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List of 12 Best Careers in Fashion Industry


The fashion and style industry has always been in vogue and people from different generations have yearned to make a mark in this industry. The young always enjoy being a part of the fashion industry because they have ample new ideas to contribute.

If you are one of the young fashion enthusiasts searching for career options in this industry, here is a spectacular list of fashion and style related careers.

Choose an option that satiates your urge to experiment with style. Here for your help we have mentioned fashion industry jobs list.

list careers in fashion styleDifferent Careers in Fashion Industry:

If you are confused about what are some jobs in the fashion industry then following mentioned are few list of jobs in the beauty industry and some different fashion careers.

1. Fashion Designing:

fashion designing career scope Many youngsters have a craze for careers like fashion designing. It has always been popular among the young but only individuals who understand the nuances of dressing and style survive in this industry.

You can take up fashion designing for a career if you understand what distinguishes class from affordability and looks from aesthetics when it comes to garments.

Becoming a fashion designer is surely a challenging career as each season you need to put up an entirely new collection of attires that suit men and women of different age groups and backgrounds.

2. Make-up artist:

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

The saying suited a bygone era where you had really few options to change the way you look.

The modern generation respects beauty and aspires to be good-looking. This could be the reason why there are countless beauty products in the market.

You may also come across a number of salons and parlours. So why not choose to be a make-up artist?

As your career curve progresses, you may even opt to open your own salon. If you create a brand name in the make-up industry, you can make loads of money easily.

3. Creative Head for Fashion Boutique:

Creative Head Fashion Boutique Ours is a generation that enjoys shopping in malls and large shopping centres. This is a generation that enjoys spending money on keeping themselves well-groomed.

A fashion boutique is a place for selecting garments and individuals who enjoy boasting about their class prefer to purchase garments from such boutiques.

The creative head of a fashion boutique plays a great role in deciding the success of the boutique.

The creative heads usually come up with attractive themes for boutiques and perfectly design it in the most impressive manner to attract more customers.

4. Fashion Blogger:

Writing is your passion but fashion is your interest, so what to do? Simple! Start blogging about the latest garments and clothing in the industry. Use your opulent vocabulary to describe the tones and shades of the latest collection of fashion apparels.

Be critical about the new gowns in the market that didn’t impress or inspire you. Reveal your ideas and opinions about the different models and beauty idols. Share your views and make money by being a fashion blogger.

5. Fashion Photography:

fashion photography career Photography is an artistic science. Photographers need to understand the camera and its settings like a machine lover but also enjoy beauty and its finesse like an artist.

If you have the combined skills of an artist and a cameraman, go for it and start clicking pictures.

Fashion industry is always in the search for good photographers who can click pictures that impress the onlooker’s eye.

If you think you enjoy fashion and beauty, give vent to your undying urge to click pictures. Fashion photography pays well and is always in search of fresh talent.

6. Social Media Marketing of Fashion and Clothing:

The social media is the greatest platform to market fashion products globally. The power of social media has been revealed to the world through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and several other social platforms.

If you know how to attract customers on social media through interesting posts and catchy taglines, go for it.

Use social media to market fashion clothing and apparels. It is also a great place to share your views about fashion and get opinions on the latest trends.

7. Beauty Products’ Online Marketing:


beauty products marketing strategies While beauty products are very popular among the people of this generation, they are really not willing to take an effort to walk up to the store to buy these products. It would be a great idea to start up an online store for beauty products.

The purchase of products on the internet seems simpler to users. You can market these products on social media platforms like Facebook.

The online platforms permit you to market the products globally. If you know the proper channels and have a clear plan, beauty products can fetch you a fortune online.

8. Modelling for garments and beauty products:

You look charming and want the world to appreciate your looks? You want to be the face of a popular brand? If this is so, do not hesitate to pursue a career in modelling.

You can pose as a model for the most recent garments. They may even select you to be the face of different beauty brands.

Anyone with an urge to pursue a career in modelling can definitely make it some day. So do not shy away from your urges. Be the next fashion diva and some day you may even land up in the film industry.

9. Hair Stylist:

hair stylist career There was a time when men really didn’t care much about their hairstyle. Things are quite different today. Men and women do care a lot about their hair.

The career of a hair stylist can be another great fashion related job option for a true aspirant. This is a challenging career where you get to handle different types of hair.

You may face the challenge of dealing with hair problems and tackling rough hair. It is also a very interesting job where you need to have a lot of imagination to understand the best hair style to suit a particular shape of the face.

Men and women have different looks and you need to alter your methods to suit the gender too.

10. Tattoo Artist:

tattoo artist career The art of tattooing originated centuries back, as a part of culture. People of certain ethnic groups had tattoos to reveal their marital status.

Today, the fashion industry makes the best use of this art. Great models in the advertising and glamour industry use tattoos to make a style statement.

As the impact of fashion grows, so does the significance of a tattoo artist in the fashion industry. You can explore your artistic skills and try out diverse styles of tattooing. Make use of trends to find out new and impressive designs in tattooing.

11. Fashion Products Retailer:

As the demand for beauty and fashion products increase in the market, so does the demand for fashion professions like fashion retailers.

There is ample scope in retailing products related to the fashion industry. You can sell products like accessories, attires, jewellery, embellishments and beauty products.

You need to have ample knowledge regarding these products if you have to sell these products. People who buy such products have knowledge and experience regarding the products and convincing them is really not an easy task.

So if you have knowledge regarding the different aspects of fashion industry, this is an ideal position for you.

12. Creative Advertisement Maker:

creative advertising director job The pace at which the fashion industry grows and the amount of attention that fashion products gain are mainly due to creative advertisements created to attract audiences.

An ad director should know what appeals to a fashion customer and should create advertisements that are interesting to watch.

The trend of videos and advertisements going viral on the internet and social media is now growing in the tech-savvy world.

If you know how to create impressive and humorous videos that convey the message well while still drawing the attention of the masses, you can surely make a career in fashion advertisement.

Reason for the Popularity of the Fashion Industry:

Fashion and beauty industry have always stayed popular among the masses of different generations. The novelty and freshness of this trade makes it popular among people of all ages.

Fashion and beauty are two industries that can add fragrance to your memories and an identity to your generation. We remember certain attires as the dressing of the 80s or the makeup of the 70s. The impact of the particular trend can last not just a lifetime but several generations.

There are countless careers in and related to the fashion industry but you can make it big only if you can live up to the constant demand and need of the changing times. If you have a creative mind that is always coming up with interesting ideas, fashion industry is a great place for you to create a mark.

It is the only industry where people will remember your name as a brand even when they have never seen you. The list of fashion careers is endless and if you have the desire, never hesitate to start off today.