Well guys!! I am going to share some tips with you on writing great blog posts to engage your readers.

Good content on your blog is the only way to build the loyal readers and engage them on your blog.

It also helps us in many ways like building a relationship with the users or readers, drive more number of email subscribers, gain good PR and also help in branding your work and acknowledge your expertise in the field.

People will always come to your blog in order to access the greatest piece of content which they can share with others.

So to drive the loyal traffic towards your blog, start sharing unique content on your blog. You should be able to analyze what your visitors will like to read and evaluate the thoughts to produce better content.

So, here are few tips which would help you to write blog posts that can engage your readers:

How to write blogs

How to Write Blog Posts that Engage Readers:

1. Correct Composition:

When you sit down to write any article there are certain sections which need most of your attention. You need to handle these areas with care else you might end up in writing a good article, but not the best.

Therefore, make sure you keep these things in mind when you are trying to be a part of the lead generating post.

The first and the foremost thing is, you need to have an interesting title to grab the attention of the viewers than to make more individuals aware of your presence. Make use of the buttons for social sharing.

In-text links are also an important point to remember apart from the banner or Sidebar call to action, end call to action, and relevancy. When you are writing you have to make sure that everything is relevant to the topic that you have chosen.

2. Weave in your story:

It is quite natural to run out of ideas and feel like there is nothing new that can be shared with the viewers!

But you cannot stop there; instead you have to look around to come up with ideas for your blog.

Have you ever thought that your journey till date might be an interesting read for your viewers?

All the hardships, as well as the fun moments that you have had all this while if jotted down carefully, might end up inspiring thousands out there who feel that blogging is just not their cup of tea.

Moreover, no one knows your story; therefore you will have a unique story to share with your audiences.

write something important

3. Share something important:

It is quite tough to keep up with the deadline and consistent presence online, but it is important that you write because you have something informative to share with the world.

If you are typing in just about anything because you have to post a blog within the stipulated time, then you are treading the wrong path.

You have to ensure that every time you appear online you would deliver something really useful.

4. Making your blog look good:

If content is the queen, then formatting is the accessory that makes the queen look beautiful.

Therefore, you need to spend some time with visual editor, so that you can master the art of formatting like inserting an image and embedding podcast or video to make your blog look really good.

You can use any platform of blogging you want, but make sure that you always stay updated and use the features to optimum level.

In case you are not technically sound, then you can hire someone or get some expert help to assist you with your queries.

5. Brainstorming sessions:

If you want to have stock of ideas that will help you in keeping your bags full for quite a long time, then you must indulge in a serious brainstorming session.

In order to do this either you can take the help of some tools or you can do it with simple pen and a paper.

Pen down the last 5 blogs that you have posted and think about how you can extend it. Go to the comment section to see whether users have posted any questions.

You can also look at the same blog post from a different point of view, which will offer a completely new perspective on the same blog. This way you can write down all the possibilities that you can think of and have a list of ideas for your future blogs.

6. True to categories:

There are several blogging platforms which have different categories for the bloggers. When you are posting something you have to ensure that it fits into one of those categories, otherwise it won’t serve any purpose.

While writing an article you have to stay true to your topic and also remember that it fits into one of the many categories that the platform is provided.

7. Calendars for scheduling:

Editorial calendars can be put to use for many purposes, including some important works like scheduling or organizing various topics for your posts.

If you want to get into tracking for more details, then you will be able to fetch information like tentative titles, tags, keywords, author, call to action, postdate and status as well. This editorial calendar will help you with digital optimization, SEO and even the conversions.

8. Various lists made available:

A popular type of posts in the blogging world is the list and Nate Riggs a top strategist from the Midwest, who has specialized in content marketing, have come up with three different list types for the bloggers.

They are – Detailed list, Hybrid list and Brief list. Brief list as the name suggests, provides a little description, but is mostly used to allure the readers to mainly bookmark the actual post.

The detailed list is complete in its own way as it provides full information in a simple manner. The last one is hybrid list, which you can term as the mix of both brief and detailed lists. It comes up with long explanations within the actual list.

9. Some more details about the author:

There are times when you will feel the urge to know more about the author who has written a marvelous piece of article.

Therefore, it is important that you provide complete information of the author in your blog post. You can also mention the role of the author in your company as it will help you provide some credibility to the work that has been published.

If someone finds that creative head of the company has taken out time to pen down the ideas that have been published, then the readers will go through the article with much more conviction.

Include the name, designation and a small introduction to your life to make an impact on the mind of the readers. Moreover, ensure that you have some contact details available there, so that people can reach out to you easily.

10. Hard times curating:

A lot of hard work goes into curating an article because in this process you would actually go through various articles and then come up with a unique article.

Moreover, you are actually saving the time of the readers through curated articles because people are getting the best of several articles at one place itself.

A huge amount of research goes into the making of a curated article, so at the end, it is a satisfying experience overall.

11. Ask questions:

In order to keep your readers engaged you can ask them questions and when they answer, you will get to know many unknown facts. You may also know different perspectives of the same topic.

At the end of the question answer round, you will come across as an enriched person because of the amount of information that will get posted out there.

