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16 Things Your Employees Need Most: Must Read


The primary concern of any company is to ensure that its employees are happy as well as content with how things are going at the office. If the employees are happy then the quality of work which they deliver is naturally going to be top notch.

The moment the employees feel like their needs are being ignored, then the quality of work which they submit, will not be rather impressive. If their needs are being ignored, then why will the employees give their all for the company? So, given here are things which your employee needs the most.

things employees need most

Things Employees Needs or Wants in an Organization:

1. They need guidance when they work:

All employees will agree that they do require some guidance especially when they are working on a big project. While the micromanagement of employees has its obvious disadvantages, there should always be someone the employees can go to, when they are facing a problem or have some doubts in their mind.

There should be a manager or a person in charge whose doors are always open to employees so that at no point in time, do the employees feel flustered. Having a system like this is sure to minimize blunders and mistakes. A source of guidance is enough to help make the employees more confident.

2. They need some source of inspiration:

It is a well known fact that for employees to work well and submit excellent projects, it is imperative that they need a source of inspiration. When employees are uninspired, then at the end of the day it is the company that suffers.

This source of inspiration can come from the refresher courses which the employees are made to take or it could even come from innovative movies or ted talks which the employees are encouraged to see in their free time. Fulfilling this need of the employees is bound to take the company to new heights in time to come.

3. Employees need a chance to take risks:

Many employees find it extremely tough to work in an environment where they are not encouraged to think freely and come up with new and unique ideas. Employees need to know that they have the liberty to take risks.

Your company is never going to prosper if you continue to scare the employees so much so that they would never put their job at risk by doing something which has never been done before. As long as the risks being taken are calculated ones that do not put too much on the line, you should encourage your employees to take the plunge.

4. They need to know that making mistakes is fine:

In this day and age, there is cut-throat competition in the business world. Companies have to remain at the top of their game if they wish to retain their position at the top. As ahead of the company you need to tell your employees that if they make a mistake or if sometimes things do not go their way, then it is fine.

Employees work hard for the company and they need to be treated with respect. You need to assure your employees that the moment they make a mistake you are not going to turn them out and tell them to find another job.

5. Employees need a healthy work environment:

Above everything else, one of the main needs of your employees is a healthy work environment. If the office atmosphere is conducive for work then that is automatically going to encourage the employees to do their work even better.

If there is no transparency in the company and people granted promotions at will, then that is going to do nothing but spread ill will among the workforce.

Attaining and maintaining such a positive environment is not going to be an easy task at all, but you should try to keep things as calm and cool as possible, just so that employees have no additional burden.

6. They need a sense of purpose:

Employees that have a sense of purpose know exactly what they working towards and whereas opposing to this, those employees who do not have a sense of purpose often become drifters, wasting time thinking about what it is that they working towards and wondering whether the value of their services by the company.

They need to know from their managers what their goals and things that need to follow so that these goals can be achieved. Employees need to know that they are a vital part of the company and that the contributions they are making directly influence the overall performance of the company.

7. Your employees need the means to alleviate stress:

Today’s world is a fast-paced one and everyone is trying to move ahead. It often happens that in the attempt to move ahead many people ignore their own needs and start overworking themselves. Stress is something that affects almost everyone working in the corporate world. People suffer from heart disease and high blood pressure.

Employees in your company need to have the means to alleviate stress so that they can focus on the tasks at hand with clarity of thought. Companies should take it upon themselves to look into this important need of its employees so that no one experiences a burnout.

8. Your employees need a healthy work-life balance:

As has been mentioned above, employees should have a means of alleviating their stress. In addition to this, Companies need to ensure that their employees have a healthy work-life balance so that they do not miss out on any aspect of their lives in the attempt of forwarding their careers.

It often said that all work and no play makes Jack a dumb boy, so keeping this saying in mind, every employee needs to take regular breaks so that they can clear their head for a few weeks and come back with renewed life and enthusiasm. This is one of the main needs of your employees.

9. They need recognition when they perform well:

Negative reinforcement is something that has proved highly ineffectual when it comes to dealing with employees. As the boss of a company, you must give credit when it is due so that the employees know that all their effort and hard work is not going unnoticed. An important need for your employees is the need to feel appreciated and valued.

