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14 Imp Things to Look for When You Go in for a Job Interview


When you are about to attend an interview, there are certain things you should always take note of. Wondering why we are saying that? Well, there are several reasons too!

By seeing the workplace you can tell how the people are at the office, how the job interview is going to be and in case you get selected, how you will be treated by the others and this understanding is essential for everyone.

So go ahead and read to find out what are the things you must look for whenever it comes to attending an interview.

things to look for

Things You Need to Know Before Going for Job Interview:

1. Check out the whole look of the parking lot?

First and foremost, you should begin by taking a close look at the parking lot. See if there are any reserved spaces for the VPs. If that’s the case, you should also check out how the organization is.

Check if there are any clues you can get about the culture of the organization and how it is easy for them to find access for all clients. Does the company offer a few reserved spaces for cars to encourage good and positive behavior patterns? Do they also have a proper facility for the employees?

2. How can you be greeted upon the arrival of the person?

Do you think the appointment was kept towards the front desk? Did you feel like you were treated the right way when you walked in? Did they offer you coffee or any water? The first impression of everything matters, including the company.

If they are warm and friendly towards you, you can surely tell whether they are comfortable with you or not. That could be a great indicator of the company and a happy one too.

3. How do other employees speak to each other?

During most interactions, what do you see among the employees? How have you seen them speak and address each other? In most interactions, do any of the employees seem supportive and friendly? Make note of that very well.

Have you seen them speak well to the receptionist? If yes, then how does she respond? Does she smile? A lot of people have made such observations over the past few years and have pleased as it has always helped them make smarter and better decisions. It will help you too!

4. How do the other ones that have been employed look?

Do you think your employees are looking happy? Whenever you arrive, you must always take note of if whether the person who greets you at the entrance is a friendly person or not.

This shall also be the first person to greet you every morning so that her attitude may be considered more important than you would think. Once you have entered the figure, you should always find out in case the employees seem happy.

5. How they communicate over the phone:

Communication over the phone matters a lot in cases like these. Do these people at work sound engaged or do you feel like they are simply doing a course? How do people handle these calls? These are some of the things you have to be very mindful of.

How the workers at office react with people over a call matter. How do they speak? Are they kind and courteous? Are they sweet and humble? Or do they scream on top of their voice? It will make complete sense if you know how to engage and be with your employees.

6. Let the body language do all the talking:

Make sure to check the body language of these people. If you didn’t know, all of this speaks a lot about the energy level of your workplace. Have people been walking with the same sense of purpose? Do they come across as uncomfortable when it comes to this environment? Do the people get nervous when the boss is out? If they do, it tells a lot about this personality.

7. Is there any freedom of speech at work?

Next, you should check if any freedom of speech has given to people at work. Are people given the right to talk or speak their mind or do they just keep quiet and let others reprimand them? These are some really common and simple things you can notice when you are working. Freedom of speech matters a lot. By the way, others speak, you can tell a lot by simply taking a quick look around. For this, you need to be observant.

8. Are the employers interested in the wellness of the people?

See if there is a fitness center in your workplace? Has there been any kind of employee who wants to choose a bike for work? In case there is a cafeteria or canteen, what are the meals usually offer to the people? Do you often find a whole range of healthy options that match your needs or is the food just bland and tasteless? Check all of this.

9. How is the working environment? Is it too fast?

Next check if the workplace where you are in is too fast or not? Are the phones constantly ringing? If the employees are always running around the office and the phones are always ringing and if you feel like you need to move quickly, ask yourself if you can adjust to a lifestyle like this. Would you prefer such an environment? Do you do well when it comes to working under pressure? See if you will be able to live up to such an environment.

10. How are the employees dressed inside the office?

Next check how the employees are dressed up inside the office? Is it good? Is it very poor or very formal? The dressing of the working environment can tell you a lot about what is about to happen with you in the future.

11. Whether the place is organized or not:

Check whether the interview is beginning on time or not. Secondly, see if there are any legitimate reasons for the interviews getting late or it is something more of a casual affair. You shall also be able to tell a lot by seeing how well the place has been organized.

If the interview is well prepared, are the questions well planned and focused on you. Is the interviewer distracted? Is he eating a sandwich while speaking to you? Are they constantly checking their phone while asking questions? That will help you.

12. How is the look of the place?

Next, you must look and observe the look of the whole place. This is very important for several people. So you will have to check whether there is some kind of open door policy or not. After that, there are some more people who hate open offices.

So you have to check whatever is correct for you. Maybe the office is just another cube farm. How can you do well in such places? Take note of these things when you go for an interview.

13. How do the managers speak to the employees?

The way your managers speak to their employees can tell a lot. Even though it is slightly difficult to understand often and in case you have the chance, you have to get a good sense of how such managers and supervisors will interact with other employees.

This, of course, could be telling you the sort of environment you are in. It may also give you a few clues on how the working environment is and how oppressive this field may feel.

14. Are people too busy to even notice you:

Never make the mistake of concluding based on how two people are looking. Instead, you should take a quick look at the whole picture. Overall, do you feel like the employees have a lot of extra and free time? Or are you under the impression that they are just way too engaged in their work? In case you can notice that not a single person is working, it could mean that business is going slow.

If people around you always looking tired, it could mean that the company doesn’t have too many people at the moment. They have few people.

What should you always look for and remember when it comes to a job interview We have discussed a few points below that we believe will help you!

Things Most Job Seekers Don’t Know:

1. Get the research part done:

First and foremost, make sure you have a good idea about the company. You should get thorough research done. Make sure to educate yourself enough so that when you are asked questions regarding the company, you will be able to answer them as well.

Also, you must make sure to find a couple of ways in which you can align what you may say during interviews and with the ideals of the company. In case you find a project that interests you, you must utilize the skills in it as well and it will for sure work against you.

2. Dress your part accordingly:

There is an old saying which says that you should dress for the kind of job you want and not the one you would like. This, of course, is not a great piece of advice. You should have a good understanding and good feel of the culture of the company and present yourself the right way.

If you are going to be a part of the corporate world, see that you have dressed the right way. For example, in case you interested in working for the fashion industry, you must dress like a fashionista. It could seem a little trivial to you but it sure does matter.

3. Ask better questions:

Next, you must show enough interest in the work that you are doing. Make sure to speak to your interviewers and ask them questions regarding the job. That will make them feel like you are smart and you interested in a job.

There are several times most interviewers will not give you anything about the staff and their members. It is up to them to see how they must be presenting themselves. It helps a lot during interviews.

4. Know how you can sell yourself:

You should prepare yourself based on interview questions. This depends upon how well you have worked on your team, on your initiative and the biggest of all questions which are weaknesses and strengths.

The interviewer would like to know what you can think of. It is also important to provide the right answers and not just speak anything that comes to weaknesses and strengths.

Your interviews must have all proper and tailored responses that you can give the interviewer. In case you are checking out a role, you have to showcase all your certain abilities.

5. Never feel intimidated:

It is important. Remember that you are interviewing for a future employer just like they have been interviewing you. So you should just speak your mind, never feel guilty and feel confident. Also, keep in mind that you are an awesome person and the interviewers are going to see that too.

With that, we bring the post to a close. If you have liked reading our article and have some feedback about it, do drop your comments in the box below. We would love to hear from you.

Also before you go for an interview, always remember to keep a track of all these points that we have mentioned. You should also give your best and see how the manager is treating you.

How they behave with others speaks a lot about their personality and it will also predict how your work experience will be with them in the future.