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Why Do First Impressions Count So Much?


One of the most interesting wonders of the world is to see how our human brains are hardwired, that it can judge a person within few seconds the moment they meet. According to many scientific surveys conducted about first impressions, it clearly says that it just takes 7 seconds for a human brain to create an impression on the first meet itself. It is to be understood that each and every second is important to create a good first impression.

Unluckily, first impression can be made only once and it gets over within few seconds, but the impact is long lasting. There are many surveys conducted by psychological scholars, in which it clearly states that be it an interview or personal things, it just takes overall around 30 seconds to decide about the nature of the person.

why first impressions count

There is a concept called thin slicing according to psychology study which means a person can be judged within few seconds with the least amount of information which is physically noticed. This is well known terminology in psychological studies as people are trained in this to understand a person within the few seconds of first impression.

There were many researchers who did study humans using thin slicing concept, where interestingly women were judged better than men. Overall, every single step of a person adds to create a first impression on them.

First Impression Definition:

The first impression is an assumption created in the brain about the person the moment you meet them. It might be right or sometimes wrong too. It occurs rapidly within a few seconds the moment you meet them. First impression doesn’t mean it has to happen when the person talks or you come in contact with them. It can come even when you glance at a person from distance. And the most crucial part is, it happens only once, and it cannot be taken back.

This is very much related to psychology, as how our brain reacts to the various things when we vision it through our eyes. The first impression also depends upon the personality or a character of a person as how they take it in their mind. The human mind is tricky as it is unique to every single person, as it absorbs the vision and assumes the way it wants.

Do First Impressions Count?

First impression is always very important because it determines the rest of the thought process consequently about anything, be it a person or any non-living thing.

You might have also heard the famous quote which goes as “first impression is the last impression“. Therefore, the first impression lasts long and very long.

Do First Impressions Last:

“Impressions last long, especially when its a first impression”.

Not many have the ability rather a skill to judge a person just by little interaction or by seeing one’s personality. Well ethically judging somebody without knowing completely is wrong. Also, it is not mandatory that the statement you would make, need to be wrong. Moreover you never know what the real person is till they reveal it themselves.

So it is better to present yourself as real and not as fake, as impressions last long. The introduction part is a very important segment that you need to hub on, as the later part will be based on it.

To make your first impression better, you need to focus on 2 important factors especially when you are introducing yourselves.

  1. Make sense and pass on the information clearly
  2. Do not drag and come to the point straight.

Vital things that you need to consider in your initial minutes are

  1. Communicate with your audience as a conversation
  2. Connect and make them feel important
  3. Set expectations
  4. Setup your credibility
  5. Your introduction should give the people an idea about the topic
  6. Make your audience wanting to listen to you.

Importance of First Impression:

The first impression always plays a major role be it career or personal life. It is something that takes over the rest of the conversation or any activity. And psychologically, it also creates a long-lasting impression which cannot be neglected or it is not that easy to forget it. There are few simple tips which help to create a good first impression. They are

1. Time is first:

Being on time is something that helps us in both ways. Firstly it makes us feel relaxed about the environment and prepares us mentally to face people with ease. And secondly, of course, it shows how you are by a person without speaking or meeting you personally. Time is the ruler in making a good first impression.

2. The real you or show as you are:

Being nervous prevents you from showing the real nature of you. Hence, to create a good first impression, it is very essential that you relax completely and be calm. There is a visualization technique called centering which helps a person to stay calm and focused. Show the real you and create a good first impression.

3. Appearance plays a major role:

The moment you meet a person or make a hand shake, he/she might judge you with the way you present yourself. Appearance is the major key to create a good first impression. It doesn’t mean you need to wear brand new clothes or luxury accessories to present yourself. Just a good well-ironed clothes and comfortable dressing will talk before you. Make a strong good impression with the way you appear.

4. Show your uniqueness:

Creating a good first impression doesn’t mean you have to show yourself very well. Try to just fit the atmosphere by your appearance. Like, wear a good formal dress in a meeting, a nice colorful outfit for a party, and sober one for a religious place. It just means you have to fit to the place according to the occasion.

5. Magical smile:

There is a popular saying, “Smile and the world will smile at you”. Make it a practice to give a warm smile when you meet a person for first time. It can create a very good first impression and take it over for long. Make sure you smile the natural way you do, and not artificially as it might take the whole purpose. Use this tip to conquer your first impression.

6. Show your confidence in body language:

Standing straight and walking with confidence is the best tip to create a first good impression. Your body language signs will talk before you start speaking. Never show your nervousness in your body language, as it might create some different opinions which might be not you. Make sure you practice a good body language in front of the mirror so that you can win the place you wanted to with ease.

