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34 Things You Need to Stop Doing Today to be Happier


Every individual, at present is looking for solutions to remain happy. Despite of spending plenty of money on favorite food, attires and more such aspects, people are still not able to acquire happy lifestyle.

The reason behind this is simple! They tend to practice wrong things in their life! Here we have discussed few things to do to be happy.

How to be happierWant to Be Happy? Stop Doing These Things:

Wrong things imply that you might be doing such an activity or action in your daily routine that is making you feel unhappy.

In fact, these are the biggest obstacles in your life that let you stay back from gaining happiness.

But if you want to be happy and know some really good and simple ways to achieve it, then here they are.

1. Involving yourself in a Dramatic Situation:

Drama is an enemy to happiness. Unfriendly dramatic situations can happen between family members, relatives, friends and even strangers.

If you unwillingly get involved in such a situation then surely you may develop feeling of sorrow and anger. This in turn will rescue happiness from you.

So, it is wise if you try stay away from all such dramatic situations in order to lead happy and stress-free life.

2. Pursue Unrealistic Expectations:

Every individual is gifted with some special quality, talent and skill. But this does not mean that each and every single person on this earth is equally efficient.

Different people have distinct skills, interests and potentials. Moreover, no matter how intelligent you are, you are still a human with certain limitations.

So, despite of generating unrealistic expectations it is better if you focus on polishing your inherited potentials in order to reach your goal. This is because if your expectations are not fulfilled then the situation may become tense and unhappy.

3. Setting higher goals than what you actually desire:

Surely, you may have plenty of desires and goals to be fulfilled. But don’t engage in trap of fulfilling such goals too fast or don’t try to achieve unreachable goals. This is because failure to this will cause unhappiness within you.

The better situation in this case is that you can outline small goals, as by achieving them you will not only feel confident but also be more positive and happy.

4. Always Agreeing and Saying ‘Yes’:

If you say ‘yes‘ to one thing then indirectly you are saying ‘no‘ to other thing. So, instead of directly saying no to that thing, it is better that you go for its alternate. This will not only avoid hurting others but will also make you behave positively in every situation.

But one thing to remember is that you only say yes and go for a thing that aligns with your values and priorities.

5. Saying ‘No’:


In case you are in a situation when you have to say no to a specific thing then you must do this with a balance of words and expression.

Saying ‘no‘ is not as easy as saying yes. It is an art as sometimes it may happen that your saying no might hurt others.

So, feel free to say no as and when required but in a balanced manner and by cross checking that you do not miss out to any important opportunity of your life.

6. Living in the Past:

If you will stay stuck up with issues of your past then surely you will miss out important opportunities of present.

There is a possibility that you might have gone through a critical issue in the past but that does not mean that you don’t concentrate on your present.

So, if you really want to be happy then forget about issues and mistakes of your past life.

7. Comparing with Others:

As humans, comparing you with others is natural. But if you end up beating your envy then you will feel happy, but in case the situation is vice versa then you will become sad.

Moreover, in this entire ‘game of comparison’ you tend to forget about your goals and may lose on an important aspect of life.

So, instead focus on what you admire and not on what you envy. Use positive admiration as your life inspiration to become a real winner and remain happy.

8. Focusing on material possessions:

Not only you, but most of us consider happiness with materialistic possessions of success and wealth. But in this entire journey, we tend to stay away from happiness that we secure from small, warm moments around us.

So, if you really want to feel happy then stop focusing on such materialistic stuff now as great happiness comes through positivity and not money.

9. Self-Criticizing:

It’s true that you should try to combat over your weaknesses and become a stronger person than before. But this does not imply that you always try to find out your defects, mistakes or flaws. This is because this entire work will make you feel unconfident and unhappy.

So, don’t go for self-criticizing or self-defeating cycle, rather try to combat over your weaknesses in positive way to win and remain happy always.

10. Doing things you don’t like or forcefully:

strain Instead of getting burdened up with things you don’t want to do, it is better and happier if you prefer doing things that you really enjoy doing.

You should not move in wrong direction, or play with your career, instead you need to chose a career or do actions that you really want to perform.

Don’t force yourself to become strong instead try to perform strong actions in a way that you can enjoy, succeed and remain happy.