Blogging tips

12. Practice makes a man perfect:

Nobody became the perfect blogger in just one day instead practice has made them what they are today.

Therefore the more you write, the better you will get with time. Do not commit the same mistake again and again instead concentrate hard and try to improve with every write ups.

13. Mix and match the topic’s length:

There is an audience for both the long posts and the short posts out there in the blogging world.

Therefore, you will find people who read the 7000 words articles as well as 700 words articles. Here the main thing is to make sense, if you are not making sense then people will not even bother to read a 500 words article, leave alone the long post of 5000 – 7000 words articles.

So as long as you are providing useful information, people will be hooked on to you.

14. Lead your viewers to calls of action:

If you are not happy with the way your viewers go through your post without leaving any comment or when they do not hit the subscribe button, then you will have to take the initiative and ask your readers to leave a comment after they are done with their reading.

If they don’t leave any comments then it becomes a bit difficult for you to know the feedback of the readers as well.

15. Provide ample time for writing:

It is a work of creativity and that obviously means it is a time consuming affair. When you are trying to write something down it doesn’t appear all of a sudden, instead it takes time to jot down the words that will bring out the emotions correctly.

Therefore, it is important that whenever you are struck with an idea you take it down quickly else you will lose it in no time.

16. Designing the blog aptly:

The first thing that your viewers look into your blog is the designing of the page and if it is impressive then you will find your page views and conversion multiplying in no time.

There are various elements which add to the success of the blog and they are – RSS Feed, Search box, images, best content links, sharing buttons, etc.

Moreover, if you want to be part of the successful blog then selecting the right platform is also important, so you can either go for Tumblr, WordPress or Posterous.

17. Research offline effectively:

Though you can come up with some of the best content searching online, it really pays off if you visit the bookstore or the library for some reference as well. You will be able to discover a treasure of content out there waiting to be discovered.

18. Provide personal touch:

If you are part of business blog, then you must be wondering how you will be able to provide personal information out there.

What you can do is share the process of work or ensure that you give in little sneak peek into the way you operate, so that readers find a personal touch in your blog.

If you are an individual, then while writing the piece of article you can share the information or technology that you use to make your blog better than the others.

19. Providing hint:

When you are uploading a video you can come up with an excerpt of the video to provide your users the hint about what to expect out of the video.

It is not necessary that you will have to come out with excerpts only when you are out with videos instead you can also summarize the e-book for your viewers as well. It will be of great help to the users.

20. Quantity v/s quality:

Don’t you think it is better to concentrate on quality content rather than quantity?

Now if you are wondering how to set the parameters for good quantity then here is what you can do. Analyze the topic well and make sure your article covers all the information.

Once you have written the content you can ask yourself some questions like whether this content deserves to be shared or not and whether the users will be able to understand the content or not.

And when you get the answers of these questions in the affirmative you are good to go.

21. Content that revolves around users:

Users are your priority, therefore it is important that you keep them in mind while writing.

The articles are a great source of customer service, therefore, while putting the article together, you have to see that the problems of the users are answered and they are the priority.

Make sure that the communication is clear and that too in simple language.

22. Impressive title :

The first impression that you create in the mind of the readers about your blog is your title. So it must be impressive because the title will be drawing in more users and also can impact users to read on whole article.

Other than just drawing in more traffic, the headline can also communicate the message to your user base as well.

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23. Blogging with a twist:

It is quite common in the blogging world that you will find different bloggers have been writing down on the same topic.

So it becomes very important that you touch the areas that have not been explored by other writers till date. This way you will be able to stand out in the crowd, even when you are writing on the same topic.

24. Look into the type of questions:

If you have run out of ideas then try to look into the search engine for options. See the type of questions that have been asked by the users mostly and try to come up with contents which are similar to that.

Track down the questions that your users are using to get to your page and it will give you a fair bit of idea about your next possible topic for the blog.

25. Promotion is a must:

We all know how promotion can help us in receiving a number of viewers that we are expecting.

But for carrying out the promotion, the proper strategy is a must. Depending on the quality of the article you need to strategize your promotion.

26. Blogging metrics:

Through inbound links, leads, visitors, subscribers along with social media sharing you will know how your blog is doing.

In order to measure the blog’s performance, these metrics are really helpful and it will also help you in judging where your weaknesses are.

27. The Approach of a journalist:

The journalists can be a great source of inspiration for the bloggers because of the approach they take in hunting down new stories.

There are several things that you can learn from traditional journalists and they are – getting the facts straight, credit the sources, earn the trust and the most important thing is proofreading and editing. You can also use some proofreading and editing tools.

Blogging Tips

28. Picture speaks volume:

One image can change the whole look of the blog. You can convey loads of emotions through the image, illustrate analogy or also help in evoking surprise.

You can also make use of images to complement the headline of your post as well.

29. Search engine writing guidelines:

If you want your blog post to be searched by search engines then you need to include all these things in your post. So you have to include text, outbound hyperlinks, accessibility, etc.

30. Check for minute errors:

It is a good practice to revise what you have written because there will be some minor errors left out that you can notice once you go through the blog yourself.

Grammar check, spelling mistakes as well as punctuation correction, etc. can be done readily through revision.