the fact that an ideal working environment for you is one where there is certainly healthy competition.

After all healthy competition makes people rise to the occasion and bring out the best in themselves. Unhealthy workplace politics makes some meek people feel both vulnerable and insecure.

8. An environment where there is no unnecessary gossip:

It is often said that only people who are silly and very narrow-minded indulge in gossip. People who are brimming with new ideas and dreams never have time for such pettiness.

So when the recruiter of the companies asks you such a question in the course of your interview, do state that an ideal working environment is one where people are constantly so preoccupied with their work and projects at hand that they never sit around ideally gossiping about people who they don’t like. State boldly that you are someone who never indulges in things like this because you find it very low.

9. Where employees feel safe and secure at all points in time:

Workplace violence is something which is more common than you might think. There are many employees especially women who often feel very threatened and worried when they walk into their place of work.

Due to the fear playing on these victims minds they are unable to bring out the best in themselves. When the person taking your interview asks you this question, state that an ideal working environment is one where no one has any kind of fear playing on their mind,. A working environment should be well guarded by armed securities, who know exactly what to do when trouble of any kind breaks out.

10. An environment where the superiors help the newcomers:

There are many companies where the seniors simply refuse to help the newcomers, this is mainly because they want to establish their superiority and secondly because they fear that the newcomers will get better than them and replace them in the time to come.

Once asked this question you should state that you believe an ideal working environment is one where the seniors are very helpful and supportive to the newcomers.

No employee whether young or old should be made to feel inferior in any manner. State that you are someone who would be always willing to help a fresher if you were in a position of advantage.

11. Where there is no kind of corruption:

It is very unfortunate that nowadays most companies are very closed about what they are doing. It is because of this lack of transparency where corruption is on the rampant.

Once the employees are aware of the fact that such corruption is taking place behind closed doors it is unlikely that they will be feeling like giving their best towards the company.

State in your answer that you are someone who values honesty and integrity above everything else and it is for this reason that you consider an ideal working environment one where there is no corruption of any kind.

12. An environment devoid of any kind of favoritism:

All employees have the dream of getting ahead in the company which they are working for. As long as promotions are carried out in free and fair manner employees do not feel bad. The moment employees understand that promotions are being given based on favoritism then that is the thing which is going to make them feel betrayed.

When you are asked this question by the recruiter state that you believe an ideal working environment is one where merit is rewarded at all times. There is no discriminated on the basis of caste creed or sex. Saying this will really show you to be someone who is very clear-sighted and morally righteous.

13. Where all the employees work as a team:

An ideal working environment is most obviously one where all the employees work unanimously as a team. No one is trying to get ahead, by putting the next one down. It is rather unfortunate that the business world is rather famous for being cutthroat.

State in your answer that though you are someone who would love to get ahead and be successful at your career, you would never consider even for a moment doing something like this. You would consider a working environment as ideal if everyone was secure in their own position and work collectively for the good of the company.

14. An environment where people help you if you are in trouble:

An interview is where you have to really show all that you have to offer. If you are unable to put your best foot forward then a good job opportunity will slip through your hands. On being asked this question state that an ideal working environment is one where people are ever willing to help you if you are in trouble.

They assist you whenever you are feeling low or down. It is the job of the company’s boss to ensure his company runs as a well-oiled machine.

15. Where praise is given where it is due:

When you are asked this question be sure to state that an ideal working environment is one where all the employees are given praise when it is due to them. No one constantly tries to put them down just for a tiny mistake which they might have made when getting a job done. After all, we are just human beings and not gods. Making mistakes is something which is natural.

16. An environment which encourages you to focus:

Lastly, an ideal working environment is one where there are no distractions. It is an environment which is conducive to work. In addition to this, there should be proper food and drink provided so that when working hard the employee’s health does not suffer in any way. Having a balanced diet is something which is very important.

Mistakes to Avoid While Answering “What Would Be Your Ideal Working Environment?”

  1. Discuss about the bad work environment
  2. Do not bad mouth about a previous employer or work culture
  3. Focusing only on yourself
  4. Talking about work hours

Sample Answers:

Example – 1:

“I am a truly adaptable individual and I give my best at work irrespective of any kind of workplace. In any case, I should concede that I flourish in workplaces that are ambitious and support innovativeness”

Example – 2:

“I don’t look for any kind of particular perfect workplace as I am truly adaptable. I can undoubtedly change in accordance with various conditions with no issues. I comprehend that work culture here is quick-paced and I truly appreciate that kind of condition as it’s a perfect situation to be imaginative in and step up to the plate.”


These are some of the things which you can include in your answer so that the recruiter understands very well that you are someone who knows exactly what you want. Those who have no real experience in the business world will answer this question by only referring to the physical environment in the office. This question includes a lot of different points which you ought to keep in mind.

If your answers during an interview appear incomplete and very off point then it is obvious that the company will not hire you onboard. Companies long to hire those people who are able to look at things in an objective and holistic manner.