11. Put Other People before You All the Time:

It is a kind act to place others before you, but this may not work always. There are certain situations, where if you put others thought before you then you might not only lose on something but also feel unhappy.

Like you will not want to give your oxygen mask to others or you may not want others to score more marks than you.

So, it is essential to attend your own needs first then fulfill other desires to remain happy and keep them happy as well.

12. Attach false meanings to conversations and situations:

It is human tendency to fill in gaps in conversations in situations according to own. But in reality, this is not a good act to do.

If you try attaching false meaning to a situation when there is nothing like that then you will yourself feel unhappy. It can even generate your negative impact over others.

So, don’t jump to your own conclusion and try staying open for other’s comment with an objective mind.

13. Living in Future:

Just like living in past can hamper our present happiness; similarly, thinking too much about the future can make us feel tensed and sad. So, no matter what the situation is, focusing in present is the best way to survive happily.

14. Falling for the ‘When I Have’ Factor:

There are situations in everyone’s life that may make them think about the ‘When I Have’ Factor.

For instance, you may think that when I will lose 20 pounds then I will be happy, or when I will go for a tour then I will be happy.

If you will keep waiting for that moment then you will lose all fun and joy of present situation.

So, don’t wait for that perfect day to come, rather try to make your everyday perfect so that you can secure maximum happiness with your life.

15. Wait for a motivation, inspiration or a push:

self motivation Every individual have big dream but still we don’t try to fulfill them. Instead we all wait for others to push us or motivate us. There is no need to wait for someone who will inspire you; rather you must motivate your own self to fulfill your dreams and goals.

Once you are able to secure success through self motivation then there is nothing happier and joyful than this.

16. Depend on others for your Happiness:

You are yourself responsible for your own happiness. If you will take and react things positively then you will always be surrounded by healthy environment.

If you want to remain happy then you yourself have to take ownership of your emotions and feelings. Just love yourself and enjoy the way you are to remain satisfied and happy always.

17. Focus on what you don’t have and not on what you have:

Desires and demands never get fulfilled. Today you might want one thing and the next day you will wish for other.

So, if you will remain dissatisfied or despondent always then you will not be able to live happy and trouble free life. Try to overlook things that you don’t have and feel happy and contended about all stuff that belongs to you only.

18. Thinking of wrong stuff and actions that others do:

If you will spend time thinking on what you are against of, then you are never going to feel happy of what you stand for.

You should always focus on what you are and what all you want to do. This will generate more sense of optimism and positivity within you.

19. Stop Pretending:

Every person wants to be accepted in the society. Even every individual wants to secure maximum attention and gain popularity and affection from others. But this does not imply that you start pretending someone, who you are actually not.

When you will gain validation from people for things that you pretend then deep in your heart you will still remain unhappy.

So, focus on how you can improve on things that you do so that you are able to impress individuals with the way you are.

20. Don’t believe that happiness is impossible to achieve:

dream Happiness is not a destination. It is a process, some part of which can be secured each and every day.

If you will make best use of your time, generate suitable shifts in your life perspective and focus on what’s good around you instead of the bad, then you will begin on path of this process and surely gain infinite happiness throughout your life.

21. Avoiding engaging in close meaningful relations like friendship, marriage or more:

Connection is very important in individual’s lives. It provides values and meanings. So, try building strong connections with people close to you.

You should have friends, have emotional connection with your parents, family members and socialize with others in order to avoid unhealthy thoughts coming in your mind.

Even it is scientifically proven, that people with more connections and sound environment around are prone to live longer, healthy and happy lifestyle as compare to those who prefer living in isolation.

22. Sitting in front of computers or T.V. screens:

This is again a proven fact that people who avoid involving in cardiovascular activities tend to remain unfit from both mind and body. They feel more stressed and are prone to risks linked with heart and other body organs.

So, you should not always sit in front of computer or T.V. Instead involve yourself in some physical activity as this refreshes mind and also helps in securing healthy and happy body.

23. Avoiding meditation and yoga:

meditation Presently, people hold hectic lifestyle due to which they are not able to get enough time to relax and refresh.

Try practicing relaxing activities such as meditation and yoga. Such activities provide great relaxation to the body and reduce anxiety and stress.

