Employees would lose their jobs sometimes because of their stupid decisions or deeds. It may be lack of maturity, few of them have very bad mouth and they express their views through social media, and once the management figures out such things the employee would get fired because of their crazy acts.

Also some make fun of their work place, it is one of the dumbest thing to lose their job. At the end of the day they have to survive with their job whether they like it or not, so one should be careful while posting such things and they should never complain or judge about their job with others.

Dumbest Stupidest Ways to Lose Job

Top Reasons to get Fired from your Job:

1. Violating ethics:

There are certain rules and principles that are implemented in every company. Some are too lazy to follow it. For example safety is the basic ethic of any company. They provide certain safety helmets, jackets that are to be used in workplace, due to ignorance or negligence they avoid using them and cause injury to themselves.

It is not only for individual safety but it also effects the work of the company, it may cause damage of resources and also cause injury to others. So violating it may lead to lose job, so some basic rules have to be followed to survive.

2. Trying to fraud the management:

There were certain allowances and benefits provided to the employees by the management. They expect the employees to be honest and loyal. They can utilize the benefits up to the limit they have provided. Trying to claim fraud bills and trying to forge will lead to lose their jobs.

If the employers figured out that the employee cheated the management, they would terminate the employee and the employee career will be completely spoiled. No one can utilize the company benefits for personal purpose. Although they are aware of these principles but still some tend to do it.

3. Diversity Issues:

The team would consist of different race, cast and gender. All of them have to work together for progress of the company. Diversity is one of the basic factor that every individual has to adhere it. One does not have right to criticize the other person’s race caste or gender, they should respect each other for harmonious work culture.

For example there was a meeting held between two teams, each came up with two different concepts for the project, as part of the presentation they started to debate and that lead to abuse each other, one of them abused about their nationality, and the other person complained about it, and the management terminated the employee for abusing in that way.

4. Misbehave with customers:

Mostly in marketing and other customer care services, the employees should deal with the customers with patience. Sometimes they find hard customers to deal with, they were trained how to deal with them, but unfortunately some lose their patience badly with them and forget that they would lose the customer and it may cause damage to the reputation of the company.

One should be careful enough to deal with such customers so that they would not lose the customers. They should respect them since they are getting paid for it. It is one of the dumbest way to lose their job.

5. Fake certificates:

Employees should submit their certificates for verification before joining the company. As they are aware that company would do background check and verify them. If they try to submit the fake certificates and try to join the company, they will not show mercy and terminate the employee immediately. They may also block the employee so that he/she would not attempt to apply for the same company.

It is illegal to commit such things, they would also get punished for it, it is stupidity to cheat the employers with such certificates and trying to get into the company. Many of them lose their jobs because of this.

6. Being irresponsible:

Punctuality is one of the core principle in workplace. The employees turning up on time must be available to the company whenever they would require the employee service. Being irregular to the office, hints the employer that his/her service is of no use. They warn or complain the employee on it, if it is repeated the employee will be declared to withdraw from his role. One can resign the job if they are not interested and they would get a service letter for it, if they get terminate there is high possibility that they miss other opportunities in their career because of this bad remark.

7. Causing damage to company resources:

One can lose job for being reckless in handling the company assets like laptop, mobile, premises, and other things that belong to the company. They may cost huge amount and some things can’t even be recovered from their salary. In that case management may take serious decision on that person and they may ask to leave the company. It states that one is lazy to care about something which costs high.

Some may mishandle the gadgets or tools and cause damage to them. One should have proper knowledge so that they do not mishandle it. Gadgets may contain huge information that is related to the company, causing damage to it is also one of the reason to lose job.

8. Violating company security and privacy:

Knowingly or by unknowingly some share their passwords and user ids with others, this will create a very big issue, they may hack the company website and misuse that information in it. If someone in the company caught for such issues they will get dismissed immediately also they may face legal issues. Also one cannot copy the data and transfer to other devices, they are not supposed to share the local intranet password to the guests who visit the company, one should contact the IT department for it, unless approved no employee is supposed to share company information, violating all the above may lead to termination.