First Impressions Based on Appearance:

Recently in a psychological survey, it was found that appearance occupies the maximum part in creating a good first impression. It is very important to show yourself smart by appearance to create a good impression the first sight.

It doesn’t mean to look beautiful but looking good. Both words totally differ in meaning. It is the wrong notion that you need to have good features to show yourself smart. Presenting yourself with the right attire, good body language will add great value to your appearance.

The way you dress covers almost 70% of your first impression. The remaining part is taken by body language and the right accessories. Right from the shoes, briefcase, and glasses will create the first impression about you. Never underestimate the power of appearance in creating the first impression.

Here are some interesting, quick reviews and tips to create a good first impression. Make it a day to day habit to practice to create a first good impression.

  1. First step would be controlling your entire way of presenting yourself in a group. Like follow some good grooming etiquette and learn to showcase yourself high. This practice will become a day to day activity, and might eventually lead to creating a good first impression.
  2. Try to inculcate some fashion sense in your dressing and also follow decent grooming techniques to boost your self-confidence. This will surely create a positive impression as it will show you as a smart person.
  3. Never showcase yourself to the person whom you are not to impress. It might lead to negative effects rather than a positive one. Comfort is the key to create a good first impression. Make sure you are at your best of comfort level to create a good first impression.
  4. Practice yourself in the occasion as many times as possible to create confidence about your behaviour. It will surely make you feel at your best, as you might feel you have been in the place or situation before already. Once you are accustomed to the situation, creating a good impression is at your way.

There are few personalities who are well-groomed and have created a good first impression with not only their intelligent minds but also with their appearance.

Mother Theresa:

One of the world’s stunned women blessed Teresa was a symbol of love and affection. She showed the world her caring nature and pure heart by the colour of purity, white. She showed the world her divinity first by her appearance, which created the best first impression.

Mark Zuckerberg:

One of the finest examples of proper grooming and he created a strong good first impression with his don’t care style attitude in dressing. He created his own style of dressing by pairing well-fitted trousers with a grey t-shirt. His philosophy behind his dressing was comfort and confidence. Never think you need to wear a suit to how yourself high. Remember the world will see you the way you show yourself.

Steve Jobs:

He is also an interesting example of how an appearance can create a good first impression. Many of them know black is a color of sorrow. But he was a personality who showed the world that black is not a color of sorrow, but color of his style. He created a trend, and also showed the world how important it is to groom to create a first impression.

There are few interesting surveys conducted by various universities about the importance of appearance creating a first impression.

Physical Appearance and First Impressions:

The following mentioned are few tips on the importance of physical characteristics on appearance and personality.

1. Say no to tattoos:

A British survey reports that a person with visible tattoos is assumed to create a negative like they are rude, not attractive and drunkards. In olden days, a person with visible tattoos are from a ladette culture, which means they are associated with alcoholic beverages, rash in behavior etc. And hence, it is advisable to avoid visible tattoos to create a good first impression.

2. Well Fitted Clothes:

According to a recent survey, properly dressed person is one who wears well-fitted clothes. It is said that a properly tailored clothes create a positive image on the first look, and it also denotes that he is a person who can communicate well. Hence, it is necessary to wear well-tailored clothes to create a good first impression.

3. Walk straight:

It is an equally important etiquette like others for creating the first impression. According to a Canadian survey conducted in 2011, a person is judged by the way he walks in a place. It is said that well erect straight walk boosts your image in a crowd. Never slouch while you walk in a place, it might show you as a weak person. Make sure you walk gently, keeping your head straight.

4. Eye contact:

Good eye contact is very important for creating a good first impression. A survey says that a person will make a good impression, the moment he makes proper eye contact. According to the psychological study, it takes a few seconds to understand a person having eye contact with them. It shows many factors like how confident he is as a person, trustworthiness, and honesty etc.

5. Handshake:

Even though this might happen after the first forty seconds, it may also count to create a good first impression. It is a very important etiquette to make a good first impression. Never be too harsh when you make a handshake. Keep it gentle and quick it should not be more than a few seconds. A recent survey tells that a person can be judged by a handshake as it denotes emotional stability.


Any day, any place a person has to know how to put themselves in the crowd in a very good manner. It starts from a very initial point called the first impression. It not only counts in an interview, or a business meeting but it is a day to day thing for anyone in all places.

A good start will always be rewarded, and it is very essential to know how to impress a person from the very second they meet. It is said that in most of business environments, a person who hires takes just 40 seconds to decide to whether to hire them or not.

There are so many psychological surveys that keep emphasizing about the Importance of the first impression. And hence, it is advisable to know how to create a good first impression wherever we go. Knowledge makes a person a scholar and making first impressions count can make the person a well-known scholar in the crowd.