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14 Best Tips for Finding a Job in a New City


Did you move to a new city recently and looking for ways to finding a job in a new city? Sometimes due to some unavoidable situation we tend to relocate, but it takes a toll on our career because we find it difficult to get ourselves the same position in the job.

Even the pay check gets a beating too, so what do you do in this case?

There are no two ways for it, so you have to take into account various other things to make the job hunting process a smooth one for you .

When you are relocating there are hundreds of things to look after and on top of it when you have to start looking for job as well, then things start getting bit complicated.

There is already competition in the local market and when you are coming from outside, the situation is even worse for you.

Location disadvantage is already there when you are coming from a different place, but apart from that the employers will also look at you as a high risk investment and that is the reason even the interviews will also take a long time as they will grill you hard to know the reason of your relocation and all your experiences.

Here we have discussed few tips on searching for a job in new city

Find a job in new cityThough it looks quite tough, but if you plan everything well ahead, then things will fall into place automatically.

Yes, you have to put in some extra effort in everything you do because at the back of your mind you know that you have to pay the rent of your new home.

Either you can go to the location first and start searching for the job or you can start your job search even before you relocate.

But, when you are doing long distance search, then things can get tricky sometimes, therefore, it depends on you what you want to do!

Finding a Job in a New City:

You have to be thoughtful and bit crafty too on your behalf, so that you can go about the job search successfully.

1. Put your social networking sites on work:

If it is not a hush – hush affair, then activate your LinkedIn profile as per your new location. Just change the settings there, so that employers who have been looking for candidates with the qualification that matches yours will be able to get through you easily.

In case, if not everybody is aware of your move, then it might not be a great idea to change your location on LinkedIn.

2. Know Your Reasons:

You must come prepared with an answer to the question that why you thought of relocating?

Let them know if you are relocating because the current location was not able to offer you with many opportunities or it might happen that you are moving closer to your immediate family or it might be because your spouse is making the move, so you are moving out too.

Whatever might be the reason, you must have it ready, so that you don’t have to think about the reason during the interview.

3. Make use of LinkedIn group:

LinkedIn is an important networking site, if you are seriously considering an opening for yourself.

LinkedIn groups are a great way of chatting with not only like – minded people, but you will also get to meet with people who are there in your new location.

You can let them know that you will be moving soon to the location and will also be in need of a job very soon. This will give you enough opening for your job.

4. Know your new city:

know your city It is of high importance that as fast as you will come to know your new city, the better it will be for you.

Your mobility will increase and you will be able to reach the venue on time and won’t be stressed out at all. Go through the restaurants and hotels nearby, so that you find it easy to find a shelter quickly.

5. Local search list:

When you know the location you are moving to, the first thing you need to visit is the local Craigslist or the business journals. They will be able to help you with your job search.

6. The local address on a resume:

It is easier for people to get an interview call when you have a local address on your resume. Though it might arise some question regarding your residential address when you will say that you won’t be available the very next day for the job interview.

In case, you do not have any local address handy, meaning that you do not have any friends or relatives around, then you can attach in your cover letter that you are trying to relocate and as soon as you land yourself a job, you will relocate. This will help the employer get a clear picture about your relocation.

7. Hand pick some companies:

Make a list of companies that you intend to work for and then apply there. You cannot think that jobs will land up on your lap without taking any initiative from your side.

You have to set a proper plan to help yourself get on the radar of the company you prefer to work for.

8. Salary expectation must be set properly:

Salary hike It might happen that the salary that you are receiving now is not sufficient to meet the expenses that you will have in your new city.

Therefore, you can either make use of the salary calculators or do your research well to get the figures that will be perfect for you and even by the industry standards as well.

9. Visit college career centers:

Local colleges and universities always operate career counselling centers to help the graduates find a job of their choice. These kinds of centers also help relocating talents to find the industries that they prefer.

You can start checking because from here you will at least get the lead and then you can build on that.

10. Tap in the recruiters:

One of the foremost things that you have to do is hunt down the recruitment agencies in your area and submit your CV along with your requirements.

Recruiters are always on the lookout for fresh talents; therefore, it will definitely help you out.

11. Planning is important:

You must make it clear whether you want to move only after you have received a job offer or you will relocate well in ahead.

Depending on these you have to prepare the cover letter and also intimate the prospective employer about your plans. It will make your employers realize that there is no risk in hiring you under these circumstances.

12. Relocation without any assistance:

relocation When you mention this in your cover letter you will automatically get an edge over others because most people need assistance in relocating and it is also a long process.

It takes time to settle down and get used to the new environment, but, if you are one of those who can do things on your own, then you will be the preferred candidate.

13. Make the move:

If you move into the city first and then start looking for jobs, you will not have any problem in going for the interview very next day or you can arrange the interview right away. This won’t be possible if you are not in the new city yet.

14. Ask for help from someone you know:

When you are new in the city, it is always better to have someone by your side who knows the city well that will guide you through the alleys.

If you have any friend, then ask your friend to assist you in your job search, so that it is easier for you to go about places.

To conclude, there are several other ways of getting yourself settled in a new city and also get yourself a desired job. But, here we have mentioned some of the important ones, so that you can plan your relocation well and it doesn’t affect your career much.