9. Misbehavior:

Some jobs are very sensible one need to be very attentive while working in such areas. Those who cook at restaurants should always use their hair caps and all the hygiene coat, gloves. If the customers find dirt in the food they would complain about the hygiene and they get fired for this reason, they were supposed to be neat and clean. Also the flight attendants cannot talk rudely to the customers also they cannot show their frustration on them.

Getting drunk and abuse others in official parties, Criticizing others at work place or doing something offensive are misbehaviors that play important reasons for losing a job. In some companies employees are not supposed to use mobiles in certain office premises, one who violate it will lose their job.

10. Using company assets for personal purpose:

Company printers cannot be used for personal use. They cannot use cab for personal works. Taking print outs and using company money is an offense. They were not supposed to download the personal files from the internet and store the data on company pc. Once they figured out people committing such things will lead to punishments. Using company mobile to make personal calls and messages, they would easily identified when claiming since they have to show bills, doing bribe and all these are dumb things.

11. Complaining about the company on social media:

Posting status about the boss or about the management is one reason to lose job. May be its frustrating for someone to handle the pressure in company but before sharing it, one must be careful enough to share while having the contacts of colleagues, it is likely to know about this and get informed to the management. Also to share about the bad day that one had in their office and abusing about it on facebook is also a offense. Also doing some crazy things which are not supposed to be done in office and posting them may be noticed by any of the official gets you fired.

12. Sharing about other job offers with colleagues:

While trying for other jobs, one may share about the details of it, and this information if passed to the manager, one will get fired for not being loyal to the company. As the other company still not offered a chance, it is a dumb thing to reveal it to the colleague, in case if they failed at that interview they miss both the jobs and remain unemployed. It is obvious that employer would assume that employee is not sincere and not going to survive for much time, so why would they waste time with such employee they hire a new employee instead.

13. Shouting at the boss:

To get approval from the boss for leave or permission, after finishing talk they don’t actually see whether the call has ended or not, many of them start yelling about the manager and later find that the call hadn’t hang up yet. Also some type wrong messages to the boss while they chat with friends and boss at the same time. Also while talking in the meetings they don’t mute the button and talk about their own stuff and later got caught by the officials who are talking on other side. One will not have chance to give explanation about it.

14. Some funny reasons:

Not turning up to the meeting because of spending too much time in restroom. Messing up the work place especially in restaurants. Bad behavior with a customer. Making fun of the customers, laughing while meeting is going on. Hanging up with someone assuming that boss is not watching, unfortunately they get caught. Yawing while boss is speaking or while important meeting is going on. Sneezing while serving the food to customers. Dropping plates and that spoils the customers dress. Wearing casuals when supposed to wear formals. Not adhering to the company standards is also one of the dumbest reason because they are aware of those.

15. Expecting company favor for personal parties:

Some companies offer the employees to have food with company expense. They were not allowed to feed their friends with that money, they had to make bill separately at their own expense. Violating it and claiming the bills is something offensive, company will not encourage employees to do that. They expect the employees to be sincere at workplace. It is something one cannot give explanation if the employee got spotted. Also if they have a team party they cannot invite their friends of the same company of different team and they also get paid from company account. Though they belong to the same company the team expense should be claimed not for the others other than the team.

16. Talking about the company initiatives with others:

Many of them discuss about their profession with their friends, one is who working for their competitor company, may reveal the secret launch of their new initiative. The competitor can immediately come up with new initiative more interesting than the other. This is how many of the companies shock while they come up with new initiatives and the credit will be flagged by the company who actually copied it. Knowingly or unknowingly they discuss about their profession and cause huge loss to the company, they get spotted and lose their jobs because of their bad habit of talking outside the company.

17. Asking colleague to check out:

Especially when weekend starts, people plan for parties, they ask their colleague to check out for them. Which is a very big disciplinary issue that cannot be tolerated by any company. They will fire the one who went early, also the friend who helped. It is not so easy to cheat all the time, and the consequences costs more. Instead they can ask for approval to permit to leave early, instead of cheating in this way. The employers cannot trust them anymore so they will be asked to leave with no mercy.