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How to Identify Top Performers in a Company?


The term “performance” means the ability of a person to bring out results accurately and precisely in the task assigned within the stipulated time. Such top performers are mostly recognized and treated specially.

These ‘top performers’ are not only doing their job but are directly contributing to the overall business development of the company.

identifying top performersTop Performers – Attributes and Characteristics:

Such people are protected and given preference over the others as they help in producing the results that is expected of them.

They are vital to the success of the company irrespective of the positions they hold in the company or the organization.

How to identify or know them? Below are listed the following identifications.

1. Achieving above expectations:

Employees set goals as per the vision and mission of the organization. The goals of the company are transferred to individual as objectives for the year.

The performers usually have tendency to complete the task and above all achieve more than given.

There are sought out persons for getting time framed projects executed as they have record of completing on time!

2. Always taking initiatives:

Such individuals always look towards opportunities wherever it arises. These are persons who are not afraid to take initiatives and they go for it.

When there is a requirement for a project that is yet to come out, these top performers do not allow for a setback and take initiative to executing the work.

3. Leadership skill:

These individuals are people who have leadership qualities in them and execute them at appropriate time.

Taking responsibility of being leader requires sheer courage and way to lead a team through hard times. They know how to utilize the skills and talents of others for various types of assignments that is being given to them.

They also take accountability for the risks involved and guide them with motivation.

4. Executing tasks flawlessly:

Many of them have ability to get the job done with minimum errors. It is impossible to get a job done completely without any flaws.

These top performers, usually, have the ability to execute the project through obstacles that is on their path and reach their goals without much distraction and hindrance like budget constraints, internal conflicts, going beyond deadlines.

5. Adapting to new environment:

Top performers are individuals who do know how to adapt to the surroundings or the environment they are working.

No matter what the circumstances are, their goals and objectives are their priorities. They don’t falter in a new environment and they deliver results consistently.

Having the nature of adapting to the new environment and the culture around is an important characteristic for top performers.

6. Adapting to change:

Adapting to change There are circumstances where there would be a change in the management or the structure of the workplace.

Such changes are evitable where there is a need for merging of two giant organizations or two small firms or a firm buying another one.

Whatever be the situation, sometimes there are some individuals who leave the firm and join elsewhere. These top performers hold on and adapt themselves to the ‘change’ in management and their style of working.

7. Good boss:

Well, everybody is interested to have a boss who is understanding and allows you to perform according to your flexibility.

This is not bad at all!! But it is very true when the boss has a big heart for understanding the concerns of their employee he/she becomes a top performer.

Having the proper support of a boss, the top reformer performs with enthusiasm and zeal. So if you need to find a top performer, check out the boss first!!

8. A fair pay-check:

Most of the top performers are individuals who have been rewarded properly ‘on time’ or else they would be kidnapped by your opponent.

In case a top performer is sticking to a firm for long period of time, it means that the firm or organization are taking care of his paycheck.

They see that he is kept satisfied so that he/ she keeps showing consistency in the work execution.

9. Empowerment:

This is one of the critical factors for individuals to work in a team or single. The power of empowerment is such that individuals are allowed to make decisions that is needed at the moment.

Taking decisions at the right moment is the characteristic of a good performer.

Empowerment is given to individuals only when the company or the firm has trust in them. This allows them to perform with courage and helps to grow.

10. Challenging work:

These performers lookout for challenging work assignments and challenge their own self to get the output.

By reviewing the type of task given to them it would be clear as to the details of the work and time frame to get it done. Also, it would be known how the work has to be executed.

From the time frame to complete the task and complexity of the assignment, you can come to know that this person is a top performer.

11. Opportunity to learn:

opportunity to learn These performers always look for a place where there is a chance to learn a new skill and grow themselves. Such organizations are sought for.

Once the learning curve is in place these top performers help in bringing success to the organization where they learn and grow themselves.

12. Effective management:

Performance is all about getting the job on time and without errors. These can be done when the management is keen to take care of their employees as they are the assets to the company.

Management is effective when they have a proper setup to manage the employees concerns and try to mitigate them.

This setup will help the company to grow and also bring out top performers. Look out for top performers where the management inspires their employees!!

13. Responsibility and development:

These performers would be having certain responsibilities towards their job assigned. They also take responsibility for the job assigned and look to the opportunity for development.

Wherever there is job with responsibility and chance for development, you are sure to see that being handled by a top performer!

14. Ambitious goals:

When a company is expanding or growing it sets ambitious goals. By having a look at ambitious goals it is possible to find some of the top performers be a part of its team.

As top performers are always on the lookout for challenging assignments and tasks, a company having ambitious goals will always have challenges in it.

15. Right compensation factors:

Each company has a culture of compensation for its employees. Instead of having a regular set of benefits for its employees, if there are a specific set of compensation derived for each kind of assignment, then there is the possibility of motivating everyone to become top performer.

16. Regular meets:

regular meetings Usually performers lookout for being appreciated. There are various ways a company appreciates in employees like announcements in meetings, rewarding during a family meets display of the performers’ names on notice board where everyone see.

When you find a company wherein there are regular family gatherings and monthly employees get together, we are sure to find top performers.

17. Regular feedback to employees:

Most of the company conducts fairly straightforward feedback to the employees. But there are instances where the appraisals of individuals are conducted for namesake.

In such cases where the employees are given a rank based on the will and wish of the boss, it is very difficult to find even a good performer.

The feedback needs to be genuine and fairly done. In such places you are sure to find top performers.

18. Flexible dress code:

People of different cultures and backgrounds are expected to be working in organizations. Considering all the cultural differences, some companies are wise enough to allow individuals to follow their culture patterns.

In giving employees certain flexibility for their dressing code can also be considered as a factor for companies to retain good performers.

19. Not afraid to speak out:

Whether it’s a meeting or a gathering, these performers are not afraid to speak out about their achievements.

They are the main inspiration for others to follow them and also help them out. They are not afraid to share their ideas and help in the improvement of the project or company. These people are like gems of the company who motivates others in the team.

These performers are always able to identify the needed and ask for it to achieve their targets.

20. Hard work and Reliable:

Hard workers The top performers are mostly hard workers in the company. They are sought after by managers, customers, co-workers.

Because of their commitment to work and time frame to complete the task they are always the favorites. Moreover, they are reliable people and you can just close your eyes and give them work.

The hardest worker and reliable ones are the top performers of the company.

Considering the recent trend in the employment sector, retaining top performers is very critical for the company’s success. Each company needs to be very precise in identifying its top performers so that they don’t leave them for another best option that may be offered elsewhere. The above facts can be considered as some of the factors necessary to identify them in the company.

These top performers when identified needs to be kept safely with the company or else there is a chance for them to be ‘stolen’ by your competitors. These people are expensive ‘assets’ for the organizations that cannot be replaced.