Giving your employees such a boost when they perform well bound to encourage them to do even better in time to come. In addition to this, employees do need incentives to outdo themselves with each task entrusted to them.

10. They need to inform at all times:

Employees need to inform about what is going on in the office. If they keep in the dark about things that are going on in the company or about problems which the management is facing, then they will never truly feel like a part of the company.

It’s the task of the manager or boss to ensure that he keeps the employees in the loop and asks them for feedback. Doing this is very positive indeed and it encourages the employees to think and come up with new ideas to bail the company out of trouble.

11. Your employees need strict targets and discipline:

Any boss or manager who runs a successful company will tell you that having discipline is vital to ensure that things run and function smoothly and efficiently. Employees might not admit it but they do need some disciple to ensure that things do not go out of hand.

The moment everyone allows us to work as per their desires, then the company is going to meet a very sorry end indeed. There is also a need to enforce strict targets so that everything is fair and no one can take his own sweet time to do tasks.

12. They need to feel safe and secure:

A basic but important need of the employees is that they need to feel safe and secure in the office. They need to know that an office is a secure place and at no point in time is anyone going to discriminate against them based on caste creed sex or gender.

The office should have a zero-tolerance policy for things like this so that everyone feels like an equal and no one feels inadequate at any point in time. In addition to these female employees, in particular, should know that no one will harass or take advantage of them at any point in time.

13. They need to feel heard:

Employees need to feel that what they have to say does carry some weight and taken into consideration. At no point in time should you as a manager make it seem like only your words are important and that the others are merely present to listen to what you have to say.

If you give off this vibe, then pretty soon the employees are going to shun away from sharing their views. So you need to make them come forward and speak so that you too might benefit from what they have to say. You never know what novel or wonderful ideas they might have to share.

14. Your employees need a bit of flexibility:

Every company has its own rules as well as policies, but employees do need a bit of flexibility so that they do not feel bowed down and caged at any point in time.

Employees should pay heed to company rules at all points in time, yet in the event of them being sick or having some genuine issue, you as the head of the company should be sensitive to what they are experiencing. Employees need to feel like they do have a shoulder to cry on especially when going through a period of personal strife.

15. They need to get some autonomy and responsibility:

Many employees find it impossible to work in an environment where they only have to follow rules and they do not have the autonomy to make some decisions for themselves. Employees need to have this trust factor.

If they know that you trust them then they will do their best to ensure that they do not let you down at any point in time. Delegate work to employees and let them know that you trust that they will do the best they can.

16. Your employees need to see a future with the company:

Finally, employees are such that they do not only think about the present but they also think about their future as well. A basic need of the employees is that they need to see a future with the company.

So if you wish to retain your good employees then you as the manager must show them that they have ample scope and opportunity to grow in time to come.

The employees must reassure that if they work well, then they need not fear for their jobs as the company will be always happy to have employees who deliver their best, no matter what hurdles they have to pass.

Employee Expectations List:

Employees play an important role in any organization’s growth and success. So the well being of them should be the responsibility of the organization and employers. Now unlike earlier days, employers nowadays have changed a lot and employee engagement and their happiness are given prime importance.

There are several ways through which they would want their employees to be happy and prosper. That is the benefit that the employee gets by this modern business structure. The best part here is that organizations can reach the expectations of employees.

Now let us see,

What do employees expect?

The following mention is a few top 5 things which help employees to achieve job satisfaction.

  1. Given importance and respect
  2. Extra benefits and perks
  3. Extra payment for extra hours
  4. Job security
  5. Good working environment
  6. Healthy workplace
  7. Good mentors
  8. Good co-workers
  9. Helpful senior management
  10. Open to feedback and suggestions

Apart from these some of the other things that they would expect are,

  1. Respect
  2. Recognition
  3. Trust
  4. Purpose
  5. Social interaction
  6. Autonomy


Employees in different companies have their individual needs, but the ones enlist above are the main needs that are more or less applicable to all the employees. As a manager or boss of a company, you should aim to bring all your employees together as one big family.

Rather than pitting everyone against each other, it is much healthier to make everyone know that they are all working towards the same goals.

A divide and rule policy will never take your company far. Taking care of even a few needs of your employees bound to yield very rich benefits for you in the time to come.