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How to Become the Most Positive Person Ever?


A positive attitude at work is the most important key to a successful career. If you do not possess a positive approach, you may have difficulty maintaining a great track record in your career. In every stage of your job life, your approach and attitude count a lot. Here we have listed a few simple ways to become a positive person during the job seeking process, job interview and during your job life in a firm or an organisation.

become most positive personTricks to Become a Positive Person:

The following mentioned are few positive thinking tips on how to be a positive person and also the power of positive thinking.

1. How to be positive during the job seeking process?

The job seeking process is really challenging, especially if you are applying for your first job. You may have trouble identifying your key skills. Once you know what you are good at, applying for the jobs you best fit in is another tough task. Sometimes you may have to spend a lot of time, energy and effort to find your ideal job. It can be tiring and you may feel demotivated and lost at times.

2. Try to Volunteer and Contribute in Tasks Where You Can:

A fresher job seeker has knowledge but lacks experience in the industry. That is the reason why most of the freshers also lack courage to stand by their knowledge. If you participate in tasks related to your field, you will automatically gain that valuable experience. It may not add to your resume as relevant experience but it will surely give you the knowledge required while doing your job.

3. Create a Proper Job Search Routine:

Once you start looking for a job, if you fail to get a job soon, people start asking you annoying questions. They may question your knowledge or intelligence and this can affect your self-confidence. They may ask you whether you are searching properly and this may make you doubt your abilities. In order to avoid such an eventuality, you must prepare a job search routine and follow it earnestly.

4. Reason Out Your Strengths and Positive Traits:

When you are applying for a particular job, try to see what positive traits you possess can help you do better in the particular job. This is a simple activity that helps you in two ways. Firstly, it helps you understand your own abilities better. Secondly, it helps you identify the best job for you based on your abilities and skills.

5. Don’t Set Un-achievable Goals:

A common problem with many warm blooded youngsters is that they set un-achievable goals. When they are unable to achieve such goals, they feel a strong failure sense that hampers their self-esteem in a bad way. In a job seeking process, always stay positive and remember your qualification and try for a job for the present qualifications. Set a salary expectation based on the present job market trend.

6. Have a Clear Picture Of The Present Job Scenario:

Many times, if the job scenario or job market is really bad it can be very difficult to get the appropriate job inspite of the right qualifications. It is thus a great idea to keep track of the current job scenario. Knowledge of this fact will help you stay motivated. It will also help you decide and change the field if required.

7. Never Give Up:

After a lot of attempts sending your resume to different companies and yet not reaching the job interview round, many people get dejected and give up hope. This is the worst thing to do. If you lose hope, you may not see the next opportunity that knocks at your doorstep. So keep trying till you make it to the interview process.

8. How to be more positive during a job interview?

There are several individuals who fail to make it through the interview process because of their negative thinking, approach and lowered confidence. You can clear a job interview successfully only if you are extremely positive.

9. Look at Each Question As An Opportunity to Impress Interviewers:

Fear is the last thing you should have during the interview process. If you are asked a question about your failures, try to use even that to your advantage.

For instance, if you are asked, ” You seemed to have failed in the third year of your engineering. Can you tell me why is that?”

Make sure you answer such questions too affirmatively. Never let your confidence waver. Here is an answer that may be apt.

“It is said that Alexander Graham Bell failed 257 times before he invented the telephone. When a great scientist like him can fail so many times, I think one failure for me should be quite acceptable.”

10. Be Honest When You Do Not Know Answers, Remember You Are Human:

Many freshers often have this misconception that they need to know answers to all the questions posed to them to make sure they clear through the interview process. This is not true. Even the interviewers are aware that you are human and there are questions that you may not be in a position to answer properly. There are times when the interviewers ask tough questions to test the confidence of the candidate. You need to make sure that you tell them honestly and confidently that you do not know the answers to the questions posed to you.

11. How to be positive when you join a firm as a fresher?

A fresher is often treated as an amateur and his suggestions may not be taken seriously. This may affect your desire to work effectively or contribute.

12. Look at Every Comment As If It Is Constructive Criticism:

When you join a job as a fresher and are still trying to figure out your responsibilities, there may be seniors or colleagues who rebuke or make fun of your inefficiency. You need to take each comment in positive stride. You must regard it as constructive criticism and improve your own skills and abilities.

13. Respect Seniority:

If one of your bosses shout at you, make sure you do not get angry. You must remember that they have been in the industry longer and their experience and knowledge surely deserves respect from you.

14. Try To Evaluate Your Own Improvement As An Employee:

You may have less confidence as a fresher but self-evaluation can help you regain confidence. You must try and find out what knowledge you gained while working in the firm. It will tell you where you stand and what else needs to be done to improve.

15. Be A Team Player:

If you wish to succeed in your career, you need to be a team player. You must contribute equally in team activities. If you know of someone in the team who is erring, it is best to tell them better ways to do the same thing rather than pointing fingers at what they have done. Your tone and your approach can decide your life in company or firm.

16. How to stay positive when you are leading a team?

When you lead a team, you shoulder a huge responsibility. You need to make sure that you are getting the job done properly. You also need to co-ordinate with people in senior positions. You may also have to speak directly with the clients. Approach towards positive people will be very helpful and easy. In each case, a positive approach is a must while doing complete justice to the task at hand.

17. Understand Where Your Team Stands:

When you lead a team, the first thing you should do is to understand your team properly. You need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each member in the team. You also need to build a good rapport with your team. It will help you communicate well with your team members.

18. Assign Work To Ensure Best Performance:

Your duty as a team leader is to get work done quickly and effectively by your team. You must know whom to assign your work. You also need to motivate your team with inspirational words so that your team feels like working effectively.

19. Positivism and Success in Career:

History has time and again proved that a person can be successful in his career only if he has a positive approach. Failures and setbacks are part of everyone’s career and individuals who know to cope with hard times succeed later in their careers. Every great man has gone through bad times before becoming successful.

Companies and firms look for brave hearts who can handle challenges. So if you are not very positive, change yourself and start working in this direction today. Eliminate negativity from your life and turn it into a positive life, if you wish to make it big in your career.