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How to Tell an Employee, they need to Improve?


The relation between an employee and the management is as soft as cotton and it can break and can be made easily.

Maintaining such a relation for a long period of time is very essential and for this, both have to understand each other in a proper manner.

Lack of understanding can lead to lack of harmony in an office and it will disrupt the working of the organization. An employee may commit a number of mistakes, but it is the duty of the manager to get it corrected.

Here we will be discussing few tips on how to tell employee that they need to improve. tell employee to improve

How to Address Employee Performance Problems or Issues:

1. Be soft spoken and polite:

Even if you know the employee has made a grave mistake, then also just be soft spoken and tell about the mistake in a soft spoken manner. Do not go rude with the employee or it may affect the working.

You can say like this, I came across some of the flaws in your work, kindly work on them. This is the right way of informing an employee about the mistake. This way employee will also feel motivated and will surely improve his or her performance.

2. Talk to him or her in person:

If you are finding some problem in the work done by some of the employees, then instead of blaming and scolding that employee in front of everyone, just call that person to your cabin, make him or her sit and then talk in person.

Out of anger, do not just spit the blistering words in front of the whole staff as it could be insulting and it may affect the employee. You may even lose the employee forever.

3. Talk frequently after that:

Once you are known that the person is making little mistakes, then just start working on it side by side. Working on it side by side means talking to the person frequently about the issue. Instead of just binging on that person all at once, it is always better to talk on the daily basis, so as to avoid any deep rooted problem to arise.

4. Avoid the issue at the first place only:

The first place in office is getting hired and from the point of view of managers is that they should at first only hire the employees those are able to give their best. Do not hire anyone in a hurry as it poses a threat for the company ahead.

If a person does not possess any particular skills, then why to hire such a person? It is no joke. How can you hire someone who is not able to express his or her skills at interview only? So, before hiring someone, just make sure you are doing a good job and not a blunder in hiring.

5. Have a constant focus on the performance of an employee:

Having a constant look on the performance of an employee is a better way to track exactly what is going on. If on a daily basis the performance is checked, then it becomes easy to tell the employee about the mistakes, or it is very difficult at the end to figure out from where the issue started.

6. Training should be provided:

Now a days every company gives training to employees after hiring them, the training may last for six months or even for a year, depending on the learning ability of an employee. If the person is a new hire, providing training would be the best as the number of errors would be less as compare to the non trainees. This also helps in improving the performance of the employee.

7. Give examples and tell the employee of the problem:

The employees should be treated well, even if they make mistakes. Mistake are obvious to happen with the new comers and those mistakes should be addressed to an employee by citing the examples.

By giving the examples, an employee will be able to understand in a better manner and it would also be a peaceful discussion.

8. Discuss the issue, do not debate:

The manager should not debate on the issue of making mistakes. He or she should discuss with the employee about the problem and should try to solve it out.

Also make sure your discussion gives a good output in a manner that the problem is not repeated again and again. Out of aggression, do not shout on the employees as it will further create tension in an office environment.

9. Providing feedback:

Feedback is one of the best ways of putting forth the queries. The managers must give feedback and while saying that, one can indirectly tell an employee of improving the performance. This way the person will not feel insulted and also the manager will get the output.

You may say, I was looking at the results and wondering how you happen to arrive at the answer? This way you will also get the explanation and then you will be able to tell the mistakes.

10. Email the points to the employee:

Now a days, every single notice is given through the mails in the organization. Within the organization, the working are controlled through the mails and all. The manager can also tell the employee in pointers about the issue and also how to correct them. This way the issue will also be addressed and will also not become the talk of the town.

The problem will be solved very calm and the employee will also feel happy of not addressing him or her in front of everyone.

11. Try innovative ways:

Nowadays, the employees are very innovative and if you tell their loopholes in an innovative manner, they will also not feel insulted and it will be a pleasant experience for them.

12. Common problems should be dealt in closed doors:

If the problem is same with the whole staff then one can address the issue by organizing a meeting in the conference room and the problem can be dealt all at once. This way the time is saved as no individual employee has to be dealt at an individual level.

The group discussions are the best ways to let people know the troubles in their working style.

13. Communicate the goals and expectations:

If you are finding the similar problem again and again, then communicate the issue by stating forth the goals and the expectations of the company towards the employees.

By clearing the goals and expectations, you will be able to tell what you exactly want from them and eventually they will also not make any mistake.

14. Support employees in their work and the ideas they bring:

If an employee is giving any sort of idea, then let him or her give that. Even if you are finding it wrong, let him or her speak.

After he is finished speaking, then tell what was wrong in that and so on. This way, employees will get motivated and will also feel good as they will be getting heard by their seniors.

15. Noting the points on a daily basis:

You can also note the points on a daily basis so that you can tell those points collectively on one fine day to the employee. Again, make sure you do not showcase the anger to the employee instead discuss the whole matter coherently.

While making notes, mention the date and also the situation and then file them up in one file. After a month or a few weeks, arrange a meeting and then share the problem with employees.

16. Create a strong bond with them:

Forming a strong bond means forming the level of trust between the employees. When you form some sort of trust with the employees, you are listened respectfully and it becomes easy for you to showcase their shortcomings.

Even they will not feel bad and the healthy relation between them will remain intact without disturbing the status quo of the company.

17. Teach them to collaborate and share in solving the problems:

Managers should encourage the team members to take their responsibility of solving the issues. They should collaborate and work on their own on the issues and should not entirely depend on the manager for fixing everyone’s issues.


Now, above are some of the points that one should keep in mind while revealing the employee of his or her flaws. Nowadays labelling the problems and addressing them to employees is a big task for the high position holders. This is because of the fact, that everyone nowadays is aggressive in nature and some or the other way ego of the person gets hurt especially when a person is well educated.

So, the manager must keep in mind the essentials while addressing the issue to the staff in the organization. Explaining the problem softly and with full respect will give you greater output and the opposite of it can ruin the peace of an organization.