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How to Work on your Body Language for Career Success


Researchers have often stated that your impression is mostly based on your body language. Plus it is very important to maintain a good image in front of others. For that, your body language counts the most. There are so many of us who are smart, capable and talented but with poor and bad body language, we are unable to get what we deserve. And if that is your cry of help, then this body language tips are for you.

work on body language

These effective and confident body language tips will help you master the art of body language for sure. All of them can be done easily and with a bit of practice, you can teach others as well. So without delaying further, let’s get to the root of it.

16 Simple and Powerful Body Language Tips:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to improve body language and body language signs.

1. Arms and Legs:

When you are seated on a chair or a sofa or anywhere else, make sure not to cross your arms. It gives a very negative vibe and you may come across as a defensive person. Also, the person on the opposite side will think you are too reticent. The same goes for your legs. So make sure both the arms and legs have been kept open during an interview/meeting.

2. Handshake:

When your conversation with someone is done, make sure to shake hands with them. Smile and make eye contact. Let them know you were happy to speak to them.
Don’t keep staring

It is great to have eye contact with the person you are speaking to, but please don’t stare too much. If you are speaking to a whole bunch of people, then give them some kind of contact throughout the conversation. In that way, you will be able to connect with them in a better way. Do not keep looking into their eyes all the time. But that doesn’t mean you will not look at them at all. It will look as if you aren’t a confident person. Just keep working on yourself about this and you’ll be fine.

3. Space matters:

It is also important for you to use some space. When you are seated, part your legs a bit. It will make you look like a confident person. Even when you are standing, keep some distance. It will also help you become more comfortable with your own skin.

4. Be attractive:

You can always be more attractive as a person if you maintain a good and positive attitude. Stay relaxed and open to a healthy conversation. It always helps! What you are thinking and feeling at the moment will be expressed through your body language gestures. And that can make a very big difference.

5. Let the shoulders relax:

When you are attending an interview or if it’s the first time you are conversing with a pal, it can happen that you will feel tensed and worked up. The best thing you can do is just move a little forward. Just try your level best to relax. You must also remember to shake yourself up and loosen your body a bit by simply moving the shoulders back and forth.

6. Voice modulation:

Voice modulation is often a problem most people experience these days. But if you want to sound authoritative, we would suggest you keep your voice a little down. Keep a little low. Before you are about to attend a call on your phone, bring your lips together and make sounds like “umm mmm” constantly. Do it for the next couple of minutes. You will be able to keep the voice down while speaking on the phone.

7. The power of using props:

Like mentioned above, the way you are seated will always have an effect on your attitude. So bring yourself to a better position by shaking hands and smiling at the person. Hand someone something they need. This will act as a gesture of courtesy. In case you are seated among a group of people, ask questions by raising your hand straight up. Also, pass around those items that are needed. Look for a way for people to move and open up a bit.

8. Nod:

The magic of nodding can do wonders. It shows that you are interested in the conversation and that your ears are actually open. Please try to nod as much as its needed. Nobody wants to behave like Woody Woodpecker. Rather, nobody wants to see a Woody Woodpecker.

9. Sit Straight:

A common most of us make while sitting is slouching a bit too much. Make it a point to sit up straight. It looks very confident and attractive when you are sitting with your back straight. Try it!

10. Don’t lean all the time:

It is great to lean when you are speaking to someone. It always shows that you are interested in what the person is saying. But some people tend to do a bit too much. And we would definitely tell you to refrain from that. If you are one of those guys, please relax and lean back. People who lean way too much look like they need some kind of approval all the time. Plus those who don’t lean at all look like reserved and prudish. Don’t give someone that impression. Do as much as its needed.

11. Learn through others:

A great way to learn is by learning from others. Look at the positive body language of others. See how they are behaving. Look at what is body language of attraction and what isn’t. After that, try mirroring body language of others in your life. Pick up some cues and follow them. People will begin to notice that you have the same body language as them and will want to speak to you more often. It is tried and tested.

12. Smile a bit:

It is important to smile and laugh when you are speaking to someone. Also, it gives a good impression and makes the conversation much lighter. So when someone cracks a joke or says something funny, please show some teeth. In that way, you will look like a more positive and fun person. But if you are cracking a joke, please don’t laugh at them the right way. It could give away the impression of a person who is unsure and needy. Plus if you have a smile on your face all the time you will look like an insincere person.

13. Use those hands:

If you suck at making conversation and would like to improve your speech, then we would definitely suggest you use your hands while talking. When you do this, there will be a change in your confidence. Not only that, you will notice a verbal improvement. Experimenting with the art of gesture and the art of using hands can actually take you a long way if you think of it.

14. Don’t fidget too much:

When you are speaking to someone, please don’t fidget all that much. Fidgeting too much is never a good thing. You should maintain a good body language and keep your body straight. So relax and make sure to declutter all those movements so that they are not all over the place or have good control over those movements.

15. Use your brains:

Before speaking, it is important to think a little. First of all maintaining eye contact is important. People have this tendency of looking down or looking away when they are speaking to someone. This is not what you are expected to do. But if you have to do it anyway to collect your thoughts, do it before you are answering a question. Take a pause for a couple of seconds, look away and try to make contact again when you start speaking. In that way, your words will become much more powerful since your eyes are supporting them.

16. Meditate:

One of the best ways to work on your body posture is by meditation. It could take you a very long way. Meditation helps in boosting confidence, enthusiasm and allows you to feel more relaxed. People who are trying new methods to improve body language can definitely use this. It will not only improve your way of speaking but also allow your body to master the art of body language. 10-15 of meditation a day is good enough. However, you must ensure you are meditating on a regular basis. That would be good.

This brings us to the end of the list. Hopefully, this article has helped you significantly. If you have any questions in mind regarding the post or have some feedback to give us, feel free to post a comment below. We will try our best to answer all of them. Plus your ideas and experiences are crucial to us. Tell us about that as well. Always remember the importance of body language and also it takes immense skill and practice to master something like that. If you follow all of our tips and suggestions you will definitely find great results in due time.