They also help to boost immune system and work positively towards reducing anger, sleep disorder and other such ailments within human beings. So, if you want to be happy then try to remain refreshing and relax.

24. Not joining the spiritual community:

It is again a proven fact that people who hold spirituality within them are more prone to remain happy. This is not a scientific fact, but a time tested reality. This is because by joining religious groups, one is able to generate optimism within himself.

Moreover, such communities offer them with chance to make new friends and increases socialization.

So, if you want to make new friends or want an outdoor, healthy place to enjoy some fruitful time then you can join any prestigious religious group near your locality.

25. Ignoring Your Creative Skills:

By expressing yourself through creative modes, you become less prone to illness or risk of ailments.

Moreover, this also strengthens body and refreshes your mind. So, no matter what your creative skill is, you should always practice it and keep it alive to feel stress free and happy.

26. Spending most of the time indoors:

work from home You should explore the world around you. This does not imply that you have to travel far away or you need to travel around the world often.

There is natural beauty all around you and so you must follow a daily routine to spend some time outdoors.

You can either go for a walk, or play with friends or ride a bicycle or prefer any other activity that is done outside boundaries of your home. This will also enhance your physical strength and will help you in living much happier lifestyle.

27. Not contributing or producing:

Most of the time, we spent our lives only consuming things from others but this is not it. We should also try to contribute and produce creative and intelligent things for others.

You should use your creativity and intelligence in order to create more interesting stuff for others. So, try using your brain in any productive work rather than just listening and watching others around.

28. Working too much in an unfavorable job:

Don’t stress your body with too much work and even more important is that you should not do work that does not interests you.

Taking a break after every 90 minutes of work is good for health. This also helps you to work in a relaxing and stress free environment and provide more happiness to you.

29. Eating Alone:

eat well When you eat alone then not only your diet but even your health suffers. Lonely eaters tend to eat little amount of food and also shift to unhealthy eating habits.

So, try staying involved in one or other thing so that you don’t develop feeling of loneliness or eat alone. Eating in groups offer great way to remain healthy.

30. Procrastinating your goals:

You should try to bring discipline within yourself and avoid living a restless lifestyle.

Start working today for goals that have been outlined today so that you can finish them on time.

If you won’t start your work then you will not be able to complete it on time. Also, this will make you feel stressful and unhappy. So try completing tasks on time in order to secure disciplined and relaxed lifestyle.

31. Making excuses and blaming others:

If you have done anything wrong then you should not blame others for your mistakes. This is an act of denying responsibility and can increase the problem to more extent. So, avoid making excuses and try to resolve things without blaming others to sound happy.

32. Avoiding Change:

avoid Be open to changes, and don’t avoid them. May be you are not comfortable to a change initially, but after some time you will be able to relax in that atmosphere.

And also, that change may be more beneficiary to you. So, under all state of affairs, be open to all sorts of changes.

33. Running from your fears and problems:

If there are lots of problems in your life then don’t run from it. Be a fighter and try to overcome all such problems and issues in order to live smooth, stress free, problem free and happy life.

If you will run away from your issues then things will become more complicated. So, try to resolve all issues of your life in order to secure happy lifestyle.

34. Being ungrateful:

Last but not the least, don’t be ungrateful to others. Always try to behave well with others.

You should be thankful for your life and try to bring positivity around yourself in order to develop feeling of happiness and affection within yourself.

Besides these ways, you can develop your own, unique ways in order to remain stress-free and happy. All you need to understand that happiness is not a difficult destination to reach; rather you gain happiness through short and small moves in your life. So try to stay relax, positive and happy!



  1. WOW! That was an awesome post.

    I agree with most of your points but it’s a lot difficult for me to say NO to anybody and sometimes I get stuck doing someone else’s work while they enjoy. I have been trying to work on declining using polite words but I lose my cool and say NO harshly.

    Rest other points are spot on.

    However I do think that you should always have large expectations.

    Because when you aim high, you will have to work harder in order to achieve a bigger goal. Even if you don’t achieve that goal, you will surely be able to reach a decent point which would still be a lot more than acceptable to you and that would make you nothing but happy.
    So setting unrealistic expectations is a plus point, according to me.

    What do you say?

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