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14 Most Common Reasons Employees Get Fired Legally


The growth of a company depends on the efficiency of its workforce. The performance of employees decides the success or failure of projects. However, discipline is an important aspect that employees need to adhere to. You may be a skilled professional, but you need to follow some company protocols.

Employees are getting fired, as they are not following the rules and regulations that all employees are supposed to follow. However, there are situations during which an employee can be sacked due to the lack of discipline and performance related issues. Mentioned below some of the reasons why employees get fired:

Reasons Employees Get Fired

Common Reasons for Getting Fired:

1. Bitching About your Boss on Social Networking Sites:

Often employees express their frustration related to work by bitching about their boss on social networking sites. Doing so shows a lack of professionalism and paint a bad picture of the company among people.

As an employee, you may be an asset for an organization but that doesn’t mean that you can say a foul thing about your boss. There have been a number of instances when people have been sacked for criticizing their boss on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Doing so can lead to termination of employment.

2. Going drunk to work:

Professionals need to maintain a level of decency and decorum as long as they are within the office premises. Taking alcohol in your day to day life may be your personal choice but reaching office in a drunken state will create a negative impression about you among the staff and management.

When you are drunk, you have no control over your senses and this may cause a lot of nuisance within the office premises. Doing so can lead you getting fired. You may not even get the due compensation from your employer because of your behaviour.

3. Unauthorized surfing of the internet:

There are many companies which do not allow their staff to surf through sites related to pornography. However, there have been many instances when employees have been caught surfing through websites which they are not allowed to visit in the office.

Getting caught while surfing through these sites can cause you a lot of embarrassment. You may have to undergo counseling or be reprimanded. Even after this, if there is no change in your behavior, you will be reprimanded, suspended or made to resign by your company.

In the past, such an issue has occurred in many companies. Unauthorized surfing of internet will result in a breach of the company’s email policy.

4. Refusal to follow orders:

As an employee, you are expected to follow the orders of your reporting manager. Not following his or her orders will have an adverse impact on the work atmosphere of your office. You may have disagreements with your senior, but you cannot afford to be insubordinate to the person. By doing so, you will be setting a bad example in front of your co-workers. Refusing to follow the orders of your manager could lead to your suspension or reason for termination.

5. Sexual harassment of co-workers:

The sexual harassment at workplace is a serious crime. But such instances often take place at the office. Often people take undue advantage of their position to harass their colleagues sexually. Indulging in such a heinous crime can not only cause physical harm to the victim, it can also lead you to be fired from office and serving a jail sentence.

Crimes such as sexual harassment are serious and could even lead to a long-term jail sentence. This may have a disastrous impact on your career as people with a criminal record are not considered desirable for employment. You will be immediately given a letter stating ‘you are fired’.

6. Engaging in office gossip:

Gossiping in office is not considered a desirable habit. It not only causes a slowdown in the workflow but affects the efficiency as well. It causes the flow of baseless rumors within the office. Engaging in gossips can have a bad effect on the working environment within the office. It will lead to a lot of back biting and bitching.

People who have a habit of gossiping are not considered as efficient employees by the management. If you are found to be engaging in office gossips, you may face a warning. But if you persist in spreading rumors about your co-workers, you will be fired from job.

7. Involvement in office politics:

Office politics take place within every organization. As an employee, it would not be in your interests to take part in office politics. Your involvement in office politics can have an adverse impact on your quality of work. It may also cause a lot of resentment among colleagues whom you do not get along with.

If the management finds that you are a part of the politics, it can create a bad impression in their mind. Taking sides within different groups may lead to your sacking if you are not in the good books of your manager.

8. Sleeping at office:

Working professionals have hectic schedules during their working days. It can sometimes lead to fatigue. However, sleeping at the office is not expected from employees. Even if you feel tired and worn out, you cannot afford to sleep at work. Taking a few cups of coffee in between your work can help you maintain focus.

Sleeping at work shows that you have a lax approach towards work. It also shows that you lack seriousness towards work. Getting caught while sleeping at the office may lead to your sacking.

9. Getting caught while lying or stealing:

Companies expect their employees to have a high level of integrity towards work. However, there are often issues when employees are caught lying or stealing vital information which is considered confidential for the company’s business.

Stealing some vital information and selling it to your company’s competitors can lead to your financial gain but it will lead to a great loss for your company.

If you are caught stealing confidential documents or details, you can also face a jail term besides being sacked. If someone is found lying, it will lead to serious loss of his/her credibility within the office; they may also face employee termination.

10. Absenteeism or bad time management:

Within every company, all employees are supposed to follow particular timings. You can take a leave due to health or family related issue but a high level of absenteeism will be detrimental both to you as well as your company. It will lead to a fall in your productivity and raise a lot of questions regarding your conduct. Similarly, if you spend a great deal of time in the washroom, it may attract undue attention of the management. You may be even fired under both circumstances.

11. Getting caught lying about your experience in your job application:

A lot of people make references to degrees and work experience which they do not possess in reality. They even present fake certificates in order to legitimize their claim. However, chances are fairly high that you may get caught.

Presenting fictitious documents as academic record and work experience certificates may lead to your sacking. There are many cases when professionals engaging in such practices are dismissed from work by their employers. This may even affect your career and future growth.

12. Bringing your personal problems to your office:

Every individual has his/her share of personal problems but the office is not the right place to discuss these problems. If you feel that you are feeling distracted at work, then you can discuss it with your colleague. You can even undergo counseling sessions. However, you should not let your personal problems act as an impediment to your work. It can take a heavy toll on your work and raise a lot of questions regarding your efficiency. If you fail to resolve your problems, you may be dismissed by your boss.

13. Poor performance:

In the highly competitive corporate world, you can survive only if you perform satisfactorily on a consistent basis. Organizations value people who perform well and adhere to the quality standards which are expected from them within the organization.

If your performance is not upto the mark, the management may consider your case for a short duration. But in order to justify your position within the company, you will need to improve upon your performance. There can be no guarantee to your position within the company apart from your performance.

Poor performance will eventually lead to your termination of service. As the main goal of any organisation is to achieve profit, your poor performance is sure to act against their goal. Firing an employee would be one of the natural solution.

14. Inconsistency towards work:

As an employee, you need to be stable and productive to be an asset for your organization. However, if you are not consistent with your workflow, then you get a poor feedback in your assessment. The management expects the performance of their employees to improve over time.

However, if you lack the consistency in the assigned work that you do, you won’t be considered as a reliable asset. You may be given a performance improvement period to enhance your quality of work. If you fail to show any signs of improvement, you will be sacked.